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Star Trek

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Question Diff. By Answers
How many spin-offs has 'Star Trek' received Easy msd85• 3
• 4
• 5
• 6
How many pilots did the show receive Easy msd85• 1
• 2
• 3
• 4
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 23
• 24
• 25
• 26
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 23
• 24
• 25
• 26
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 27
• 28
• 29
• 30
How many episodes were in the series total Medium msd85• 77
• 78
• 79
• 80
How many seasons did the show run Medium msd85• 1
• 2
• 3
• 4
In what year did the show air its final episode Medium msd85• 1969
• 1970
• 1971
• 1972
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 1965
• 1966
• 1967
• 1968
On what broadcast network did the show air Easy msd85• ABC
Leonard Nimoy (Spock) is the only actor to appear in how many episodes. Easy Anonymous• 78
• 79
• 80
• none
Commissioner Hedford was attempting to stop a war on: Hard Gadfly• Pheta Signi 12
• Epsilon Canaris 3
• Gamma Trianguli 6
• Ingraham B
Which planet did the Denevan pain parasites not visit Hard Gadfly• Beta Portilin
• Alpha Centauri 4
• Pheta Signi 12
• Ingraham B
Gary Seven's computer is a: Hard Gadfly• Beta-3
• Beta-5
• Beta-7
• Beta-9
Which name has the serial killing entity in "Wolf in the Fold" not gone by Medium Gadfly• Quatloo
• Beratis
• Kesla
• Redjac
In Fizbin, what is a ktonk Hard Gadfly• The first card dealt
• Two kings
• Three jacks
• The last card dealt
Which race did Nomad totally eliminate Medium Gadfly• The Minbari
• The Malurians
• The Melkots
• The Medusans
Which member of the Clantons survived the gunfight at the OK Corral Medium Gadfly• Frank McLaury
• Tom McLaury
• Billy Claiborne
• Billy Clanton
Which Savage Curtain villain would later appear in an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise Medium Gadfly• Genghis Khan
• Colonel Green
• Zora
• Kahless
Which Klingon "set the pattern for his planet's tyrannies" Medium Gadfly• Kor
• Koloth
• Kang
• Kahless
Which famous comedienne owned the company that produced Star Trek Easy Gadfly• Lucille Ball
• Mary Tyler Moore
• Carol Burnett
• Eydie Gorme
The trader attempting to sell tribbles was: Easy Gadfly• Harry Mudd
• Cyrano Jones
• Captain Merik
• Bele
Which starship is destroyed in "The Tholian Web" Medium Gadfly• The Constellation
• The Exeter
• The Intrepid
• The Defiant
What is the first and only episode where the First Federation is mentioned Medium Gadfly• "The Corbomite Maneuver"
• "The Gamesters of Triskelion"
• "Is There In Truth No Beauty?"
• "The Savage Curtain"
Former football star Fred "The Hammer" Williamson had a bit part in which episode: Medium Gadfly• "Court Martial"
• "The Doomsday Machine"
• "By Any Other Name"
• "The Cloud Minders"
The episode where it is mfirst entioned that Vulcans mate once every seven years is: Medium Gadfly• "The Naked Time"
• "Journey to Babel"
• "Amok Time"
• "The Cloud Minders"
In the episode "Friday's Child" what is the name of the planet Kirk was sent to obtain mining rights Medium Microsd• Castel I
• Capella IV
• Cestus III
• Ceti Alpha VI
Sulu's hobbies do not include: Medium Gadfly• Fencing
• Botany
• Antique guns
• Japense swordsmithing
Kirk served as a lieutenant aboard the: Medium Gadfly• Lexington
• Hood
• Constellation
• Excalibur
Which of these characters did William Shatner not portray Easy Gadfly• Garth of Izar
• Peter Kirk
• Sargon
• Sam Kirk
Which of these aliens did costume-maker Janos Prohaska not portray Medium Gadfly• The Horta
• The Gorn
• The Gumato
• Yarnek
The phrase that triggers the obelisk hatch on the Amerind planet is: Easy Gadfly• "Kirk to Enterprise"
• "Beam me up, Scotty"
• "He's dead, Jim"
• "Let's get the hell out of here"
Which of these starships was not destroyed Medium Gadfly• The Constellation
• The Intrepid
• The Lexington
• The Defiant
