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Spoils of War - Recap

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As the Wraith participate in the group assault on the Replicator Homeworld, the Wraith Leader sends Darts flying through the Replicator' main city. The other ships depart but the Hive Ship remains to the last second and brings aboard the Darts... with recovered ZPMs stolen from the Replicators.

One week later, Rodney reports that he's tracking the Wraith who have split back up into separate groups again. The Wraith they worked with has taken his Hive Ship into an empty section of space and is now sending what appears to be a distress message. Meanwhile, Ronon goes to see Teyla and suggests she take it easy due to her pregnancy. Sheppard calls them in for the mission but refuse to take Teyla along because of her condition. She isn't happy with that and thinks that Sheppard is mad because she didn't tell him about her child sooner. Sheppard still insists she stay behind and they go to investigate the Hive Ship. The ship is deserted, including their "friendly" Wraith which they decide to call Todd. While the others remain behind, Sheppard goes back to Atlantis and brings Teyla back with them since her Wraith-altered genetic structure allow her to access their control systems.

Aboard the Hive Ship, Ronon accidentally activates a navigational map which shows them where the Wraith went. Rodney pinpoints the location as an outpost with technology that apparently let them defeat the Ancients millennia ago. Teyla activates the ship and they fly it to the planet, where Sheppard, Ronon, and Rodney go down in their puddle jumper while Teyla, Lorne, and a security detail stay on the ship. On the way down Rodney locates another Hive Ship in orbit on the far side of the planet.

The three men explore the outpost and find a Queen Wraith hooked up to a series of tubes. They also find birthing pods that hold young Wraith. A different Wraith commander arrives and has his drones remove one of the new Wraith and attach a headpiece, and take them off to the "others." Rodney figures out the Queen's genetic material is being distributed to all the pods, but can't figure out why they're on a planet. They find thousands of birthing pods but Rodney concludes that one Queen couldn't provide enough genetic material and Queen Wraiths never work together. Rodney tries to figure out how to shutdown the outpost, while the Wraith commander wakes the Queen Wraith, who takes command. He informs her they have a suitable genetic template and she demands he bring her food: the defeated Hive leader, Todd. The Hive Commander warns that they may still need Todd's expertise but she demands her meal.

The Atlantis team sneak into the cells and rescue Todd, who explains that the Queen is creating only a few Wraiths... and then cloning them. The Wraith defeated the Ancients by creating a clone army, but they needed ZPMs to fuel the project. Todd was going to use the ZPMs himself but was taken captive by the Hive Commander. They go after the ZPMs but the Hive Commander's troops attack them and only Todd escapes. The guys are taken to the Queen for feeding, while the Hive Commander realizes that they must have a ship in space and starts searching. Todd manages to escape in a Dart and gets back to his ship where he informs Teyla and Lorne what has happened, advising them the team on the planet are a lost cause.

The Queen threatens to feed on Rodney unless Sheppard tells her where their ship is, but then hesitates and sends them back. It turns out that Teyla has accessed her mind through the mental control systems and has taken control of her. Teyla confronts the Queen mentally and takes control of her body. The Queen Wraith is surprised that Teyla has the power to take control of her, and then realizes that Teyla is using her unborn child to augment her mental abilities.

Teyla commands the Queen to go to the cell, knock out her guards, and free the guys. Speaking through the Queen, Teyla warns them to leave quickly as her control is faltering. They start to leave but the Queen redirects her efforts at Teyla's child and John has no choice but to kill her physical body. The Hive Commander activates the cloning system and they have no choice but to retreat.

The enemy Hive Ship finds the team's recovered vessel and Todd says they can't fight it off and they should leave. Teyla refuses to leave the others behind and the two ships open fire. Sheppard and his team get back in the puddle jumper and they prepare to leave, but then Sheppard orders Teyla to pilot the ship at the cloning facility. The ship plummets out of orbit and destroys the base, while the team escapes in the puddle jumper.

Back on Atlantis, Rodney reveals that Todd managed to escape or may have been captured: he isn't sure. Sheppard and Teyla have a moment and she admits Sheppard was right to question her getting involved. If he had hesitated, her child would have died. She starts crying and Sheppard hugs her.