Season 10

Stargate SG-1 True Science

Amanda Tapping (Lt. Col. Carter) hosts this Stargate SG-1 season 10 premiere “Special” that takes us on a fascinating look at how many of the aspects surrounding the SG-1 series actually have a basis in real science.
Guest Stars: Amanda Tapping as Herself | Robert C. Cooper as Himself | Brad Wright as Himself | Christopher Judge as Himself | Peter DeLuise as Himself | Michael Shanks as Himself | Ian Stewart as Himself | John Janovy, Jr. as Himself | Lawrence Krauss as Himself | Kevin Warwick as Himself | James R. Baker, Jr. (1) as Himself | Robin Murphy as Herself

SCI FI Inside: Stargate SG-1 200th Episode

A Stargate SG-1 special, which originally aired just before episode 200, reflects on the prior 199 SG-1 episodes. The cast and crew get to reminisce on their favorite moments, laughs and friendships that have developed over the last decade in which the show has aired.
Guest Stars: Dan Shea as Himself | David DeLuise as Himself | Michael Shanks as Himself | Amanda Tapping as Herself | Christopher Judge as Himself | Ben Browder as Himself | Beau Bridges as Himself | Richard Dean Anderson as Himself | Robert C. Cooper as Himself | Brad Wright as Himself | Martin Wood as Himself | Gary Jones (1) as Himself | Joseph Mallozzi as Himself

Behind The Mythology of Stargate SG-1

This special deals with how the SG-1 series intertwined many of Earth's mythologies into its plots and story lines, and about the many alien character connections with Earth’s great mythological figures. It also acts as a “getting up to speed” help for newcomers to the series.
Guest Stars: Christopher Judge as Himself | Michael Shanks as Himself | Brad Wright as Himself | Robert C. Cooper as Himself | Joseph Mallozzi as Himself | Dr. Lisa Dickson as Herself | Dr. Stan Beeler as Himself

Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth

SG-1 seeks the Ark of Truth, an ancient artifact that can serve as the ultimate weapon against the Priors now that the Ori are gone. They must travel to the Ori galaxy to find it. Meanwhile, the IOA has its own plan for defeating the Priors: one that may get the team killed.
Starring Roles: Ben Browder as Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell | Amanda Tapping as Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter | Christopher Judge as Teal'c | Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran | Beau Bridges as General Henry "Hank" Landry | Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson |
Guest Stars: Currie Graham as Marrick | Morena Baccarin as Adria | Tim Guinee as Tomin | Julian Sands as Doci | Sarah Strange as Morgan le Fay | Michael Beach as Colonel Ellis | Gary Jones (1) as Chief Master Sgt. Walter Harriman | Martin Christopher as Major Marks | Chris Gauthier as Hertis (as Christopher Gauthier) | Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds | Matthew Walker (1) as Merlin |
Co-Guest Stars: Alisen Down as Alteran Woman | Gabrielle Rose (1) as Alteran Woman #2 | Fabrice Grover as Amelius | Spencer Maybee as Captain Binder | Simon Bradbury as Alteran Man | Jason Calder as Ori Warrior | Greg Anderson as Prior #1 | Doug Abrahams as Prior #2 | Morris Chapdelaine as Prior #3 | Nicholas Podbrey as Prior #4 | Ian Wallace as Prior #5 | J. Douglas Stewart as Prior #6

Stargate SG-1: Continuum

SG-1 goes to witness the extraction ceremony of the Goa'uld in the original Ba'al. But when Teal'c and Vala disappear and Colonel O'Neill is killed, the remainder of the team realize that history has been altered, and they have to go back through the Stargate to put things right before it's too late.
Starring Roles: Ben Browder as Colonel Cameron Mitchell / Captain of the Achilles | Amanda Tapping as Colonel Samantha Carter | Christopher Judge as Teal'c | Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran / Quetesh | Beau Bridges as Major General Henry "Hank" Landry | Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson |
Special Guest Stars: Richard Dean Anderson as Major General Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill | William Devane as President Henry Hayes |
Guest Stars: Cliff Simon as Ba'al | Don S. Davis as Lieutenant General George Hammond | Steve Bacic as Camulus | Gary Jones (1) as Chief Master Sgt. Walter Harriman | Peter Williams (1) as Apophis | Jacqueline Samuda as Nirrti |
Co-Guest Stars: Darcy Cadman as Russian Officer | P.J. Prinsloo as Alex (as Peter John Prinsloo) | Jean Daigle as Bosun | Corey Turner as Helmsman | David Ingram as Air Force Major | Martin Wood as Major Wood | Derek Peakman as Tok'ra Elder | Juan Llorens as Cab Driver | Ron Halder as Cronus | Alison Matthews as Interviewer | David Kaye as Interviewer | Osmond L. Bramble as Jaffa Leader | Reese Alexander as Jaffa Pilot | Mark Pawson as Jaffa Pilot | Tracy Trueman as Neighbor | Jason Benson as Officer | Kirsten Williamson as Officer | Campbell Lane as Older Man | Vince Crestejo as Yu | Jay Williams as Ra | Lebrone Flippin as Ba'al's Jaffa | Duke Shoebotham as Ba'al's Jaffa | Mike Roselli as Quetesh's Jaffa | Rob Boyce as Quetesh's Jaffa | Colin Cunningham as Major Paul Davis | Adrian G. Griffiths as Peltac Jaffa | Jacqueline Becher as Lady Shopper | Dan Shea as Sgt. Siler |
Uncredited: Brad Wright as F15 Pilot
Director: Martin Wood
Writer: Brad Wright

