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Star Trek

Gene Roddenberry     Creator80 Eps
Gene Roddenberry     Executive Producer66 Eps
Fred Freiberger     Producer24 Eps
Gene L. Coon     Producer44 Eps
Gene Roddenberry     Producer5 Eps
Robert H. Justman     Co-Producer4 Eps
Byron Haskin     Associate Producer1 Eps
Edward K. Milkis     Associate Producer25 Eps
Gregg Peters (1)     Associate Producer24 Eps
Robert H. Justman     Associate Producer11 Eps
John D. F. Black     Associate Producer2 Eps
Walter M. Jefferies     Production Designer2 Eps
James Ballas     Editor2 Eps
Leo Shreve     Editor1 Eps
Grant Hoag     Editor1 Eps
Fabien D. Tordjmann     Editor5 Eps
Bruce Schoengarth     Editor2 Eps
Bill Brame     Editor3 Eps
Robert L. Swanson     Editor3 Eps
Donald R. Rode     Editor (Film Editor)3 Eps
Joseph D'Agosta     Casting79 Eps
William J. Kenney     Casting22 Eps
Gregg Peters (1)     Unit Production Manager27 Eps
Gregg Peters (1)     First Assistant Director4 Eps
Elliot Schick     First Assistant Director 
Rusty Meek     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Gil Kissel     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Michael S. Glick     First Assistant Director4 Eps
Gene De Ruelle     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Claude Binyon, Jr.     First Assistant Director6 Eps
Phil Rawlins     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Ivan Ditmars     Music1 Eps
Julian Davidson     Music2 Eps
James Ballas     Music 
Joseph Mullendore     Music 
Samuel Matlovsky     Music1 Eps
Sol Kaplan     Music1 Eps
George Duning     Music2 Eps
Alexander Courage     Music7 Eps
Gerald Fried     Music2 Eps
Jerry Fielding     Music2 Eps
Fred Steiner     Music4 Eps
Robert H. Raff     Music Editor6 Eps
Richard Lapham     Music Editor6 Eps
Jim Henrikson     Music Editor5 Eps
Wilbur Hatch     Music Supervisor8 Eps
William Ware Theiss     Costume Designer80 Eps
Marge Makau     Costume Designer7 Eps
Virginia Darcy     Hairstylist8 Eps
Pat Westmore     Hairstylist25 Eps
Gertrude Reade     Hairstylist1 Eps
Jean Rustin     Hairstylist1 Eps
John Chambers (3)     Make-up 
Fred B. Phillips     Make-up80 Eps
George Rader     Grip56 Eps
Edward M. Parker     Set Decorator1 Eps
Joseph J. Stone     Set Decorator2 Eps
Marvin March     Set Decorator4 Eps
Carl Biddiscombe     Set Decorator4 Eps
John M. Dwyer     Set Decorator24 Eps
Jack Briggs (2)     Property Master1 Eps
Wah Chang     Property Master 
Adam John Backauskas     Property Master 
Irving A. Feinberg     Property Master79 Eps
George A. Rutter     Script Supervisor44 Eps
Bill Heath     Post Production Supervisor9 Eps
Gordon L. Day     Re-Recording Mixer24 Eps
Elden Ruberg     Re-Recording Mixer2 Eps
Bob Campbell     Gaffer1 Eps
George H. Merhoff     Gaffer55 Eps
Edward K. Milkis     Other (Assistant to the Producer)9 Eps
Herbert F. Solow     Other (Executive in Charge of Production)56 Eps
Ken Harvey     Other (Key Costumer) 
Julian Davidson     Other (Music Coordinator)7 Eps
Steven W. Carabatsos     Other (Script Consultant)2 Eps
D.C. Fontana     Other (Script Consultant (Seasons 2-3))4 Eps
Arthur H. Singer     Other (Story Consultant)24 Eps
Gerald Perry Finnerman     Director of Photography56 Eps
William E. Snyder (1)     Director of Photography1 Eps
Al Francis     Director of Photography (Season 3)24 Eps
John D. F. Black     Story Editor 
Frank P. Keller     Story Editor 
John Hanley (1)     Story Editor 
Steven W. Carabatsos     Story Editor (season one - two) 
Bob Bralver     Stunts 
Paul Baxley     Stunts 
Bobby Bass     Stunts 
Richard Antoni     Stunts 
Frank Da Vinci     Stunts 
Al Wyatt     Stunts 
Jerry Summers     Stunts 
Tom Steele     Stunts 
Paul Stader     Stunts 
Roy N. Sickner     Stunts 
Bill Catching     Stunts 
Bobby Clark (1)     Stunts 
Chuck Clow     Stunts 
Jesse Wayne     Stunts 
David Sharpe     Stunts 
Bob Orrison     Stunts 
Bob Miles (1)     Stunts 
Troy Melton     Stunts 
Bob Lyon (1)     Stunts 
Carey Loftin     Stunts 
Jim Jones (1)     Stunts 
Dick Dial     Stunts 
Vince Deadrick, Sr.     Stunts 
Carl Saxe     Stunts 
Allen Pinson     Stunts 
Jay Jones (1)     Stunts 
Donna Garrett     Stunts 
Gary Combs     Stunts 
Frank Babich     Stunts 
Victor Toyota     Stunts 
Chuck O'Brien     Stunts 
Julie Ann Johnson (1)     Stunts 
Bob Herron     Stunts 
Dick Geary (1)     Stunts 
Bennie E. Dobbins     Stunts 
William Blackburn     Stunts 
Denver Mattson     Stunts 
Hal Needham     Stunts 
David Perna     Stunts 
Regina Parton     Stunts 
Max Kleven     Stunts 
Loren Janes     Stunts 
Alan Gibbs (2)     Stunts 
Ralph Garrett     Stunts 
Louie Elias     Stunts 
Gary Downey (1)     Stunts 
Dick Crockett     Stunts 
Chuck Couch     Stunts 
Phil Adams     Stunts (stunt double) 
James Paisley     Production Supervisor1 Eps
Bernard A. Widin     Production Supervisor8 Eps
Rolland M. Brooks     Art Director10 Eps
Walter M. Jefferies     Art Director56 Eps
Franz Bachelin     Art Director1 Eps
Joseph G. Sorokin     Sound Editor4 Eps
Jim Bullock     Sound Editor 
Stanford G. Haughton     Sound Mixer1 Eps
Cam McCulloch     Sound Mixer 
Jack F. Lilly     Sound Mixer6 Eps
Doug Grindstaff     Sound Mixer38 Eps
Carl Daniels     Sound Mixer28 Eps
Joe Lombardi     Special Effects1 Eps
Albert Whitlock     Special Effects 
Roger Dorney     Special Effects 
Joseph Westheimer     Special Effects 
James Rugg     Special Effects80 Eps
Linwood G. Dunn     Special Effects 
Darrell Anderson (1)     Special Effects 
D.C. Fontana     Executive Story Editor (season two - three) 
Jim Danforth     Art Department 
Michael Minor (1)     Graphics 
Elden Ruberg     Sound Recordist 
Alexander Courage     Main Title Theme80 Eps
Wilbur Hatch     Music Consultant1 Eps
George Duning     Additional Music1 Eps
Doug Grindstaff     Sound Effects Editor2 Eps
Douglas S. Cramer     Executive Vice President In Charge Of Production24 Eps
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 08, 1966
Ended: June 03, 1969
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