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Brain Storm - Recap

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On Atlantis, Sheppard and Ronon notice that Rodney is having lunch with Keller but hasn’t asked her out yet. Everyone is preparing to take leave on Earth but Sheppard plans on staying. At the table, Rodney finally gets up the nerve to ask Keller to accompany him to a presentation on Earth that his old friend Malcolm Tunney is having. Rodney would like to arrive there with a beautiful woman since he’s been out of public sight and hasn’t published anything in several years. She says she wishes he’d just ask her on a date and he does so, and she agrees to go.

On Earth, Tunney is working at a facility in the desert run by the Kramer Corporation. The owner, Terrence Kramer, discusses his presentation and the staff’s warnings that it is potentially dangerous. Tunney assures him that everything is perfectly safe and nothing will happen to endanger Kramer’s cause.

Rodney and Keller are given a first-class jet to go to the presentation, and provided with evening wear. Rodney figures that Tunney is trying to show him up, but Keller suggests that Tunney might be trying to make amends and that Rodney should try to get along. They arrive at the test facility but Rodney balks at having to sign the two-hundred page non-disclosure statement to gain admittance. Keller finally tells him to just do it. They go inside and meet with the other guests, include scientists Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye. They’re surprised that Rodney has a date and wonder if Keller is his sister. They also note that Rodney has a history of claiming he was just coming up with ideas that other scientists have published.

As they go into the auditorium for the presentation, Rodney is uncomfortable with being there but Keller suggests that he just relax. Tunney begins his dramatic presentation that prominently features himself. He has a plan to stop global warming and explains that with Kramer’s funding, he’s invented a heat-sink that can dissipate the heat. As Rodney wonders how he dissipates the heat, Tunney notes he’s come up with a way to dissipate the heat, using a space-time bridge. Rodney realizes it’s the work he and his sister developed.

Tunney explains that they’ve placed a containment field around the facility and will demonstrate the heat-sink by lowering the internal temperature by ten degrees. Rodney tries to interrupt with a warning and refuses to give his consent, but Tunney mocks his concerns and say that he gave his consent when he signed the non-disclosure form. Rodney warns the space-time bridges are unstable. Tunney demands proof in a published paper and Rodney has no choice but to sit down.

Outside in the lobby, Rodney goes over Tunney’s brief and realizes it’s his work. He gets Keller to stand watch while he breaks into Tunney’s office to try and find evidence on his computer. Outside in the lobby, Tunney’s assistant arrives and tells him that they can’t stop the heat-sink. As the temperature drops below the desired ten degrees, Tunney goes to the control room and warns that they can’t shut down the heat-sink since it’s powered by the space-time tunnel, which generates its own power. They can’t turn off the containment field as it’s tied into same power source.

Rodney is trying to warn the guests when Tunney and Kramer have him and Keller brought to their office and accuse them of sabotaging the power generator. They show him a tape of Rodney breaking into Tunney’s office. Rodney admits it looks bad but explains how Tunney must have gotten hold of Rodney’s paper through his government connection and built it while ignoring the warnings about its instability. Tunney reluctantly asks for Rodney’s help and he notices that the power readings are fluctuating. If they time it correctly, they can overload the space-time bridge when it hits a fluctuation peak and burn it out.

In the lobby, the guests are talking when there’s a burst of blue energy and one man is completely frozen along his left side. They realize that the bridge is drawing heat directly from the heat-sink, releasing bursts of what Rodney christens “freeze lightning.” As the temperature drops, more freeze lightning will be released throughout the facility.

Rodney suggests they call in the military but Kramer refuses, saying that the project will be discredited. He refuses to let them call using the land lines and the containment field is preventing cell phone transmissions. Keller suggests they call on the other visiting scientists and Tunney agrees. He explains that if the containment field goes down, the hot air will rush in and the resulting cold front will generate massive storms that will continue to grow as the heat-sink continues to drop the temperature across the world. The scientists argue until Keller yells at them to work together. She then talks to Kramer, saying that if he wants to save lives the people in the facility are just as important as the billions he wants to save from global warming. Kramer agrees to let them use the land line to call in the government, only to discover the outside lines have been destroyed by freeze lightning.

The temperature continues to drop but Tunney realizes that the containment field is weakening. Keller takes a cell phone and goes to one of the weakened transmitters to make a cell phone call. They try to make Rodney’s plan to burn out the generator work, but the furnace overloads due to the stress and the temperature drops ever faster. Keller manages to get a signal through to SGC but static prevents her from getting a clear signal and they hang up. They go with Rodney’s plan to feed more power to the heat-sink and the temperature rises. However, as a result more freeze lightning bursts through the facility and one bolt breaks a water pipe in Keller’s section. Tunney shuts down Rodney’s experiment before the freeze lightning wipes out everyone in the facility. The doors in Keller’s section are frozen shut and the freezing water is pouring in. She calls Rodney on a portable radio and tells him what’s happening. Tunney sends security to get her out as the containment field fails. Huge tornadoes start to form outside, destroying everything in their path.

With time running out, Rodney suggests they open a second space-time bridge. The extra power drain will blow out the generator and shut down both bridges. Meanwhile, security is unable to get through to Keller’s section because of the frozen doors. There’s a path there from the control room, but security is cut off from the control room. Rodney tells Tunney to finish the equations and open the second bridge while he goes to free Tunney. As Rodney goes, Tunney admits that he’s not sure he can do the work, and Rodney has always been smarter.

Rodney gets to Keller’s section and breaks down the door with an axe. She’s unconscious and fading fast. In the control room, Tunney finishes the equations and activates the second bridge. As Rodney gets into the section and tries to revive Keller, the power drain collapses both bridges, saving the day. Rodney manages to bring Keller back and she admits that she’s loved him, and has for some time.

Rodney and Keller are flying back on the first-class jet and he’s griping about everyone thinks Tunney saved the day. He admits that he’s petty that way and she’d better get used to it, but she tells him to get over it. He wonders if he should leave the SGC to get the credit he deserves but Keller points out that he loves what he’s doing. She then suggests they take advantage of the fact they’re alone on the private plane…