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The Menagerie Part I - Recap

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The Enterprise arrives at Starbase 11 and Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down to meet with Commodore Mendez and his assistant Miss Piper. Mendez wonders why they rerouted to Starbase 11 and Kirk informs him that they received a message from Fleet Captain Christopher Pike ordering them to proceed there. Mendez realizes they hadn't heard the news and explains that Pike, the first captain of the Enterprise and Spock's former commander, was crippled by radiation rescuing cadets during an inspection tour. Badly scarred and trapped in a vegetative body, Pike can only signal yes or no via a flashing light. Pike refuses to see them but finally agrees to see Spock. After the others leave, Spock says that his plan is underway. Despite the fact that Pike flashes disagreement, Spock plans to continue even though it involves mutiny.

What's his problem, Commodore?
Inspection tour of a cadet vessel. Old Class "J" starship. One of the battle plates ruptured.
The delta rays?
He went in bringing out all those kids that were still alive.

Kirk and Mendez go over the computer records in Mendez's office, and confirm that no signal was sent from Starbase 11. Kirk stands by Spock's testimony but Mendez notes that Spock served under Pike and is still loyal to him. Kirk insists tat Spock is loyal to him as well. Meanwhile, Spock breaks into the starbase's computer room and creates a fake voice message from the starbase controller. He transmits it to the Enterprise, and Uhura requests confirmation. Spock is interrupted when a technician attacks him but he quickly renders the technician unconscious, and then transmit a fake voice message from Kirk confirming the order and directing Spock to give them further orders. Spock tells them to prepare for departure and to not inform anyone of the change in plans.

A Vulcan can no sooner be disloyal than he can exist without breathing, present commander as well as past.

Kirk is watching Pike on the monitor in Mendez's office when McCoy admits. Pike keeps flashing "no" and McCoy notes that he's in a highly agitated stated. Kirk begins to wonder if Spock somehow lied, but McCoy notes that it is impossible. McCoy receives a message from the starbase controller telling him he's needed on the Enterprise to deal with a medical emergency, no further details. McCoy beams up to the ship and Kirk meets with Mendez. Mendez has a file on the Talos IV incident. The file doesn't reveal why, but Starfleet has ordered a death penalty on anyone who visits the planet. Mendez notes that the only ship to visit Talos IV was the Enterprise under Christopher Pike, with Spock as his science officer. They're interrupted when Miss Piper notices that Pike has disappeared from his room. Starbase Control informs Mendez that the Enterprise has left orbit and is refusing to respond to hails.

Commodore! Captain Pike, he's gone!

Spock places the Enterprise under computer control and tells Uhura to maintain radio silence. Spock addresses the ship and informs them that Captain Kirk is on medical rest leave and he's in command on a top-secret mission. McCoy arrives on the bridge to complain that there was no medical emergency and that he wasn't aware that Kirk was put on medical leave. Spock takes him to a cabin where Pike is staying, and plays a faked message from Captain Kirk telling McCoy to take care of Pike without questioning him.

Per Starfleet orders this date, I have been placed in temporary command of the Enterprise. While our destination is secret, our mission is relatively simple. Starbase Command has assigned Captain Kirk medical rest leave until our return. His instructions are to obey my orders as you would his.

On the bridge, the crew detects a shuttlecraft following them but Spock refuses to answer their hails. On the shuttlecraft, Kirk and Mendez are in pursuit of the Enterprise and determine it's heading for Talos IV. Kirk refuses to abandon the chase even after the shuttlecraft passes the halfway mark of its fuel supplies. Spock scans the shuttlecraft and realizes it cannot make it back to safety, and the shuttlecraft runs out of fuel. The two officers only have two hours of oxygen left and Kirk admits that some part of him hopes Spock doesn't turn back: as soon as they're on board they'll have to try Spock for mutiny.

The command reports stated Talos contained no practical benefits to mankind.
Spock would have some logical reason for going there.
Maybe. Maybe he's just gone mad.

Spock has no choice but to beam the two men aboard. As he does, he summons McCoy to the bridge and places himself under arrest on a charge of mutiny. McCoy has him confined to quarters. Kirk and Mendez are beamed aboard and quickly determines that the ship's controls are locked under computer control and the Enterprise is continuing to Talos IV.