195 :10x01 - Flesh and Blood

Daniel and Vala must deal with the new born child (Vala's), who is aging rapidly to lead the Ori's Crusade.
Guest Stars: Robert Picardo as Agent Richard Woolsey | Tim Guinee as Tomin | Tony Amendola as Master Bra'tac | Eric Steinberg as Netan | Gary Jones (1) as Sgt. Walter Harriman | Jodelle Ferland as Adria (7 years old) | Gary Chalk as Colonel Chekov | Matthew Glave as Col. Emerson | Brenda O'Brien as Adria (12 years old) |
Co-Guest Stars: Martin Christopher as Lt. Marks | Doug Abrahams as Prior | Apollonia Vanova as Russian Weapons Officer | Emma Rose as Adria (4 years old) | Gwenda Lorenzetti as Nursemaid | Trevor Devall as Kvasir
Director: William Waring

196 :10x02 - Morpheus

Daniel discovers a gate address that might lead them to the weapon they must find to fight against the Ori. They travel to the planet in question, but find all the people in the village have died in their sleep a long time ago. Plus, it seems all the animal life around the village has died too. Soon the team realizes that they are being affected by the same disease which killed the population of the planet. They must stay wait at all costs, until they can fid a cure

Meanwhile, Vala stays behind at Stargate Command in order to take a psyche test. If she passes, she can join SG-1 on its off world missions. However, things go badly, as she tries to game the test by studying how to respond to the potential questions she might be asked.

Agent Richard Woolsey offers Vala a solution to her dilemma, but can she accept doing what he asks in return?
Guest Stars: Ben Ratner as Dr. Hutchison | Robert Picardo as Agent Richard Woolsey | Robin Mossley as Dr. Reimer |
Co-Guest Stars: Patrick Gilmore as Ackerman | Chris Bradford as Med. Tech | Toby Berner as Grimsby
Director: Andy Mikita

197 :10x03 - The Pegasus Project

SG-1 travels on the Earth ship Odyssey to Atlantis to both try to dial in the “super gate” nearby, and to let Daniel continue his search for the anti-Ori weapon while staying at Atlantis.

Things get tense as an Ori ship approaches Teal’c’s position at the super gate, just as a Wraith hive ship approaches the Odyssey’s position in the Pegasus galaxy, where they are trying to activate a gate connection to the super gate back in the Milky Way.
Special Guest Stars: Joe Flanigan as Lt. Colonel John Sheppard | Torri Higginson as Dr. Elizabeth Weir | David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay |
Guest Stars: David Nykl as Dr. Radek Zelenka | Matthew Glave as Col. Emerson | Sarah Strange as Morgan le Fay | Gary Jones (1) as Sgt. Walter Harriman | Matthew Walker (1) as Merlin |
Co-Guest Stars: Chuck Campbell (1) as Atlantis Technician | Chelah Horsdal as Comm. Officer
Director: William Waring
Writer: Brad Wright

198 :10x04 - Insiders

The villain Ba'al makes a surprise offer to Stargate Command; he will help them locate the Ancient’s super weapon, if they deal with his now troublesome clones. Although highly skeptical, they proceed to gather the clones up. Each clone, however, claims to be the real Baal.

