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Travelers - Recap

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Sheppard is returning from a supply mission that he went on because of the sexually inhibited native women, and is in contact with McKay. However, he’s suddenly cut off when an unidentified ship intercepts his puddle jumper and disrupts his ship’s systems. They then pull the puddle jumper on board and depart into hyperspace.

The crew of human types begin interrogating Sheppard, demanding to know who he is and where he came from. The ship’s commander, a woman named Larrin, comes in and orders her men to stop beating Sheppard. She tries to talk to him about his Ancient genes but he claims ignorance so she puts him into a hangar bay… and opens it out into space. Only a force field protects Sheppard from being shot out into space. She then shows Sheppard and Atlantean battleship that she needs reactivated.

Lannin explains that they found the abandoned Atlantean battleship and that it’s in good condition but in orbit around a dwarf star and flooded with high levels of radiation unless they keep the shields on. She forces Sheppard to sit in the command chair and activate the cruiser, but he disengages the inertial dampers and sends the crew flying why he’s ready for the increased g-force.

McKay tries to locate Sheppard but warns the others that there is no chance they can find him under the current circumstances.

When Sheppard refuses to surrender, Larrin shuts down the shields protecting the control chair from radiation, threatening his life and that of her two men. Sheppard has no choice but to surrender but shuts down the systems. Larrin imprisons him but he refuses to reactivate the controls and her science officer doesn’t have enough data to replicate Sheppard’s efforts. She then punches Sheppard, revealing that she knows he sent a secret to Atlantis when he was in control of the cruiser. Unfortunately the signal has drawn the attention of a Wraith cruiser which homes in on their position and opens fire.

Larrin has no choice but to free Sheppard so he can find attack drones at the Wraith. Unfortunately they score a direct hit on the weakened shields, killing Larrin’s crew. Sheppard destroys the Wraith ship but only he and Larrin are left. She goes to the control chair but Sheppard has escaped to Auxiliary Control and locks her in.

On Atlantis, McKay has a fix on the signal and a fleet of puddle jumpers head for the coordinates to rescue Sheppard.

Larrin tries to override the system but Sheppard keeps shutting her out. She admits that her people are running out of space and need the new ship, but he refuses to listen. She blasts her way out and picks up a life form reading, but finds that it’s not one of her people but a Wraith. It beats her but as it moves in for the kill Sheppard comes down from the auxiliary control room and kills it. He reports that there are three more Wraith on the battle cruiser, that abandoned their own ship just before it was destroyed.

Sheppard and Larrin are forced to hide in an access tunnel to avoid the Wraith. He warns her that he was too busy saving her life to shut down the controls, so the Wraith can control the ship if they find the bridge. Larrin comes up with a plan: she lures the Wraith out of the center o the ship while Sheppard uses the control chair to fire an attack drone into the ship. She lures two of the Wraith away and they’re sucked out into space when the drone blasts open the hull. The third Wraith attacks her and drains her life energy, threatening to kill her if she doesn’t tell him who else is on board the ship. Sheppard arrives and forces it to restore her life energies and leave the ship for a nearby planet. She kisses him in thanks… then knocks him out with a concealed stunner.

Back in the main control room, Larrin contacts Sheppard over the intercom as he wakes up and tells her that her people have arrived. They send over a security team and throw Sheppard in the brig, where she once more tries to convince him to help her people. He responds by noting that they need allies rather then one more ship that won’t ultimately solve their overpopulation problem. She appears to consider the idea…

McKay and the others have been closing in on the battle cruiser, which is several light years distant from the nearest Stargate. Cloaked, they’ve detected Larrin’s ships but have no idea where Sheppard is on any of them. They prepare to fire when the ships jump into hyperspace… leaving Sheppard in the puddle jumper. Back on Atlantis, Sheppard is glad to be back but warns that Larrin is still out there…