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The Seer - Recap

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In the aftermath of her people’s disappearance, Teyla goes to Sam and the others and suggests they consult with Davos, who is a Seer and one of the Vedeenan. Sam okays the mission and Sheppard’s team arrives on the planet… to find the Vedeenan waiting for them.

Richard Woolsey arrives on Atlantis to evaluate Sam’s performance after three months. He wryly admits that his own evaluation showed that he can sometimes stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong. They get an incoming wormhole and a Wraith contacts them, asking to meet with Sheppard.

Sheppard’s escort, Linara, reveals that she’s Davos’ daughter and his visions have protected them against the Wraith cullings. They meet with Davos who is completely straightforward with the fact he ca see the future, and offers to demonstrate by sharing his vision with Rodney. Rodney reluctantly does so and gets a vision of the team being ambushed by armed Wraith.

Back on Atlantis, Sheppard agrees they should meet with the Wraith Leader, who is the one who he allied with to escape from a Genii prison months earlier. Woolsey isn’t too thrilled with the idea but manages to control himself… barely. Sheppard and his team go to the rendezvous spot, which Rodney recognizes from his vision. The Wraith ambush occurs but Sheppard has two cloaked Puddle Jumpers ready and they capture the Wraith leader.

Dr. Keller is on Vedeena examining care of Davos, who is seriously ill. She determines he has lymphatic cancer and suggests to Sam that she bring him back to Atlantis. As she does so, the imprisoned Wraith explains that he wants their help to defeat the Replicators. Since Rodney reprogrammed the Replicators to attack the Wraith, they’ve come up with a new plan: they’re destroying the Wraith’s food source by annihilating inhabited planets.

After they confirm the Wraith’s story, Keller runs a genetic check on Davos. Rodney confirms that they need the Wraith’s help to shut down the Replicator’s current programming: the Wraith Leader has the original base code. They’ll have to work together to stop the Wraith.

Keller confirms that Davos was born with a one-in-a-million genetic abnormality that gives him advanced brain development and an ability to see the future. Sam talks to Davos, and he touches her and grants her a vision of the future: one where the Replicators destroy Atlantis. Woolsey believes the vision is a sign they shouldn’t trust the Wraith, which will ally with the Replicators. Worse, they pick up a Hive ship heading for Atlantis. They confront the Wraith Leader, who admits that he has an implanted subspace tracker that he activated after they scanned him upon arrival. The Wraith claims that he merely summoned them to expedite their arrangement, as his ship has the base code. Rodney admits that he can’t develop the new shutdown code without having access to the Wraith’s original code.

Teyla talks to Davos, who is comfortable with the fact that his time is nearly at an end. He also confirms that he has seen her future and knows she’s pregnant. He collapses and when she touches him, she gets a vision of Sheppard firing drones at the attacking ship. Woolsey believes that means they should follow his plan and attack the Wraith, but the others believe they should play along until they complete the new shutdown code. Sam agrees and tells the Wraith Leader they’ll work together… for now.

Once the Hive ship arrives, they get the base code and Rodney and the Wraith go to work. However, they pick up another incoming Hive ship on sensors and accuse the Wraith Leader of betraying them. He admits he held back a bit of the base code but doesn’t know about the new ship. He suggests they cloak the city but that will require them to drop the shields. Uncertain, Sam goes to Davos and wonders if the future can be changed, but he warns that he’s never been able to. However, he notes that his visions can be misinterpreted and it’s human will and determination that ultimately determines how what he sees comes to pass.

Sam decides to trust the Wraith Leader and cloaks the city. Woolsey isn’t happy but insists on staying despite the danger. Sheppard sits in the Ancient chair to fire the drones if necessary, as the new Hive ship enters orbit. In the sickbay, Davos dies.

The Hive ships open communication with each other… then prepare to fire. Woolsey orders Sheppard to open fire but Sam overrides him long enough for Rodney to determine they’re firing on each other. Both ships destroy the other.

In the aftermath, Linara prepares to go back to Vedeena but is concerned about a future without her husband. Teyla reassures her, while Keller says that Teyla will have to tell the others about her pregnancy sometime. Woolsey packs up to leave and wonders how Sam knew what the Wraith would do. She confesses that she didn’t, and he says he won’t include their disagreement in his report. Sam is left to wonder about her vision, and whether she actually changed the future… or that Atlantis will be destroyed in the future.