Once the clones are securely locked away in Stargate Command, Ba'al makes his move. There is something that he desperately needs, the access codes to the SGC’s most sensitive files. Plus, Ba'al may have found an insider who can help him find the desired information.
Guest Stars: Cliff Simon as Ba'al | Peter Flemming as Malcolm Barrett | Gary Jones (1) as Sgt. Walter Harriman | Bill Dow as Dr. Bill Lee | Lesley Ewen as Scientist |
Co-Guest Stars: Dan Shea as Sgt. Siler | Paul Christie as Caffey
Director: Peter F. Woeste

199 :10x05 - Uninvited

As Col. Mitchell arrives at Gen. Landry’s retreat, where the rest of the team are to bond with the General, the others are diverted to fight an invisible man-eating creature on another planet, and to determine if it is connected to the Ori.

As Mitchell and Landry try to co-exist alone together, a storm washes out the only accessible roadway to their cabin. They soon find they must also fight off the same type of invisible man-eating creature that SG-1 has been checking on off-world.
Guest Stars: Jodie Graham as SG Leader | Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds | Keegan Connor Tracy as SGC Doctor |
Co-Guest Stars: John Murphy (1) as Sheriff Stokes | Jason Bryden as Trust Operative | Biski Gugushe as SG-11 Leader | Brock Johnson as Hunter | James Caldwell as Hunter
Director: William Waring

200 :10x06 - 200

SG-1 gets pulled back into Martin Lloyd’s world when he convinces the powers that be to let him talk to the team, as he is about to revive the Wormhole X-treme TV series as a big screen movie. He needs help with ideas from SG-1 to try to make the movie “real.” The team fights this, but Gen. Landry orders them to help, but says he will get them out of the meeting as soon as possible. However, when the General drags them out of the meeting, the gate activation breaks down, leaving them stranded with time to try to help Martin out with his project, to their dismay.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Dean Anderson as Major General Jack O'Neill |
Guest Stars: Willie Garson as Martin Lloyd | Gary Jones (1) as Sgt. Walter Harriman | Dan Shea as Sgt. Siler | Don S. Davis as General George Hammond | Peter DeLuise as Wormhole X-treme actor | Isaac Hayes as Voice Over | Jill Teed as Yolanda Reese/Stacy Monroe | Christian Bocher as Raymond Gunn/Dr. Levant/Himself |
Co-Guest Stars: Cory Monteith as Young Mitchell | Julie Johnson (1) as Young Carter | Barbara Kottmeier as Young Vala | Herbert Duncanson as Grell | Anwar Hasan as Young Teal'c | Jason Coleman as Young Daniel |
Uncredited: Michael Shanks as Thor/Rygel | Pierre Bernard as Zombie #2 | Brad Wright as Starship Engineering Chief | Martin Wood as Director
Director: Martin Wood

201 :10x07 - Counterstrike

The new leadership among the Jaffa decides to use the powerful weapon on Dakara to wipe out entire planetary life on other worlds in order to capture and build a fleet of Ori ships of their own. However, they have chosen a planet where the Ori / Vala offspring and SG-1 are on. Which will prove to be the more lethal, the Jaffa in their quest for Ori ships, or Vala’s offspring, who is determined to find and stop the Jaffa’s weapon?
Guest Stars: Tony Amendola as Master Bra'tac | Matthew Glave as Col. Emerson | Morena Baccarin as Adria | Gary Jones (1) as Sgt. Walter Harriman | Richard Whiten as Bo'rel | David Andrews as Sa'tac (Jaffa Leader) |
Co-Guest Stars: Martin Christopher as Major Marks | Shiraine Haas as Lt. Evans | Sylvesta Stuart as Jaffa | Aleks Holtz as Jaffa | Peter Nicholas Smyth as Prior
Director: Andy Mikita

202 :10x08 - Memento Mori

Vala’s past comes back to haunt her, as a Goa’uld named Athena, a past enemy, and then a reluctant ally of Vala’s past Goa’uld host, captures her to try to recover information that she may have retained from her past host, about a treasure map that could lead to great riches. When an SG team locates and attempts a rescue Vala, an arrant Zat shot causes Vala to lose all her past memories. Vala, now not knowing who anyone is, escapes during the chaos caused by the rescue, and moments later the site she was held at explodes, leaving many to believe she is now dead.