The proper response to "Queen to queen's level three" is: Hard Gadfly• King to queen's level one
• Queen to queen's level two, take queen
• Queen to king's level one
• Pawn takes queen, checkmate
Garth of Izar learned shapeshifting from the: Medium Gadfly• Autons
• Arkadians
• Andorians
• Antosians
Which towering actor played Ruk in "What Are Little Girls Made Of" Medium Gadfly• Ted Cassidy
• Richard Kiel
• Andre the Giant
• Carel Struycken
The first name of Captain Kirk's brother is: Medium Gadfly• George
• Sam
• Peter
• James
On Vulcan, the "teddy bears" are alive and have: Easy Gadfly• 6 inch fangs
• razor sharp teeth
• acidic blood
• bad breath
Which of these men wasn't killed by Losira in "That Which Survives" Medium Gadfly• Ensign Wyatt
• Dr. M'Benga
• Geologist D'Amato
• Mr. Watkins
"My son the doctor. Kind of gets you right there, doesn't it" is the last line of whcih episode Medium Gadfly• Friday's Child
• The Changeling
• Journey to Babel
• And the Children Shall Lead
"Her life could have been as rich as any woman's. If only... if only..." is the last line of which episode Easy Gadfly• The Cage
• Friday's Child
• Elaan of Troyius
• Turnabout Intruder
Before he became immortal, Flint's was a soldier named: Medium Gadfly• Alexander
• Akharin
• MacLeod
• Methuselah
Flint did not claim to be which of these men Hard Gadfly• Moses
• Solomon
• Merlin
• Alexander
The home planet of the two aliens in "Let This Be Your Last Battlefield" is: Medium Gadfly• Lilith
• Cerberus
• Charon
• Medusa
"...except that for the first time in my life... I was happy." is the last line of which episode Medium Gadfly• This Side of Paradise
• The City on the Edge of Forever
• Amok Time
• Spock's Brain
Puppeteer Shari Lewis co-wrote which Star Trek episode Medium Gadfly• Shore Leave
• Mudd's Women
• A Piece of the Action
• The Lights of Zetar
The creator of the novel and movie Psycho did not pen which of these episodes Easy Gadfly• What Are Little Girls Made Of?
• The Enemy Within
• Catspaw
• Wolf in the Fold
"Let's get the hell out of here." is the last line of which episode Medium Gadfly• The Cage
• The City on the Edge of Forever
• Spock's Brain
• Turnabout Intruder
In "The Savage Curtain," Lincoln compares Kirk to: Medium Gadfly• General Lee
• General Grant
• Secretary of State Seward
• Vice President Johnson
In "The Mark of Gideon," Kirk previously suffered from: Hard Gadfly• Arethian flu
• Bendii Syndrome
• Rugalan fever
• Vegan choriomeningitis
In "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky," McCoy suffers from: Easy Gadfly• Xeno-polycythemia
• Sickle cell anemia
• Andronesian encephalitis
• Orkett's disease
The actor who portrayed Alexander in "Plato's Stepchildren" is best known for his recurring role on: Easy Gadfly• Mission: Impossible
• The Wild Wild West
• I Love Lucy
• Doctor Who
The Klingon captain in "Elaan of Troyius" is: Easy Gadfly• Kor
• Koloth
• Kang
• Unnamed
The two doomed scientists in "The Empath" are: Easy Gadfly• Linke and Chayne
• Pruitt and Vance
• Ozaba and Linke
• Brent and Taylor
"Wink of an Eye's actress Kathie Browne is the wife of which 60s/70s actor Medium Gadfly• Peter Graves
• Darren McGavin
• Ben Murphy
• Robert Vaughn
The cure to interstitional madness in "The Tholian Web" proves to be: Easy Gadfly• Klingon nerve gas
• Romulan Ale
• Saurian Brandy
• Poison sap from Gamma Trianguli 6
"Day of the Dove" features which Klingon commander Easy Gadfly• Kor
• Koloth
• Korax
• Kang
Which 60s Batman TV villain did not have the respective actor appear on Star Trek Hard Gadfly• Loreli
• False-Face
• Col. Gumm
• The Sandman
What is seen for the first time in "The Enterprise Incident" Medium Gadfly• Klingon Battlecruisers
• A female Romulan
• A Romulan cloaking device mechanism
• All of the above
The original script of "Who Mourns for Adonais" included what surprise revelation Medium Gadfly• Pan traveled to Vulcan and influenced the culture there as well.
