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The Enterprise goes to the planet Dramia II to deliver medical supplies, only to have McCoy arrested and put on trial for deliberately spreading a disease that wiped out an entire colony. Now Kirk must clear his friend's name before the doctor is executed.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x4
Production Number: 22019
Airdate: Saturday September 28th, 1974

Director: Bill Reed (1)
Writer: Dario Finelli

Guest Stars
James DoohanJames Doohan
voiced Supreme Prefect, Kol-Tai
Lou ScheimerLou Scheimer
voiced Demos
Main Cast
William ShatnerWilliam Shatner
voiced Captain James Tiberius Kirk
Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy
voiced Commander Spock
DeForest KelleyDeForest Kelley
voiced Dr. Leonard Horatio "Bones" McCoy
James DoohanJames Doohan
voiced Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, Lt. Arex
Nichelle NicholsNichelle Nichols
voiced Lt. Uhura
George TakeiGeorge Takei
voiced Lt. Hikaru Sulu


The Enterprise delivers medical supplies to the planet Dramia. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy meet with the Supreme Prefect and his council and have a final meeting once the supplies are delivered. However, the Supreme Prefect asks for a moment of their time and has Commander Demos present a warrant for the arrest of Dr. McCoy. He stands accused of spreading a plague that killed hundreds of colonists on Dramia II 19 years ago. The warrant is approved by the Federation and they have no choice but to turn McCoy over. Kirk and Spock go to the Hall of Justice where Demos explains that McCoy headed an inoculation program and after he left, the plague struck. Kirk is leery of Dramian justice, believing the trial will be a kangaroo court. They meet with McCoy, who admits he isn't sure. Kirk is confident of his innocence and prepares to leave for Dramia II to insure. Once they're gone, the security guard assures McCoy that Dramian justice is swift, and notifies his superiors. Demos prepares to depart in a scout ship...

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Episode Quotes
Spock: Captain, you're becoming emotional.
Kirk: Of course I am!

Kirk: Besides, he'll probably prefer to sneak on board, seeing that we carelessly left the hangar doors open.
Uhura: But the hangar doors aren't open, Captain.
Kirk: Ah, yes. Take care of that oversight, will you, Mr. Sulu?

Scotty: You're sure it's safe, Captain?
Kirk: Absolutely.
Spock: Decidedly. There's a difference, Captain.
Kirk: Now, now, Mr. Spock, you're not trying to scare our Dramian friend, are you?

Kirk: Now, now, Demos. You're hardly in a position to take on an entire crew.
Demos: And you are not in authority to conduct an investigation in our star system.
Kirk: You will remind me to report my conduct to the Federation, won't you, Mr. Spock?
Spock: Of course, Captain.

Kirk: Not the most enchanting place I've ever been to.
Demos: Plagues seldom leave behind fields of flowers, Captain.

Kirk: Trouble?
Demos: They do not like outsiders.
Spock: Surely you're not an outsider, Commander. You're Dramian.
Demos: The distinction here is between the world of the living and the world of the walking dead.

Spock: He is hardly fit to testify at the trial, Captain.
Kirk: We've got to save him!
Demos: For McCoy's sake.
Kirk: Yes, for McCoy's sake. And for Kol-Tai's sake, too.

McCoy: And I'm ready to get back to some of that monotonous, old, routine Sickbay work!
Spock: Including, I would hope, some of that monotonous old dispensing of the regular vitamin rations to the crew.
McCoy: What is that supposed to mean?
Spock: Well, you have been derelict in your duties of late, Doctor.
McCoy: Spock, you know as well as I do what we've all just been through.
Spock: Hippocrates would not have approved of lame excuses, Doctor.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorGene Roddenberry
ProducerLou Scheimer  |  Norm Prescott
Associate ProducerD.C. Fontana
Story EditorD.C. Fontana
Art DirectorDon Christensen
Supervising DirectorHal Sutherland
Production ManagerRock Benedetto
Executive ConsultantGene Roddenberry
Special EffectsReuben Timmins
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