As Vala roams the streets not knowing who she is, Daniel continues to believe she has survived, and pushes the hunt to find her. However, Athena, also believing Vala is alive, also continues her hunt to find Vala. The question is who will find Vala first?
Guest Stars: Gary Jones (1) as Sgt. Walter Harriman | Sonya Salomaa as Charlotte Mayfield / The Goa'uld Athena | Don Stark as Sal (Owner of Sol's Dinner) | Adrian Holmes as Detective J. Ryan | Brendan Beiser as Weaver |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Benson (2) as Devon | Patricia Harras as Fake Carter | Brian Davies as Waiter | Phillip Mitchell as Guy #1 | Heather Christie as Waitress | Sean Owen Roberts as Driver
Director: Peter DeLuise

203 :10x09 - Company of Thieves

The Earth ship Odyssey, with Carter aboard, gets tricked into a trap near a neutron star, only to find itself in a mine field when they try to escape several attacking Goa’uld Mother-ships. This leads to Vala and Jackson being kidnapped when the rest of the team goes in search of the Odyssey. It turns out a breakaway faction of the Lucian Alliance, lead by the leader, Anateo, is responsible. Anateo is attempting to capture the entire team, and then turn them and the ship over to Lucian people in a bid to take over control of the Alliance from the its leader, Netan.

While the captured crew makes plans to take back over the Odyssey, Mitchell goes undercover as a cold blooded killer, in order to find out what Netan might know.
Guest Stars: Eric Steinberg as Netan | Matthew Glave as Colonel Paul Emerson | Martin Christopher as Major Marks | Gary Jones (1) as Sgt. Walter Harriman | Rudolf Martin as Anateo | Adrien Dorval as Lorzan | Hawthorne James as Gavos | Scott McNeil as Keflin | Sean Campbell (1) as Solek | Timothy Paul Perez as Vashin | Michael Rodgers as Major Eschur
Director: William Waring

204 :10x10 - The Quest (1)

Daniel, with some insight from a dream Vala has had, determines the possible planet which might be the location of the Sangraal; the anti-Ori weapon. The search, however, turns into a maze of a journey where they must follow the prophesied path, as others try to beat them to their goal. Those dogging their path are both Baal and Adria, separately. Can the team survive the numerous traps set long ago by Merlin, the treachery of Baal and his troops, and the cunning guile of Adria to find the Sangraal in order to save humanity?
Guest Stars: Cliff Simon as Ba'al | Rod Loomis as Osric | Morena Baccarin as Adria |
Co-Guest Stars: Beverley Breuer as Barkeep | Stephen Holmes as Villager | Doug Abrahams as Prior | Steve Archer as Ori Commander | Kenton Reid as Ori Soldier | Quinn Lord as Child
Director: Andy Mikita

205 :10x11 - The Quest (2)

In the search for the Sangraal, SG-1 comes across Merlin himself frozen in hibernation. With Adria and the Ori tracking them down, SG-1 must help Merlin complete the weapon before it's too late.
Guest Stars: Cliff Simon as Ba'al | Morena Baccarin as Adria | Matthew Walker (1) as Merlin | Doug Abrahams as Prior

206 :10x12 - Line In the Sand

SG-1 are ordered to hide the population of a planet in another dimension to protect them from the Ori, using Merlin's Ancient device. However, when the device fails the Ori capture the villagers, Vala is reunited with her husband Tomin, Teal'c risks betrayal by the locals, and Mitchell and a critically-injured Sam manage to hide one building. But time is running out for them all...
Guest Stars: Tim Guinee as Tomin | Aisha Hinds as Thilana | Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds | Aaron Craven as Matar |
Co-Guest Stars: Greg Anderson as Prior | Sean Tyson as Ori Firstman
Director: Peter DeLuise

207 :10x13 - The Road Not Taken

While working on Merlin's phasing device and using a protective force shield, Sam is shunted into a parallel dimension where her counterpart, Major Sam Carter, was trying to tap into alternate dimensions for energy. Trapped in a world where Major Lorne commands SG-1, General Hammond runs SGC, Hank Landry is President, and Rodney McKay is her ex-husband, Sam must work with them to protect Earth from the Ori. However, once she succeeds she finds they're not willing to let her go home.
Guest Stars: David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay | Don S. Davis as General George Hammond | Kavan Smith as Major Lorne | Bill Dow as Dr. Bill Lee |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Chase as Chief of Staff | Lisa Bayliss as Senator's Wife | Alexander Boynton as Floor Director | Billy Mitchell as Senator
Director: Andy Mikita

208 :10x14 - The Shroud

SG-1 encounters a planet that a Prior has visited yet did not make any threats to the village in the event they do not bow down to the Ori. The team discovers this Prior is their own Daniel Jackson.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Dean Anderson as Major General Jack O'Neill |
Guest Stars: Morena Baccarin as Adria | Robert Picardo as Richard Woolsey | Christopher Gaze as Tevaris
Director: Andy Mikita

209 :10x15 - Bounty

After the SG-1 team destroys a Lucian Alliance cargo ship filled with illicit drugs, a bounty is placed on capturing the entire team, which in turn sets several alien bounty hunters against each other to claim the reward.

