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Stardate: 42568.8 The Enterprise’s task to transport a young woman back to her home planet, which she is destined to rule, is complicated when Wesley becomes smitten with her. However, the young woman and her guardian are not what they appear to be. Wesley must come to terms with this fact, before his object of affection leaves the ship.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x10
Production Number: 136
Airdate: Monday February 20th, 1989

Alternate Airdates:

CA (Télé-Québec) Mar 20, 1989
UK (BBC TWO) Jun 05, 1991
FR (BBC TWO) Jun 05, 1991

Special Guest Stars
Whoopi GoldbergWhoopi Goldberg
As Guinan

Guest Stars

Co-Guest Stars
Colm MeaneyColm Meaney
As Miles O'Brien
Cindy SorensonCindy Sorenson
As Animal Anya
Jennifer BarlowJennifer Barlow
As Ensign Gibson
Madchen AmickMadchen Amick
As Anya as Teenage Girl
Main Cast
Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart
As Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan FrakesJonathan Frakes
As Commander William T. Riker
LeVar BurtonLeVar Burton
As Lieutenant/Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge
Michael DornMichael Dorn
As Lieutenant Worf
Marina SirtisMarina Sirtis
As Counselor Deanna Troi
Brent SpinerBrent Spiner
As Lt. Commander Data
Wil WheatonWil Wheaton
As Acting Ensign/Ensign Wesley Crusher
Episode Notes
Log Entries:
*Captain's Log, Stardate 42568.8. Since Anya's powers of transformation apparently gave her the ability to escape her guards unnoticed we have sealed her quarters with a force field that will contain her no matter how small a form she make take.

Episode Quotes
(Wesley is looking for help on how to woo a woman. In Ten-Forward, Riker and Guinan are helping him by Riker showing his silver-tongue technique using it on Guinan...)
Wesley: What should I say. How do I act. What do I do?
Riker: Guinan, I need your help, can you step over here for a minute?
Guinan: Sounds simple enough...
Riker: Now, the first words out of your mouth are the most important. You may want to start with something like this (looking Guinan in the eye): You are the most beautiful woman in the galaxy.
(Guinan appears nonplussed. Wesley smiles)
Riker: But that might not work.
Guinan: Yes. Yes, it would.
(they both continue the play-acting)
Riker: You don't know how long I've wanted to tell you that...
Guinan: But you were afraid... (pause) of me?
Riker: Of us. Of what it might become.
Wesley: Commander?
Riker: Or that you might think that was a line.
Guinan: Maybe I do think that's a line
Riker: You think I'm not sincere?
Guinan: I didn't say that, there's nothing wrong with a line, it's like a... knock at the door.
Riker: You're inviting me in?
Guinan: I'm not sending you away...
Riker: That's more than I expected...
Guinan: Is it as much as you hoped?
Riker: To hope is to recognize the possibility. I had only dreams.
Guinan: Dreams can be dangerous.
Riker: Not these dreams. (Wesley rolls eyes) I dream of a galaxy where your eyes are the stars, and the universe worships the night.
Guinan: Careful... putting me on a pedestal so high you may not be able to reach me.
Riker: Then I'll learn how to fly. You're the heart of my day, and the soul of my night.
Wesley: (smiling) I don't think this is my style.
Guinan: (to Wes) Shut up, kid. (to Riker) Tell me more about... my eyes... (Wes leaves them to their wordplay)

Cultural References
The word Dauphin means the eldest son of a King of France. In this case, it was used to mean the eldest daughter of the ruler of Daled IV.

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