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The Way to Eden - Recap

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The Enterprise is chasing after the Aurora, a stolen space cruiser. When they pick it up on scanners they try to hail it to surrender and it flees toward Romulan space. They snag it in a tractor beam but the thieves refuse to surrender and overheat their engines trying to break free. Scotty manages to lock on and transport over the six life signs aboard just before it blows up.

Scotty, are they aboard?
Aye, Captain.
They are, and a nice lot too.

The six newcomers are all dressed in exotic clothing and covered in blue tattoos. After contacting Starfleet, Kirk determines that one of them, Tongo Rad, is the son of a Catullan ambassador. Starfleet wants him and his friends treated diplomatically as the Catullans are involved in delicate negotiations with the Federation. Kirk orders them out of the transporter room but they sit and protest. Chekov, on the bridge, recognizes one of the three women, Irina. Kirk and Spock go to the transporter room but the six hippies insist on calling Kirk "Herbert." Spock manages to get through to them by speaking of "The One." Their leader, the older Dr. Sevrin, says that the Enterprise has no right to interfere in this mission to find the legendary planet of Eden. Kirk refuses to provide them with any assistance and informs them they'll be dropped off at the nearest Starbase.

This is outrageous. You're not isolating me, you're imprisoning me.
You invent a crime, find me guilty and sentence me.

Kirk returns to the bridge where Chekov admits that he knew Irina from Starfleet but she dropped out early on. Kirk lets the navigator go see her in Sickbay, where the hippies are undergoing medical examinations. Spock informs the captain that Dr. Sevrin is a brilliant Tiburon scientist in the field of acoustics, but who leads a small group of people who wish to abandon the technologically sterile 23rd century world of the Federation and live as savages. The first officer admits as an outsider himself, he has some curiosity about their movement.

Gonna crack my knuckles and jump for joy!
I got a clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy!

Sevrin refuses to undergo a medical examination and the security guards have to hold him still so McCoy can administer the tests. Chekov gets Irina alone and they talk about how they were lovers and she abandoned him and left Starfleet without notice. Meanwhile, Kirk stops in and McCoy informs him that Sevrin has a rare disease that is only treatable in a technological environment and to which he himself is immune. Sevrin protests, claiming they're using the disease as an excuse to confine him and stop his quest, but Kirk allows McCoy to put him in isolation so they can determine if the crew is infected. As Kirk leaves, Sevrin's followers, including the young Adam, are released and start chatting with the crew. Kirk informs them that Sevrin will be released once it's determined it's safe, but Adam and the others protest by singing.

Come, join us.
How do you know what I want?
You're young. Think young, brother!
You make it tempting.

Kirk suggests that Spock try to get through to Sevrin and the first officer visits the doctor. Spock notes that the Federation might grant them colonization rights as they so far have committed no criminal acts, but Sevrin has to control his followers before they do something. Sevrin finally admits that he knew he had the disease but that he can't stand technology and ad to live with primitives. Spock notes that any primitives he encountered would die of the disease. Spock offers to find the legendary Eden for them and Sevrin agrees to try to calm his followers.

That's what your science have done to me! You've infected me! Only the primitives can cleanse me. I cannot purge myself until I am among them. Only their way of living is right. I must go to them.

Spock reports to the captain about the agreement and gets Chekov to assist in researching star charts, but notes that he believes Sevrin is insane. Chekov works from Auxiliary Control while Spock works from his quarters. Adam comes to visit Spock and notices his Vulcan lyre, and asks if they can have a jam session. Spock agrees to get the captain's permission and agrees to participate. Meanwhile, Irina comes to visit Chekov, apologize for their earlier disagreement, ask about Auxiliary Control, and the couple end up kissing. Spock interrupts them when he wonders why Chekov has stopped sending him data. Irina leaves… and meets with the others, who have been checking out areas of the ship as well. They now know what they need to, to take over the ship.

If I understand you correctly, I believe the answer might be "yes."

Adam and the three women perform in the mess hall with Spock. With the crew distracted, Tongo Rad uses a Catullan neck pinch to knock out Sevrin's guard and then take over Auxiliary Control. The others join Sevrin there and he take control of the Enterprise and flies it into Romulan space. When Kirk and the others try to bypass, Sevrin threatens to destroy the ship unless they stop. They go to the coordinates that Spock had located earlier, while Kirk and Spock try to get through to Adam and the others without success. Realizing they'll need to get to the shuttlecraft hangar, Sevrin rigs up an ultrasonic generator to stun the crew. Irina notes that those levels of sound waves could prove fatal but Sevrin assure her he knows what he's doing. When Scotty, Kirk, and Spock try to burn through the door as the Enterprise arrives in orbit above Eden, Sevrin activates the emitter and stuns the entire crew into unconsciousness. Sevrin shuts down the emitter and then he and his people then take a shuttlecraft down to the planet.

Bridge to Auxiliary Control. Bridge to Auxiliary Control.
Captain, it seems as though someone else is running the ship.

Kirk and Spock recover consciousness long enough to shut down the emitter for good: Spock reveals it was on a timer and Sevrin had set it to emit lethal levels once he was gone. Kirk and a team beam down to the planet, which is a pristine wilderness untouched by civilization. However, Chekov touches a flower and burns his hand: all of the plants emit acid. They find Adam dead, having eaten an apple from a tree. They finally find the shuttlecraft and Sevrin and the others are badly damaged from the acid on their bare feet. McCoy starts treatment but Sevrin refuses to leave his paradise. He runs to a tree, eats an apple, and dies.

His name was Adam.

Later aboard the Enterprise, they arrive at the starbase and prepare to beam Tongo Rad and the others down. Chekov apologizes to Kirk for his actions but the captain understands and grants him a few minutes alone with Irina. The two kiss and Irina suggests that Chekov relax a little from time to time. Spock expresses his condolences and hopes that one day they will find their Eden.

We reach, Mr. Spock.