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Season 7

153 :07x01 - Descent, Part II

Stardate: 47025.4 Several of the senior Enterprise crew is captured by Lore and the Borg that now follow him. Data has now also been “influenced” to join Lore’s plan. However, the Borg named Hugh, and the Borg that follow him, are trying to fight Lore too. Can the remaining Enterprise crew and Hugh and his team, who now hate the Enterprise crew, work together to stop Lore?
Guest Stars: James Horan as Barnaby | Brian Cousins as Crosis | Alex Datcher as Taitt | Jonathan Del Arco as Hugh | Brent Spiner as Lore |
Co-Guest Stars: Benito Martinez as Transporter Technician Salazar | Michael Reilly Burke as Goval

154 :07x02 - Liaisons

Stardate: (Unknown) A cultural exchange between the Federation, represented by the Enterprise crew, and the Iyaarans representatives goes awry, leading to unexpected events, to the dismay of the Enterprise crew who are involved in the exchange.
Guest Stars: Paul Eiding as Loquel | Eric Pierpoint as Voval | Michael Harris (1) as Byleth | Barbara Williams as Anna |
Co-Guest Stars: Rickey D'Shon Collins as Boy
Director: Cliff Bole

155 :07x03 - Interface

Stardate: 47215.5 Geordi experiments with a machine which allows him to control a probe through brain-power alone, and then learns the technology could help save his long missing mother, and then disobeys Picard's orders in his attempt to rescue her. However, is this person really his missing mother?
Guest Stars: Madge Sinclair as Capt. Silva La Forge | Ben Vereen as Commander Edward M. LaForge | Warren Munson as Admiral Holt
Writer: Joe Menosky

156 :07x04 - Gambit, Part I

Stardate: 47135.2 Riker goes looking for Picard, who's failed to return from an archaeological trip - only to be told he's been killed / vaporized in a bar-room brawl. Unfortunately, Riker's attempt to bring the killers to justice leaves him in the clutches of ruthless mercenaries.
Guest Stars: Julie Caitlin Brown as Velor | Richard Lynch (1) as Baran | Bruce Gray (1) as Admiral Chekote | Alan Altshuld as Yranac | Robin Curtis as Tallera/T'Paal | Cameron Thor as Narik |
Co-Guest Stars: Stephen Lee (1) as Bartender | Derek Webster as Lieutenant Sanders | Sabrina Le Beauf as Ensign Giusti
Director: Peter Lauritson

157 :07x05 - Gambit, Part II

Stardate: 47160.1 The search for fragments of an ancient Vulcan super-weapon reaches its end, as Riker wins the mercenaries' confidence by helping them attack the Enterprise - but his reward is the order to kill Picard.
Guest Stars: Julie Caitlin Brown as Vekor | Richard Lynch (1) as Baran | Sabrina Le Beauf as Ensign Guisti | Robin Curtis as Tallera/T'Paal | James Worthy as Koral | Martin Goslins as Commander Setok
Story: Naren Shankar | Teleplay: Ronald D. Moore

158 :07x06 - Phantasms

Stardate: 47225.7 Data has a bad dream, which soon becomes a real-life nightmare for the Enterprise crew.
Guest Stars: Clyde Kusatsu as Admiral Nakamura | David L. Crowley as Workman | Bernard Kates as Sigmund Freud | Gina Ravera as Ensign Taylor
Director: Patrick Stewart

159 :07x07 - Dark Page

Stardate: 47254.1 While welcoming a Carin delegation, Lwaxana is called on to help, as the Carin are a telepathic species without knowledge of spoken language. However, Lwaxana suddenly lapses into a coma. Troi must use the help of the Carin, who may have caused Lwaxana to lapse into her coma, to help save her mother.

