Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x3
Production Number: 103
Airdate: Monday October 05th, 1987

Alternate Airdates:

CA (Télé-Québec) Oct 05, 1987
United Kingdom Oct 10, 1990
FR (BBC TWO) Oct 10, 1990

Guest Stars
Brooke BundyBrooke Bundy
As Sarah McDougal

Co-Guest Stars
Michael RiderMichael Rider
As Transport Chief
Benjamin W. S. LumBenjamin W. S. Lum
As Jim Shimoda
Kenny Koch (1)Kenny Koch (1)
As Kissing Crewman
Skip StellrechtSkip Stellrecht
As Engineering Crewman
Main Cast
Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart
As Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan FrakesJonathan Frakes
As Commander William T. Riker
LeVar BurtonLeVar Burton
As Lieutenant/Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge
Michael DornMichael Dorn
As Lieutenant Worf
Marina SirtisMarina Sirtis
As Counselor Deanna Troi
Denise CrosbyDenise Crosby
As Lt. Tasha Yar
Wil WheatonWil Wheaton
As Acting Ensign/Ensign Wesley Crusher
Episode Notes
Log Entries:
*Captain's Log, Stardate 41209.2. We are running at warp 7 to rendezvous with the science vessel SS Tsiolkovsky which has been routinely monitoring the collapse of a red supergiant star into a white dwarf. What has brought us here is a series of strange messages indicating something has gone wrong aboard the research vessel.
*Captain's Log, supplemental. We are downloading the research information gathered on the collapsing star nearby. I am concerned at being in such close orbit but the Tsiolkovsky's research records will no doubt predict the time of the star's final collapse.
*Captain's Log, Stardate 41209.3. The strange contaminant that led to the deaths of the Tsiolkovsky crew is now aboard the Enterprise and our engineering section has been commandeered by young Wesley Crusher.
*Captain's Log, supplemental. It is no longer an inconvenient childish prank. Young Wesley Crusher, admittedly a victim of the Tsiolkovsky infection is now in control of my starship.

This episode is a twist on the Star Trek episode "The Naked Time" by John D. F. Black, written back in May 12, 1967.

Although literature for many years had refered to the original Enterprise as "Constitution-class", this was the first episode in any series that actually used it in its dialogue, thus making it canon for the very first time.

Tasha and Data have their famous love hook up in this episode.

Tasha Yar states in this episode that she was abandoned at age 5, and fended off the rap gangs till she escaped her world at age 15.

This episode is a twist on the Star Trek episode "The Naked Time" by John D. F. Black, written back in May 12, 1967.

Episode Quotes
Deanna Troi: Wouldn't you rather be alone with me? With me in your mind?

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