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A Piece of the Action - Recap

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The Enterprise journeys to the planet Sigma Iotia II in search of the Horizon, a survey ship that visited the planet 100 years ago and made contact with the natives. The Horizon arrived before the establishment of the Prime Directive and reported back by conventional radio. According to their report, the Iotians were a pre-industrial society who were highly imitative.

They relayed us to a man named Oxmyx. His title is "Boss."
Boss? All right, Lieutenant. Put him on.

Kirk makes contact with Bela Oxmyx, who identifies himself as a "Boss." He gives them coordinates to meet him at and Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down. They find themselves on a street resembling the United States of Earth in the 1930s, except everyone is carrying submachine guns. Two of them take the landing party prisoner and relieve them of their equipment. They take Kirk and the others to Oxymyx, but a car drives by and opens fire, killing one of the men. The other man treats the situation as an everyday occurrence and takes the landing party to Oxmyx. "Boss" Oxmyx says he's the biggest Boss on Iotia and tries to get Kirk to jion forces with him. Spock notices that Oxmyx has an enshrined book, Chicago Mobs of the Twenties, that they acquired from the Horizon. The landing party concludes that the survey ship left it there, the Iotians read it, and re-built their entire civilization based on its contents. Oxmyx is offended at their disdain for the book and tells Kirk to supply his men with phasers so he can wipe out his competition once and for all. When Kirk refuses, Oxmyx takes them hostage so the Enterprise will give him what he wants. He uses the communicator to make his demands from a confused Scotty.

Lieutenant Hadley, check the language banks and find out what a... "heater" is.

Kirk makes up an imaginary card game, Fizzbin,and uses it to distract the guards so they can make a break for it. Spock and McCoy go to a radio station where Spock manges to contact the Enterprise and beam up. Kirk ends up captured by Oxmyx's rival, Jojo Krako. Krako wants Kirk to supply him with phasers so he can overthrow Oxmyx, but Kirk isn't interested and tries to get the Bosses to talk things over peacefully. Krako isn't interested and locks him up so he'll reconsider.

But what you're after is a royal fizzbin, but the odds in getting a royal fizzbin are astron...
Spock, what are the odds in getting a royal fizzbin?
I've never computed them.

Oxmyx uses his communicator to contact Spock and offer him help in recovering the captain, promising them safe conduct. Spock has no choice but to accept and prepares to beam down with McCoy... only to find that Oxmyx has double-crossed them. Meanwhile, Kirk uses a wire from an old radio to trip up the guards after luring them ion, then heads for Oxmyx's office. He breaks in and takes the gangster and his men prisoner. He leaves McCoy in charge while he and Spock dress as gangsters and head for Krako's office. They end up making a deal with a tough kid to provide them with a distraction so they can knock out the guards. However, Krako is one step ahead of them and has his men take them prisoner.

I'll cut off your head and throw it in your face!

Krako demands the phasers but Kirk comes up with a new plan and tells Krako that the Federation is taking over the entire planet. They'll put Krako in charge and control the planet through him. Krako agrees and Kirk calls Scotty to tell him to show Krako around. Scotty beams Krako up and holds him prisoner and Kirk and Spock knock out the guards and go back to Oxmyx's office.

You may begin, Mr. Scott.
Acknowledged, Captain.
You mean you're going to start sending down your boys now?
Not exactly...

Kirk makes Oxmyx the same offer and tells him to start calling the other Bosses so they can work out an arrangement. As Oxmyx calls them, Kirk has Scotty trace the calls and beam the rival Bosses to Oxmyx's office. The Bosses start arguing and Krako's men arrive, thinking Oxmyx has put the "bag" on their boss. Kirk has Scotty blanket with street with phaser fire on stun, impressing the Bosses. Kirk puts Oxmyx in charge with Krako as his lieutenant and tellst hem to make sure the Federation gets its 40% cut.

Coming over with my boys and we... Mother?

As the Enterprise leaves office, Kirk notes that he'll have Starfleet use the "cut" to help put Iotia back to its original path of development. Spock is concerned, especially when McCoy remembers that he left a communicator in Oxmyx's office. Spock suggests that if the Iotians can duplicate the transator technology, they may come after the Federation in the future.

It upsets the whole percentage.
How do you mean?
Well, in a few years, the Iotians may demand a piece of our action.