But what is the dark secret her mother holds deep in her mind, and who is the child Lwaxana continues to see while in her coma?
Guest Stars: Kirsten Dunst as Hedrill | Amick Byram as Ian Andrew Troi | Norman Large as Maques | Majel Barrett as Lwaxana Troi |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrea Weiner as Kestra
Director: Les Landau

160 :07x08 - Attached

Stardate: 47304.2 Capt. Picard and Dr. Crusher attempt to beam down to a planet where half the planet wants to join the Federation, and the other half, being xenophobes, don’t. Picard and Crusher then find themselves involved in the planet’s internal squabbles, as they are beamed instead to the xenophobes location, and then they find their lives in jeopardy, as they try to escape the xenophobes’ clutches.
Guest Stars: Lenore Kasdorf as Lorin | Robin Gammell as Mauric |
Co-Guest Stars: James Castle Stevens as Kes Aide
Director: Jonathan Frakes

161 :07x09 - Force of Nature

Stardate: 47310.2 Enterprise is confronted with evidence that warp travel is in fact degrading areas of space. They learn this upon being sent to search for a missing Federation medical vessel.

The woman who has developed this theory and her brother turn out to also be the ones attacking and disabling warp capable ships traveling through their home area of space.

The crew of Enterprise must reluctantly join forces with the brother and sister team, in order to locate and rescue the crew of the missing medical ship.
Guest Stars: Lee Arenberg as DaiMon Prak | Margaret Reed as Dr. Serova | Michael Corbett as Dr. Rabal |
Co-Guest Stars: Majel Barrett as Computer
Director: Robert Lederman

162 :07x10 - Inheritance

Stardate: 47410.2 Enterprise travels to try to save the planet Atrea IV. One of the scientists they meet there surprises Data when she tells him she is in effect his Mother, as she was once married to Dr. Soong. However, Data soon gets an even bigger shock as he learns something about her even she doesn't know.
Guest Stars: Fionnula Flanagan as Juliana Tainer | William Lithgow as Pran
Director: Robert Scheerer
Writer: Dan Koeppel

163 :07x11 - Parallels

Stardate: 47391.2 Returning victorious from a Klingon Bat’leth competition, Worf must now deal with the fact it is his birthday, and the officers have thrown him a surprise party, against his expressed wishes. However, things become strange for Worf, as people at the party keep changing from being there to not being there, and vice versa. Worse, it now appears he placed second at the Bat’leth.

As events continue to change around him, Worf fights to find out what is happening and to find his way back to his true reality, and his Enterprise.
Guest Stars: Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher | Patti Yasutake as Alyssa Ogawa |
Uncredited: Mark Bramhall as Gul Nador | Majel Barrett as Computer
Director: Robert Wiemer

164 :07x12 - The Pegasus

Stardate: 47457.1 The Enterprise is summoned by Starfleet Command to rendezvous with the Crazy Horse in order to bring aboard a person from Will Riker's past. The mission is to find the Pegasus, a ship that Riker had previously served aboard, and one that had been thought destroyed twelve years ago.
Guest Stars: Terry O'Quinn as Admiral Eric Pressman | Nancy Vawter as Admiral Blackwell |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Mack as Romulan Commander Sirol
Director: LeVar Burton

165 :07x13 - Homeward

Stardate: 47423.9 Worf is reunited with his foster brother, Nikolai Rozhenko, when Nikolai sends out a distress call from the planet he is studying for the Federation. The planet he is monitoring is, unfortunately, in the process of becoming uninhabitable. When Picard refuses to relocate the pre-technological people there, due to the rules of the Prime Directive, Nikolai takes matters into his own hands, thus putting Worf right in the middle of his brother's actions.
Guest Stars: Penny Johnson Jerald as Dobara | Paul Sorvino as Nikolai Rozhenko | Brian Markinson as Vorin | Edward Penn as Kateras |
Co-Guest Stars: Susan Christy as Tarrana

166 :07x14 - Sub Rosa

Stardate: 47423.9 Dr. Crusher attends the funeral of her Grandmother, only to discover her Grandmother’s dark secret. However, will this secret subsume her as well? The crew must find a way to save her from the entity that controlled her Grandmother, if they are to get her back to staying on Enterprise.
Guest Stars: Duncan Regehr as Ronin | Michael Keenan as Maturin | Shay Duffin as Quint |
Co-Guest Stars: Ellen Albertini Dow as Felisa Howard
Director: Jonathan Frakes

