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Quarantine - Recap

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Sheppard is in the lab with McKay who is in a hurry to go and see his girlfriend Katie… and give her an engagement ring. Rodney heads out past Teyla, who wants to talk to Sheppard about her pregnancy.

In the infirmary, Ronon comes in to get stitches for a sparring injury from Dr. Keller.

Sam and Zelenka share a transport.

Rodney meets Katie in her botany laboratory and starts to give her the ring, but before he can get anything specific out, the entire city goes into shutdown and the doors seal everyone in at their current locations. Rodney tries to call the others only to realize the communications system went down as well, and admits to Katie that he was tinkering with the quarantine systems. He also realizes that there’s no computers in the lab.

Sheppard and Teyla access the computer systems from their location and determine that the system believes a Category 5 contamination is underway. As they check the systems, Teyla admits that Sheppard was right to keep her off of missions due to her pregnancy, and she wonders if she has any more right to go on missions and endanger herself once she gives birth, leaving her son an orphan.

Sam and Zelenka figure that Rodney will deal with the emergency, unaware he’s trapped without computer access. Rodney believes that he’s the source of the contamination and is having a panic attack, figuring he’ll die. Katie gives him grief for always thinking the worst of every situation. She tries to calm Rodney down while Sheppard figures out that Rodney doesn’t have access to the system. Fortunately he remembers McKay’s password and is able to get into the system.

Sam tries to override the transport systems with Zelenka’s pad but ends up short-circuiting the system.

In the lab, Sheppard realizes that when the system went into lockdown that a distress beacon activated, and could give away their location to any passing ships. In the infirmary, Keller is upset that she can’t get out to tend to the wounded and Ronon tries to comfort her, saying she reminds him of a woman he knew who insisted on helping others and died during the siege of his people as a result.

Sheppard breaks out a window in the lab and starts the four-story climb to the control room in the tower above. He breaks his way in through a window and uses Rodney’s password to shut down the beacon. However, a self-destruct system activates and they have no idea how long they have.

Ronon hears the self-destruct alarm and insists on getting out. Inspired by the movie Jaws, he tries to rig a pressurized oxygen tank into a makeshift bomb to blow open the door. Keller will have to precisely cut the top of the valve off to weaken it enough so they can drop another tank on it as a trigger.

Sheppard takes Lorne and a team of soldiers down to the power room with what little C-4 they have to blow their way past the doors in-between.

While trying to calm Rodney down, Katie discovers his engagement ring. Meanwhile, a frustrated Teyla considers climbing the outside of the tower but backs down out of weakness and fear for her unborn son. Keller cuts the tank without rupturing it completely and they set it off, but while it ricochets around the lab it misses the door entirely.

While blasting down the doors, Sheppard and the others free Zelenka and Sam and tell them what’s going on. He notes they’ll never get to the power room in time and someone needs to go through the ventilation system, and Zelenka volunteers.

Ronon and Keller have given up trying to escape and are sitting together in the infirmary. He apologizes for thinking she was weak and she admits she’s never fit in anywhere. They start to kiss… just as Zelenka shuts down and reboots the power systems, stopping the self-destruct.

Later, most of the team share a meal and congratulate Zelenka on his rare heroism. No one appears to have noticed the beacon before they shut it down. Rodney goes to see Katie and generously admits he has a few shortcomings. Finally, he concedes that he’s not ready for an engagement. She agrees and they awkwardly agree to keep seeing each other.