• Kirk is a descendent of Achilles.
• Palamas is pregnant with Apollo's child
• A number of the Greek gods survived as well, despite Apollo's claims.
The working title of Spectre of the Gun was Medium Gadfly• The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
• The Gunfighters
• The Last Gunfight
• Tombstone
The science fiction writer who adapted every Trek episode into a short story was: Medium Gadfly• James Blish
• Harlan Ellison
• Alan Dean Foster
• Gene L. Coon
The last crewman killed in the arena in "Bread and Circuses" is: Medium Gadfly• William B. Harrison
• Captain Merik
• Merritt Butrick
• John J. Smith
The ship captured by the Roman inhabitants in "Bread and Circuses" is named: Medium Gadfly• The Icarus
• The Titanic
• The Beagle
• The Defiant
In "Bread and Circus," the high-tech Romans sold a car named the: Hard Gadfly• Jupiter 2
• Saturn V-7
• Jupiter 8
• Neptune 6
William Marshal, the actor who portrayed Daystrom in "The Ultimate Computer," also played what movie monster Easy Gadfly• Blackenstein's Monster
• Blacula
• A Vampire in Brooklyn
• The Phantom of the Opera
In "By Any Other Name," the aliens use a device to transform crew members into: Medium Gadfly• pyramids
• cubes
• spheres
• dodecahedrons
"A Private Little War" is an allegory to what real-life historical incident Easy Gadfly• The Battle of San Juan Hill
• The Dresden bombing
• The Korean War
• The Vietnam War
What immortal murderer appears in "Wolf in the Fold" Easy Gadfly• Elizabeth Bathory
• Jack the Ripper
• Ed Gein
• Charles Manson
What form of exchange is used on Triskelion Easy Gadfly• Credits
• Fizbangs
• Latinum
• Quatloos
How many of the infected Enterprise crewmembers survive the Gamma Hydra incident in "The Deadly Years" Easy Gadfly• 3
• 4
• 5
• 6
Which Catwoman actress appears in "Friday's Child" Easy Gadfly• Julie Newmar
• Lee Meriwether
• Eartha Kitt
• Michelle Pfeiffer
"Journey to Babel" gave the first glimpse of which two recurring alien races Easy Gadfly• Vulcans and Romulans
• Andorians and the Breen
• Andorians and Tellarites
• Tellarites and Deltans
"Metamorphosis" introduced which historical Star Trek character who would later be portrayed by James Cromwell Easy Gadfly• Zefram Cochrane
• Gary Seven
• Khan Noonian Singh
• Willard Decker
Which episode was intended as a pilot for a spinoff series Easy Gadfly• Mudd's Women
• A Piece of the Action
• The Trouble With Tribbles
• Assignment: Earth
The lead android in "I, Mudd" is named: Easy Gadfly• Nomad
• Noman
• Norman
• Orwell
Commodore Decker's son is named: Medium Gadfly• Matt Jr.