Doctor, as senior officer present, I present myself to you for arrest.
You what?
The charge is mutiny, Doctor.

Kirk has to call a preliminary hearing but Spock waives counsel and requests an immediate trial. Kirk refuses since they only have to command-rank officers, but Spock points out that Pike is still on the active duty list. The trial begins and Mendez demands that Spock explain what he hopes to gain. Taking advantage of the question, Spock asks that the monitor screen be activated and provides what appears to be a recording from thirteen years ago of the Enterprise's mission to Talos IV. Mendez objects but Kirk notes that Spock is allowed to answer his question. They confirm with Pike that what they are seeing is a true visual representation despite the fact no ship keeps such detailed records. Spock refuses to explain where the images are coming from and Kirk insists they see the records.

The court is not obliged to view evidence without knowing its source.
Unless the court asks a prisoner why, Commodore. You did ask that question.
You mean I was maneuvered into asking.

Thirteen years ago, the Enterprise intercepts an 18-year-old old-style radio transmission from the S.S. Columbia, a survey vessel which crashed on Talos IV 18 years ago. Pike refuses to investigate without confirmation of any survivors and orders the ship to continue to the Vega Colonies to get injured crew medical treatment. Pike goes to his quarters and meets with Medical Officer Boyce, who shares a drink with him and asks Pike if he's having second thoughts. Pike blames himself for their recent losses on Rigel VII and how he screwed up while investigating a deserted fortress. The captain considers resigning due to the pressures of commands and considers going home and riding horses, or becoming on Orion trader. Boyce points out unlikely that is and they're interrupted when Spock informs the captain they've received a recently transmitted follow-up message confirming the presence of eleven crash survivors on Talos IV. Pike orders the ship to head to Talos IV to recover the survivors.

Sometimes a man will tell his bartender things he'll never tell his doctor.

At the hearing, Mendez insists that Spock manufactured the recordings. Spock reiterates they're actual depictions of what happened and has pike confirm they're accurate. He offers to release computer control if the board will watch the recording to the end. Mendez votes against continuing and Kirk votes in favor: Pike casts his vote in favor. The recording continues and shows Pike taking a landing party down to Talos IV while leaving his first officer, Number One, in command. The landing party finds a camp of ten older survivors and one attractive girl. The scientists' leader, Haskins, introduces the woman as Vina and explains she was born just before the ship arrived and her parents were killed in the crash. As the landing party talks to the scientists, they're unaware that the Talosians are watching them from an underground base. They are particularly interested in Pike and the fact he's intrigued by Vina.

You appear to be healthy and intelligent, Captain--a prime specimen.

Vina coldly notes that Pike is a perfect physical and mental specimen, and Haskins apologizes for her lack of social graces. Boyce informs the captain that the survivors are in almost perfect physical condition, and Haskins says there's an explanation. He has Vina lead the captain to the explanation, but all she shows him is a rocky hillside. She notes that he's a perfect physical choice and then instantly disappears. Two Talosians emerge from a hidden elevator shaft and stun the captain, while the landing party is surprised to find that the survivor's camp has disappeared around them without a trace. They go to find the captain and arrive just too late as the Talosians descend in the elevator. The landing party is able to blast apart the hillside using phasers but the metal of the shaft is immune to their weapons.


At the hearing, Uhura relays a signal from Starfleet informing Commodore Mendez they have detected transmissions coming from Talos IV in violation of Starfleet orders and in violation of the quarantine. Starfleet relieves Kirk of command and puts Mendez in charge. Mendez notes that Spock has condemned himself and his commanding officer under the death penalty, and orders him to release ships' controls. Spock respectfully declines and Mendez orders the court in recess. After Mendez leaves, Spock insists to Kirk that they must watch the rest of the transmission and proceed to Talos IV. If they don't, it will cost Pike his life and Kirk his career. The captain has no choice but to order security to lock Spock up.

Do you know what you're doing? Have you lost your mind?
Captain. Jim, please don't stop me. Don't let him stop me. It's your career and Captain Pike's life.
You must see the rest of the transmission.
Lock him up.