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Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Question Diff. By Answers
In what year did the show air it's final episode Medium msd85• 1993
• 1994
• 1995
• 1996
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 1985
• 1986
• 1987
• 1988
On what network did the show air Medium msd85• CBS
• Local Syndication
How many episodes were in the series total Medium msd85• 177
• 178
• 179
• 180
How many episodes were in the third-seventh seasons Medium msd85• 25
• 26
• 27
• 28
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 25
• 26
• 27
• 28
How many seasons did Star Trek: TNG run Medium msd85• 5
• 6
• 7
• 8
Captain Picard was assigned command of the USS Enterprise in 2364. Medium Microsd• True.
• False.
Before assuming the Captain spot aboard the Enterprise, Picard commanded the Stargazer. How long was he the commander of this vessel Hard Microsd• 11 years
• 16 years
• 25 years
• 22 years
What was the name of Captain Picard's brother Medium Microsd• Rocky
• Jack
• John
• Robert
Captain Picard lost his natural heart due to a serious heart defect. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
Captain Picard had failed his first Starfleet Academy entrance exam. Medium Microsd• True.
• False.
What is the name of the planer on which Wesley almost got executed for breaking one of their laws Hard Microsd• Rubicun III
• Rigel III
• Risa
• Regulus III
What was the first type of Borg ship which the crew was initially "introduced" to by Q Easy Microsd• Borg scout ship
• Borg sphere
• Borg cube
• Borg probe
What was the name of the first episode in which the TNG crew met the Borg Medium Microsd• "Q Who"
• "Deja Q"
• "Hide and Q"
• "The Neutral Zone"
What was the Starfleet rank of Dr. Crusher Hard Microsd• Lieutenant
• Ensign
• Captain
• Commander
Did Q appear in any other Star Trek series other than TNG Easy Microsd• Yes.
• No.
What was the first episode Q was introduced in Medium Microsd• "Deja Q"
• "Q-Less"
• "Encounter at Farpoint"
• "Hide and Q"
Who many films did the TNG cast create Easy Microsd• 6
• 3
• 1
• 4
Who portrays Reginald Barclay on TNG Hard Microsd• Wil Wheaton
• Dwight Schultz
• Brent Spiner
• Avery Brooks
The USS Enterprise-D was lost in 2329 due to an impulse drive malfunction. Medium Microsd• True.
• False.
Throughout it's 7 year journey, did the Enterprise visit any other galaxies other than the Milky Way Easy Microsd• Yes.
• No.
Which planet was the USS Enterprise-D construction station (Utopia Planitia) found on Medium Microsd• Venus
• Earth
• Mars
• Mercury
What was the middle name of Wesley Crusher Hard Microsd• Thomas
• Jack
• Ian
• Robert
Who portrays Lwaxana Troi on TNG Medium Microsd• Marina Sirtis
• Denise Crosby
• Majel Barrett
• Gates McFadden
Risa is the favorite shore leave place for most Starfleet officers. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
William Riker had an identical transporter duplicate by the name of Thomas Riker. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
Which of these characters did Deanna Troi had a love romance with Easy Microsd• Jean-Luc Picard
• William Riker
• Data
• Geordi LaForge
Which season did William Riker first appear with a beard Easy Microsd• Season 3
• Season 5
• Season 7
• Season 2
Whose mother is Lwaxana Easy Microsd• William Riker
• Deanna Troi
• Geordi LaForge
• Natasha Yar
What is Deanna Troi's favourite food Medium Microsd• Pizza
• Chocolate
• Tacos
• Caviar
What is the Klingon home planet Easy Microsd• Klingos
• Qo'noS
• Cardassia
• Bajor
What was the name of Worf's father Easy Microsd• Kahless
• Mogh
• Gowron
• Martok
What drink did Worf proclaim was a 'warrior's drink' Medium Microsd• Romulan ale
• Blood wine
• Prune juice
• Root beer
What was the name of Worf's son Easy Microsd• Ian
• Kyle
• Alexander
• Nikolai
What did Captain Picard call Riker Easy Microsd• Number Two
• Will
• Mr. Riker
• Number One
What was Riker's rank in his graduating class at Starfleet Hard Microsd• 1st
• 3rd
• 8th
• 6th
Riker was the first Federation Starfleet Officer to serve aboard a Klingon vessel. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
Geordi was eventually able to permanently see without his VISOR. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
What was the name of the Enterprise-D designer that Geordi LaForge had a crush on Medium Microsd• Kate Pulaski
• Leah Brahms
• Jenice Manheim
• Marissa Flores
Who portrays the bartender Guinan in Ten Forward on TNG Hard Microsd• Diana Muldaur
• Gates McFadden
• Marina Sirtis
• Whoopi Goldberg
When Captain Picard was a child, he wrote an award-winning school paper on which subject Hard Microsd• Starships
• Archeology
• Warp drive
• Physics
What was Picard's name when he was assimilated by the Borg Easy Microsd• Hugh
• Q
• Locutus
• Jean-Luc
What ship did Riker serve on before being assigned on the Enterprise Medium Microsd• Stargazer
• Potemkin
• Yamato
• Pegasus
Who portrays William Riker on TNG Easy Microsd• Jonathan Frakes
• Brent Spiner
• Avery Brooks
• Patrick Stewart
Who is Data's closest friend on the Enterprise Easy Microsd• Captain Picard
• Deanna Troi
• William Riker
• Geordi LaForge
As an android, Data had a completely artificial central nervous system. What sort of 'brain' did Data have Easy Microsd• Hydroponic
• Positronic
• Quadrophonic
• Technotronic
Did Data ever get a chance to meet his father face to face Easy Microsd• Yes.