• Stephen
• William
• Willard
How many redshirts die in "The Apple" Medium Gadfly• 2
• 3
• 4
• 5
The name of the ship in "Mirror Mirror" is the: Easy Gadfly• E.S.S. Enterprise
• I.S.S. Enterprise
• O.S.S. Enterprise
• U.S.S. Enterprise
According to "Where No Man Has Gone Before", Kirk's middle initial is: Medium Gadfly• H
• I
• R
• T
In "The Changeling," Nomad mistakes Kirk for its creator, named: Medium Gadfly• James R. Kirk
• Kirk Douglas
• James Curran
• Jackson Roykirk
In "Who Mourns for Adonais," the Enterprise crew encounter the Greek god: Easy Gadfly• Zeus
• Ares
• Hermes
• Apollo
Spock's chosen wife is: Medium Gadfly• T'Pau
• T'Pring
• T'Pol
• T'Bag
in "Operation-Annihilate!" we discover that Vulcans have what special physiological adaption Easy Gadfly• A second eyelid
• A functional appendix
• A third nipple
• A second eyelid
In the original draft of "City on the Edge of Forever," what crime was committed on the Enterprise Medium Gadfly• Embezzlement
• Bootlegging
• Drug dealing
• Murder
In "A Taste of Paradise," Kirk says that Spock should be in the circus, next to: Medium Gadfly• A jackalope
• An elf with a hyperactive thyroid
• The illustrated man
• The dog-faced boy
Which episode is a prequel to the second Star Trek movie Easy Gadfly• Space Seed
• Errand of Mercy
• The Alternative Factor
• Amok Time
Which episode doesn't feature time travel Easy Gadfly• The Naked Time
• Tomorrow is Yesterday
• Return to Tomorrow
• All Our Yesterdays
In "Tomorrow is Yesterday," Christopher's son is destined to: Medium Gadfly• walk on the moon
• head a successful Earth/Saturn probe
• develop warp drive
• make first contact with the Vulcans
In Fredric Brown's original short story, "Arena," the alien opponent was: Hard Gadfly• A lizard-like humanoid with superhuman strength
• A Gray alien with telekinesis
• A furry humanoid alien with a razor-sharp boomerang
• A spherical alien with tentacles
William Campbell, the actor portraying the Squire of Gothos, would later appear as: Easy Gadfly• Kang
• Koloth
• Kor
• Korax
What astronomical phenomena causes the shuttle crash in "The Galileo Seven" Medium Gadfly• A comet
• A meteor
• A nova
• A quasar
Which two Lewis Carroll characters appear in "Shore Leave" Easy Gadfly• The White Rabbit, Alice
• Alice, the Mad Hatter
• The Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit
• The White Queen, the Dormouse
When the series was digitally re-mastered in 2006, which was the first episode chosen Medium Gadfly• Where No Man Has Gone Before
• The Man Trap
• Balance of Terror
• Turnabout Intruder
"The Conscience of the King" features which Shakespearean play Easy Gadfly• Hamlet
• MacBeth
• The Merchant of Venice
• The Tempest
"The Menagerie" uses footage of what previous episode Easy Gadfly• The Cage
• The Zoo
• The Trap
• The Gilded Cage
The actor who played Balok in "The Corbomite Maneuver" is the brother of what famous director Easy Gadfly• Clint Eastwood
• Ron Howard
• Quentin Tarentino
• James Cameron
In "Dagger of the Mind," What Vulcan trait or ability is referenced for the first time Medium Gadfly• The Nerve Pinch
• The Mating Ritual
• The 7-year breeding cycle
• The Mind Meld
in "Miri," one of the child actors will go on to play what superhero in Smallville decades later Easy Gadfly• J'onn J'onzz
• Green Arrow
• Impulse
• Hawkman
In "The Enemy Within," which two famous first happen here Medium Gadfly• Vulcan Mind Meld, Vulcan Nerve Pinch
• "He's dead, Jim," Vulcan Mind Meld
• Kirk calls McCoy "Bones," "He's dead, Jim"
• Vulcan Nerve Pinch, "He's dead, Jim"
In "The Naked Time," which crewman isn't affected by the virus Easy Gadfly• Kirk
• Spock
• McCoy
• Sulu
In "Charlie X," Gene Roddenberry has a cameo as Medium Gadfly• The Thasian
• The galley chef
• Sam
• Charlie Evans Sr.
Which of these regular characters doesn't appear in the second pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Easy Gadfly• Kirk
• McCoy
• Scotty
• Sulu
The Man Trap was the first "regular" episode aired, but when was it produced Medium Gadfly• First
• Third
• Sixth
• Tenth
Warning: Star Trek guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 08, 1966
Ended: June 03, 1969
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