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Charlie X - Recap

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The survey ship Antares meets with the Enterprise to drop off a passenger: castaway Charlie Evans, whose ship crashlanded on the planet Thasus when he was only 3. Everyone else was killed and he survived for 14 year son his own. The Antares crew are suspiciously eager to get rid of Charlie and leave as soon as they can, raising Kirk’s suspicions. Charlie is clearly awkward and unaccustomed to humans, interrupting, and is puzzled when he sees Rand, wondering if she’s a girl.

McCoy gives Charlie his medical exam and reports that he’s in perfect health. Charlie is worried about fitting in and says the Antares crew didn’t like him. and McCoy and sends him out of sickbay with a slap on the rump. Charlie then approaches Rand and produces a bottle of her favorite perfume, even though there isn’t any on the ship. She agrees to meet him in the rec room later and he slaps her on the rump. She tries to explain why it’s inappropriate and tells him to ask McCoy or Kirk.

McCoy and Spock are suspicious of Charlie’s story since he relied on native foods for most of his time on Thasus. Spock mentions that there are rumors of Thasians but nobody has ever seen them. Kirk then tries to get McCoy to instruct Charlie in the basic social graces, without much luck.

Charlie meets Rand in the rec room where Uhura is singing with Spock accompanying her. Uhura sings a mocking song about Charlie and he secretly does… something, giving her laryngitis. After she stops, Charlie impresses Rand and the other crew with magic tricks that he claims he learned from a crewman on the Antares. Clearly he likes the attention.

Charlie finds Kirk when he’s telling the chef to prepare for Thanksgiving. The captain tries to explain why slapping someone of the opposite sex on the rump is inappropriate. Kirk is called to the bridge where they get a signal from the Antares. The captain there tries to warn them but the signal is cut off and Charlie speculates something happened to their engine. Spock confirms that the Antares has blown up. Bizarrely, they then get a call that the chef’s meat loaf has transformed into live turkeys.

Later Kirk plays three-dimensional chess with Spock and they discuss the Antares’s destruction. Charlie comes in and asks to play a game with Spock, who accepts. Charlie quickly loses and when Spock leaves, Charlie uses his powers to melt the chess pieces. When he leaves, Rand tries to introduce him to a younger yeoman, Tina Lawton. Charlie basically tells her to leave then tries to put some advances on Rand. Rand goes to Kirk for help and tries to talk to Charlie about it. Charlie is in pain over his rush and Kirk decides to give him the chance to work off some frustrations in the gym. Charlie doesn’t do well and another crewman, Sam, laughs at him. Charlie glares at him and makes him fade away. Kirk calls in security but Charlie knocks them back and only the captain stepping in and asserting his authority convinces Charlie to go to his quarters.

It doesn’t take long for Charlie to make every phaser on the ship disappear. Spock speculates that Charlie might be a Thasian, who were reputed to have similar powers, but McCoy confirms he’s human. They’re en route to Colony 5 but realize that Charlie would go berserk in an open environment. Charlie comes in and admits he destroyed the Antares because they weren’t nice to him, but he needs the Enterprise.

Later, Captain Kirk tries to redirect the ship away from Colon5 but the controls are locked and Uhura is injured when her board shorts out when she tries to contact the colony. Charlie arrives and after controlling Spock into reciting poetry, leaves and heads for Rand’s quarters. En route he runs into Tina and turns her into a lizard. He goes into Rand’s quarters and she secretly signals Kirk who heads down. Rand turns down Charlie again and when Kirk and Spock come in, he knocks them back and makes Rand disappear. He then immobilizes Kirk and Spock and again it’s only Kirk asserting his authority that keeps Charlie from destroying them.

Later they try to get Charlie into the brig with a force field but Charlie quickly causes the entire wall containing the door to disappear. He goes on a rampage, aging one female crewman and causing others’ faces to seal over when they laugh. He shows up on the bridge as Uhura tries to decipher a mysterious signal without luck, and Charlie hints he might be responsible for it.

Finally Kirk decides enough is enough. He thinks that Charlie is at the limits of his power since he hasn’t made anyone else disappear, and they have no choice since Charlie will eventually destroy them no matter what. Charlie comes onto the bridge as Kirk confronts him and Spock and McCoy switch on every system. Charlie still has enough power to put Kirk down with agonizing pain, but suddenly the same signal come through again and Charlie panics. He pleads with Kirk not to let “them” take him away as a green glowing ship appears on-screen. The image of a Thasian appears on the bridge and explains that they gave Charlie his powers so that he could survive on their planet. They weren’t initially aware that Charlie had escaped and can’t do anything for the Antares. They restore Rand and everyone else then say they must take Charlie away, as he would destroy the Enterprise or they would be forced to destroy him in self-defense.

A desperate Charlie pleads with Kirk to let him stay with his own kind and Kirk suggests Charlie might be trained, but the Thasian warns it isn’t possible. Charlie is taken away as the crew watch, and Rand cries.