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Stardate: 41242.4 The crew of Enterprise discovers another of Dr. Soong’s androids while attempting to investigate Data’s past. After they reassemble the newly found android, which also exactly resembles Data, they learn the android is named “Lore.” Lore tells the crew he is Data’s older more perfect brother. However, the crew soon learns why Lore was disassembled, as Lore soon leads the dreaded object known as the Crystalline Entity to Enterprise’s location for his own evil purposes, and the destruction of Enterprise and Data.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x13
Production Number: 114
Airdate: Monday January 18th, 1988

Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Robert Lewin
Story: Maurice Hurley
Teleplay: Gene Roddenberry

Alternate Airdates:

CA (Télé-Québec) Jan 18, 1988
UK (BBC TWO) Dec 12, 1990
FR (BBC TWO) Dec 12, 1990

Co-Guest Stars
Biff YeagerBiff Yeager
As Lt. Cmdr. Argyle
Brent SpinerBrent Spiner
As Lore
Main Cast
Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart
As Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan FrakesJonathan Frakes
As Commander William T. Riker
LeVar BurtonLeVar Burton
As Lieutenant/Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge
Michael DornMichael Dorn
As Lieutenant Worf
Gates McFaddenGates McFadden
As Dr. Beverly Crusher
Brent SpinerBrent Spiner
As Lt. Commander Data
Denise CrosbyDenise Crosby
As Lt. Tasha Yar
Wil WheatonWil Wheaton
As Acting Ensign/Ensign Wesley Crusher
Episode Notes
Log Entries:
*Captain's Log, Stardate 41242.4. Our last assignment has taken us into the remote Omicron Theta star system, home of our android crewmember Lt. Commander Data. Although we are due at our next assignment, I have decided to Data's home planet for a few hours in the hopes of unraveling some of the mystery of his beginnings.
*First Officer's Log, Stardate 4124.5. We have found Data's home to be a completely dead world down to lifeless vegetation. No insects-- not even soil bacteria. What is it that could kill everything on an entire planet?
*Captain's Log, Stardate 41242.45. Despite having only a few hours in which to explore Data's home planet we have discovered something which may explain Data's beginnings if we can properly assemble and communicate with what we've found.
*Captain's Log, Stardate 41242.5. Thanks to Lore's report, we now know what happened to the colonists. Beginning with a child's drawing, enhanced by Lore's description, our computer has constructed an image of a great crystalline entity which feeds on life, insatiably ravenous for the life force found in living forms, capable of stripping all life from an entire world.

Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) does not appear in this episode.

Lt. Cmdr. Argyle Is seen for the last time in this episode. There was no mention of a "Chief Engineer" until LaForge takes over in the following season. However, the character "Argyle" would later appear in the DC Comic book series of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He is seen in the comic book sequel to the episode "The Best of Both Worlds."

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