• No.
What's the planet Data was originally found on by the USS Tripoli Medium Microsd• Earth
• Mars
• Omicron Theta
• Qo'nos
Who portrays the android Data in TNG Easy Microsd• Patrick Stewart
• Brent Spiner
• LeVar Burton
• Jonathan Frakes
When did Commander Data die Hard Microsd• 2365
• 2375
• 2379
• 2382
Who was the creator of the android Data Easy Microsd• Juliana Soong
• Ira Graves
• Arik Soong
• Noonien Soong
In the episode "The Child" Deanna Troi gave birth to a male child. What was his name Medium Microsd• Ian
• Alexander
• Terry
• Kestra
Natasha Yar had a sister, what was her name Medium Microsd• Valeris
• Ishara
• Saavik
• Sela
What colour uniform did Tasha wear Easy Microsd• Yellow
• Blue
• Red
• Grey
What was the name of the episode in which Natasha Yar was killed by an alien entity Medium Microsd• The Begotten
• Skin of Evil
• The Loss
• 'Redemption'
Who portrays Natasha Yar on TNG Medium Microsd• Diana Muldaur
• Denise Crosby
• Whoopi Goldberg
• Beth Toussaint
What was the name of the squadron that Wesley had joined at the Academy Hard Microsd• Elite squadron
• Nova squadron
• Picard squadron
• Starlite squadron
What was the name of the deceased husband of Beverly Crusher, the ship's doctor Hard Microsd• John
• Avery
• Hank
• Jack
Who portrays Wesley Crusher on TNG Medium Microsd• Wil Wheaton
• Michael Dorn
• Patrick Stewart
• LeVar Burton
How many times had Dr. Pulaski been married Medium Microsd• One
• Five
• Three
• None
What device aboard the ship didn't Dr. Pulaski trust very much Medium Microsd• Replicators
• Transporters
• Impulse engines
• Shuttles
Who played Dr. Pulaski in the second season of the series Medium Microsd• Whoopi Goldberg
• Gates McFadden
• Terry Farrell
• Diana Muldaur
After Wesley beams Lore into space in the episode "Datalore," how long did drift there until a Pakled ship picked him up Medium Microsd• six years
• one year
• two years
• hundred years
How many androids had Dr. Soong built before constructing Data's evil brother, Lore Medium Microsd• one
• two
• none
• three
What was the last name of Commander Riker while he was on a secret observation mission on Malcor III Hard Microsd• Jetumat
• Jakara
• Jaramala
• Juillo
What type of torpedoes was the Enterprise-D equipped with Medium Microsd• Photon torpedoes
• Quantum torpedoes
• Compression torpedoes
• Battery-driven torpedoes
The Enterprise-D had the ability to separate its saucer section from the stardrive section. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
What was the maximum sustainable velocity of the Enterprise-D Medium Microsd• 7.5
• 4.9
• 9.9
• 9.6
Who was the first Chief of Security when the series began Easy Microsd• Natasha Yar
• Worf
• Data
• Wesley Crusher
Who was the ship's doctor in season 2 of the series Easy Microsd• Guinan
• Crusher
• Troi
• Pulaski
Who's the first officer aboard Enterprise-D Easy Microsd• Geordi
• Data
• Riker
• Worf
What is Data Easy Microsd• Human
• Robot
• Android
• Romulan
Which country was Captain Picard born in Medium Microsd• Belgium
• France
• England
• Netherlands
Where does Chief O'Brien work aboard the Enterprise Easy Microsd• engineering
• transporters
• stellar cartography
• medical
Geordi has been blind since birth. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
What is Data's cat's name Easy Microsd• Tiger
• Mickey
• Jim
• Spot
What kind of tea does Picard drink Easy Microsd• English Breakfast
• Wu-yi Oolong
• Sencha Green
• Earl Grey
What kind of music does Riker like Medium Microsd• rock
• classical
• jazz
• blues
How many seasons was Tasha Yar on the Enterprise as a main character Easy Microsd• 2
• 4
• 1
• 3
At the end of the episode 'Deja Q', how does Q repay Data for saving him Medium Microsd• He lets Data experience laughter
• He lets Data experience emotions
• He lets Data experience hunger
• He makes Data human
During the second season, Gates McFadden decided to take a year off. When she came back, what was the reason behind her character's absence during that year Medium Microsd• She was filling in as the head of Starfleet Medical.