167 :07x15 - Lower Decks

Stardate: 47566.7 Crew evaluations on the lower decks cause several to worry about their impact on their advancement on the ship. Several of the crew who are close to each other share their concerns. However, one of the crew’s evaluation leads to a life threatening assignment.
Guest Stars: Dan Gauthier as Lavelle | Alexander Enberg as Taurik | Bruce Beatty as Ben | Shannon Fill as Sito Jaxa | Patti Yasutake as Alyssa Ogawa | Don Reilly as Joret

168 :07x16 - Thine Own Self

Stardate: 47611.2 On a mission to recover radioactive debris from a probe that crashed on a pre-industrial planet, a mishap causes Data to lose his memory of his past. He is taken in by a local family, but soon many of the villagers start to show symptoms of radiation poisoning. It turns out Data brought the radioactive debris to the village without memory of its danger.
Guest Stars: Michael Rothhaar as Garvin | Michael G. Hagerty as Skoran | Kimberly Cullum as Gia | Ronnie Claire Edwards as Talur | Richard Miro as Ensign Rainer |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrew Benne as Apprentice | Majel Barrett as Computer
Director: Winrich Kolbe

169 :07x17 - Masks

Stardate: 47615.2 A simple scan of a comet leads to the appearance of strange objects aboard Enterprise. Data is also invaded by a strange entity. Now, the crew must solve these onboard transfigurations, and the mystery of the comet, before they are unable to save the ship and themselves.
Guest Stars: Rickey D'Shon Collins as Eric Burton
Director: Robert Wiemer
Writer: Joe Menosky

170 :07x18 - Eye of the Beholder

Stardate: 47622.1 When a well adjusted crewman commits suicide for no reason, it is up to Troi and Worf to investigate the event. The investigation leads to Troi seeing things that are not really there, and to the events and people that were involved around the time of Enterprise’s construction.
Guest Stars: Tim Lounibos as Lt. Kwan | Mark Rolston as Lt. Walter Pierce | Johanna McCloy as Ensign Calloway | Nancy Harewood as Lt. Nara |
Co-Guest Stars: Nora Leonhardt as Marla E. Finn | Dugan Savoye as Lt. William Hodges
Director: Cliff Bole
Story: Brannon Braga | Teleplay: René Echevarria

171 :07x19 - Genesis

Stardate: 47653.2 After Data and Picard leave the ship on a long journey to retrieve an errant upgraded photon torpedo, they return to find the members of the crew are de-evolving into their prehistoric ancestors.
Guest Stars: Patti Yasutake as Alyssa Ogawa | Dwight Schultz as Lt. Reginald "Reg" Barclay III |
Co-Guest Stars: Majel Barrett as Computer | Carlos Ferro as Ensign Dern
Director: Gates McFadden

172 :07x20 - Journey's End

Stardate: 47751.2 Capt. Picard is ordered to relocate a settlement of North American Indians located on a planet the Federation has ceded to the Cardassians. However, they refuse to leave, and Picard is forced to act against his own beliefs to get them off the planet.

Meanwhile, a moody and despondent Wesley transports down to the planet where he meets an odd villager who says he knows Wesley, and can help him with his troubled spirit.
Guest Stars: Doug Wert as Lt. Cmdr. Jack Crusher | Richard Poe as Gul Evek | Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher | Eric Menyuk as The Traveler | Ned Romero as Anthwarta | Tom Jackson (1) as Lakanta | Natalija Nogulich as Admiral Alynna Nechayev | George Aguilar as Wakasa
Director: Corey Allen

173 :07x21 - Firstborn

Stardate: 47779.4 When Worf learns his son does not plan to be a warrior and will not take the Rite of Ascension as expected, he decides to take Alexander to see some Klingon culture. But once on the planet Maranga IV, they are set upon by three armed Klingons. But then a fourth Klingon appears, but he attacks the three, helping Worf out.

