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Tomorrow is Yesterday - Recap

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In the 1960s, the U.S. Air Force mobilizes to intercept an unidentified flying object spotted over Omaha. The object is the Enterprise, which was en route to Starbase 9 when it collided with a black hole. They’re unable to contact Starfleet and the engines are damaged, and pick up radio transmissions identifying when they are in time.

Captain John Christopher pilots the fighter intercepting the Enterprise, and prepares to open fire. With their shields weakened, Kirk orders a tractor beam and the fighter falls apart under the strain. They beam Christopher aboard to save his life and Kirk takes him up to the bridge. Christopher is impressed and astonished at the future technology, while Spock confirms that they have achieved a stable orbit and have cloaked their presence with the deflectors. However, he notes that they can’t return Christopher to Earth now that he has knowledge of the future.

Kirk meets with Christopher in his quarters, while dealing with the computer which has been reprogrammed by a planet dominated by women who gave it a… unique personality. They explain to Christopher that they can’t return him and confirm that his disappearance won’t alter history. Scotty confirms that they have repaired the engines but they have nowhere to go to.

Later, Christopher tries to make a break for the transporter and is narrowly thwarted. McCoy notes that they have no way to blend into 20th century America, and notes they probably can’t retrain Christopher to forget his life. Spock reports that he failed to calculate for Christopher’s family, and his son will head a successful Earth/Saturn probe. Christopher, who doesn’t have a son yet, is duly impressed.

They work to find a way to return Christopher and note that the Air Force will have recovered the wreckage of his fighter, including the camera footage he took of the Enterprise. They must recover the film before history is altered, and Spock works to reverse their breakaway effect through time. Christopher isn’t thrilled at the fact that his evidence will be discredited, but offers his assistance in mapping out the photo lab at the Omaha Air Force base.

Later in the evening, Kirk and Sulu beam into the base but a guard captures them. Spock opens a communication channel and the guard responds to it, triggering the emergency signal. They beam him up, and relieve the astonished guard of his weapon. Kirk and Sulu find the camera tape and take out the incriminating footage, but set off an alarm. The base security responds and finds Kirk, who distracts them so they don’t spot Sulu. A fight breaks out and Kirk ends up captured. Sulu gets back to the ship with the footage and Spock contacts Christopher for assistance.

The Air Force security team interrogates Kirk without any success, while Spock is forced to take Christopher with him and Sulu as they beam down to rescue Kirk. They take out the guards but Christopher grabs a gun and demands they let him go. Spock manages to get the drop on him and they return to the ship where Spock announces they can recreate a slingshot effect by flying around the Sun, then beam Christopher and the guard back to the point where the Enterprise first encountered them, erasing their memories.

The Enterprise begins the maneuver, going briefly back in time then heading forward again. At the proper moment they beam down first Christopher and then the guard, restoring history. They then continue on to the future and Scotty manages to break them to the precise spot they need to be.