• She was replacing a CMO on the Yamato.
• She took a sabbatical to care for her husband.
• She was on a shore leave.
Which main character from "Star Trek: TOS" appeared in "Encounter at Farpoint" Easy Microsd• Captain Scotty
• Captain Kirk
• Admiral McCoy
• Ambassador Spock
The character, Q, appeared in at least one episode in every season. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
Commander Riker's father had a relationship with one of the female crew members of the Enterprise. Who was she Hard Microsd• Deanna Troi
• Dr. Pulaski
• Dr. Crusher
• Ro Laren
After Captain Picard gets assimilated by the Borg in "Best of Both Worlds", Commander Riker becomes captain of the Enterprise. Who becomes first officer Medium Microsd• Data
• Worf
• Geordi
• Shelby
Why did Q introduce the crew of the Enterprise to the Borg Medium Microsd• Q was bored and thought it would be fun
• Q was angry at Captain Picard
• Q believed that humans and the Borg could be friends
• Q said that "humans were not prepared for awaits them".
What was the name of the first ship Captain Picard commanded Medium Microsd• U.S.S. Tolstoy
• U.S.S. Enterprise
• U.S.S. Stargazer
• U.S.S. Potemkin
How many starships were destroyed by the Borg in the battle of Wolf-359 Hard Microsd• 39
• 21
• 38
• 29
What are the two main weapons of the Enterprise-D Easy Microsd• Phasers and photon torpedoes
• Phasers and quantum torpedoes
• Phasers and lasers
• Phasers and disruptors
How many decks does Enterprise-D have Hard Microsd• 32
• 40
• 42
• 45
What is the marking number of Enterprise-D Easy Microsd• 1620-E
• 1072-C
• 1701-D
• None of these.
Deanna Troi is half Betazoid. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
The Enterprise-D is a galaxy class starship. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
What is Will Riker's middle name Medium Microsd• Thomas
• Tim
• Theodor
• Tony
Who is the captain aboard the Enterprise Easy Microsd• William Riker
• Benjamin Sisko
• Jean-Luc Picard
• Jonathan Archer
Did Geordi ever meet the real Dr. Leah Brahms Easy Microsd• Yes.
• No.
What is the episode when Q loses his powers Medium Microsd• Qpid
• Q Who
• Q-Less
• Deja Q
Which character grew up on a vineyard Medium Microsd• Riker
• Geordi
• Picard
• O'Brien
Which character's father was named Ian Hard Microsd• Worf
• Deanna Troi
• Picard
• William Riker
What was the first "TNG" episode to be directed by a "TNG" cast member Hard Microsd• Reunion
• In Theory
• A Fistful of Datas
• The Offspring
What uniform did Wesley Crusher NEVER wear Medium Microsd• Blue
• Red
• Grey
• Grey with colored trim
Which color did Worf wear on his uniform in Season 1 of the series Easy Microsd• Grey
• Red
• Yellow
• Blue
How many episodes did Lwaxana Troi appear in Hard Microsd• Three
• Seven
• Five
• Six
In a second season episode, "Elementary, Dear Data", which fictional villain did Data find himself pitted against on the holodeck Easy Microsd• Professor Moriarity
• Captain Ahab
• Magwitch
• Fagin
In "Encounter at Farpoint" Commanders Riker and Data meet for the first time on the holodeck. What does Riker say to Data Easy Microsd• "You sound like a Vulcan"
• "Where is your on/off switch?"
• "Nice to meet you, Pinocchio"
• "You're an interesting machine"
Who's the original creator of the series Easy Microsd• Rick Berman
• Brannon Braga
• Michael Piller
• Gene Roddenberry
Who portrays Jean-Luc Picard on The Next Generation Easy Microsd• Jonathan Frakes
• Patrick Stewart
• Michael Dorn
• Brent Spiner
Star Trek: TNG was the first science fiction television series to win a Hugo Award. True or false Hard Gus• True
• False
Robert Duncan McNeill is the only future "Star Trek: Voyager" cast member to appear in TNG. True or false Medium Gus• True
• False
Who killed Duras Easy Gus• Gowron
• K'mpec
• Worf
• Guinan
Who is the odd one out Medium Gus• Marina Sirtis
• Colm Meaney
• Michael Dorn
• Jonathan Frakes
Warning: Star Trek: The Next Generation guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 28, 1987
Ended: May 23, 1994
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