The helpful Klingon, named K’mtar, tells Worf that he is a friend of his family. He offers to help train Alexander to become a warrior. However, K’mtar turns out not to be who he appears to be.
Guest Stars: Gwynyth Walsh as B'Etor | Armin Shimerman as Quark | James Sloyan as K'Mtar | Barbara March as Lursa | Joel Swetow as Yog the Yridian | Brian Bonsall as Alexander Rozhenko | Colin Mitchell as Gorta |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Danek as Kahless Singer | Rickey D'Shon Collins as Eric Burton | Majel Barrett as Computer
Director: Jonathan West
Story: Mark Kalbfeld | Teleplay: René Echevarria

174 :07x22 - Bloodlines

Stardate: 47829.1 Capt. Picard receives the disturbing news that he has a son he didn't know he had, and that someone who is seeking revenge on Picard plans to kill him. Picard learns this news from the person who is seeking revenge, as Picard is responsible for the death of his son. Picard must find the son he didn’t know he had, before the Ferengi DaiMon Bok can.
Guest Stars: Lee Arenberg as DaiMon Bok | Peter Marx as Birta | Ken Olandt as Jason Vigo |
Co-Guest Stars: Amy Pietz as Lieutenant Sandra Rhodes | Michelan Sisti as Tol | Majel Barrett as Computer
Director: Les Landau

175 :07x23 - Emergence

Stardate: 47869.2 When strange occurrences occur on Enterprise, the investigation leads to the Holodeck, and an independently running program there. A train is traveling to an unknown destination, which the train crew will not allow any deviation to be made. The Enterprise crew soon learns that all these events are related to the emergence of a strange new life form which may endanger Enterprise.
Guest Stars: Thomas Kopache as Engineer | David Huddleston as Conductor | Arlee Reed as Hayseed | Vinny Argiro as Hitman |
Co-Guest Stars: Nick Dimitri as Taxi Driver |
Uncredited: Dennis Tracey as Man in Flannel Gray Suit
Director: Cliff Bole
Story: Brannon Braga | Teleplay: Joe Menosky

176 :07x24 - Preemptive Strike

Stardate: 47941.7 Ro Laren is put in the uncomfortable position of helping the Federation help the Cardassians fight the Maquis, by acting as a infiltrator to the Maquis. However, can the Federation trust she will follow through with their plan? They find the answer not to their liking.
Guest Stars: Richard Poe as Gul Evek | Michelle Forbes as Lieutenant Ro Laren | Natalija Nogulich as Admiral Alynna Nechayev | Shannon Cochran as Kalita | William Thomas, Jr. as Santos | John Franklin as Macias
Director: Patrick Stewart
Story: Naren Shankar | Teleplay: René Echevarria

177 :07x25 - All Good Things... (1)

Stardate: 47988.1 Capt. Picard finds he is awakening in different time periods; traveling back and forth through his past and his yet unknown future. Q appears to be involved, but only in a observer kind of role. There is something Picard must do during these time slips, and if he fails, all of humanity will cease to ever have ever existed.
Guest Stars: Andreas Katsulas as Tomalak | Clyde Kusatsu as Admiral Nakamura | John de Lancie as Q | Denise Crosby as Lt. Tasha Yar | Colm Meaney as Miles O'Brien | Patti Yasutake as Alyssa Ogawa |
Co-Guest Stars: Martha Hackett as Alien Captain | Stephen Matthew Garvin as Ensign | Tim Kelleher as Lieutenant Gaines | Pamela Kosh as Jessel | Alison Brooks as Ensign Nell Chilton | Majel Barrett as Computer
Director: Winrich Kolbe

178 :07x26 - All Good Things... (2)

Stardate: 47988.1 Capt. Picard finds he is awakening in different time periods; traveling back and forth through his past and his yet unknown future. Q appears to be involved, but only in a observer kind of role. There is something Picard must do during these time slips, and if he fails, all of humanity will cease to ever have ever existed.
Guest Stars: John de Lancie as Q | Denise Crosby as Lt. Tasha Yar | Colm Meaney as Chief Miles O'Brien | Andreas Katsulas as Tomalak | Patti Yasutake as Alyssa Ogawa | Clyde Kusatsu as Admiral Nakamura |
Co-Guest Stars: Pamela Kosh as Jessel | Tim Kelleher as Lieutenant Gaines | Alison Brooks as Ensign Nell Chilton | Majel Barrett as Computer
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 28, 1987
Ended: May 23, 1994
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