Mitchell reluctantly agrees to take Vala to his upcoming High School reunion, where is causes quite a stir.
Guest Stars: Mike Dopud as Odai Ventrell | Eric Steinberg as Netan | Bill Dow as Dr. Bill Lee | Gary Jones (1) as Sgt. Walter Harriman | Anne Marie Loder as Amy Vandenburg (as Anne Marie DeLuise) | Timothy Paul Perez as Vashin
Director: Peter DeLuise

210 :10x16 - Bad Guys

When the team arrive at an alien museum and are mistaken for rebels, they are forced to stage a bogus hostage situation to buy enough time to escape from the museum and the army gathering outside. However, an overeager security guard takes matters into his own hands, complicating matters.
Guest Stars: Joshua Malina as Cicero | Alistair Abell as Jayem Saran | Richard Zeman as Lourdes | Sean Allan as Chancellor | Danielle Kremeniuk as Hesellven | Haley Beauchamp as Sylvana | Brent O'Connor as Heron | Ron Canada as Quartus
Director: Peter DeLuise
Story: Martin Gero, Ben Browder | Teleplay: Martin Gero

211 :10x17 - Talion

When a terrorist attacks a Jaffa summit, Teal'c strikes out on a quest for revenge
Guest Stars: Tony Amendola as Master Bra'tac | Craig Fairbrass as Arkad | Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds | Peter Kent as Ba'Kal | Gary Jones (1) as Sgt. Walter Harriman | Lexa Doig as Dr. Carolyn Lam |
Co-Guest Stars: John Tench as Lizan | Megan Elizabeth as Jaffa Girl | Aaron Brooks as Nisal
Director: Andy Mikita

212 :10x18 - Family Ties

To Vala’s dismay, her father Jacek contacts Stargate Command claiming to have knowledge of Arkad’s ships that were enroute to bomb Earth when he was killed by Teal’c. With it likely the mercenaries still believing they are to follow through with their bombings, SG Command is forced to agree to deal with Jacek. Regardless of Vala’s warnings about Jacek’s devious and scamming nature, General Landry has no option but to grant him sanctuary on Earth after his information proves to be true.

Jacek, trying to assimilate into Earth’s population, shows no inclination of giving up his scamming ways. While SG struggles to figure out what to do with him, Vala continually rebukes every attempt her father makes at reconciliation with his estranged daughter. Wearing down SG’s patience, and Vala’s resolve, they discover Jacek trying to break his home arrest and catch him consorting with one of Arkad’s Jaffa splinter cells stationed on Earth. Claiming he was just trying to stop another of Arkad’s ships destined to destroy Cheyenne Mountain and the Stargate, the team must put again put their trust in Jacek to help them locate the cloaked ship and disable it before it can explode.
Special Guest Stars: Fred Willard as Jacek |
Guest Stars: Gary Jones (1) as Sgt. Walter Harriman | Bill Dow as Dr. Bill Lee | Lexa Doig as Dr. Carolyn Lam |
Co-Guest Stars: Martin Christopher as Major Marks | Fulvio Cecere as Col. Davidson | Paul Wu as De'vir | Lillianne Dieuique - Lee as Kim | Robin Richardson as Trader | Dan Shea as Sgt. Siler | Doreen Ramus as Hazel
Director: Peter DeLuise

213 :10x19 - Dominion

Vala is forced to leave SG-1 when her prophetic dreams of the location of Merlin's treasure lead SG teams into a trap. Adria finds her mother and wants the now independent Vala to take her to the treasure. However, SG-1 and Baal have plans of their own.
Guest Stars: Morena Baccarin as Adria | Cliff Simon as Ba'al | Peter Flemming as Agent Malcolm Barrett | Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds | Jonathan Walker as Ta'seem |
Co-Guest Stars: Fulvio Cecere as Colonel Davidson | Steven Cree Molison as Player | Paul Lazenby as Jaffa | Derek Thomas Versteeg as Jaffa (as Derek Versteeg)
Director: William Waring
Story: Alex Levine | Teleplay: Alan McCullough

214 :10x20 - Unending

When the Asgard decide to share all their knowledge and technology with Earth, they do so by incorporating that knowledge and technology into the Odyssey. However, the incorporated Asgard systems become a tracking beacon for the Ori and every time the Odyssey drops out of hyperspace it is attacked by the Ori.

Finally, after numerous attacks, when just about to be destroyed, Carter uses the Asgard time dilation technology to slow down time in hopes of finding enough time to plan an escape from their certain destruction.

However, can Carter figure out the impossible escape? And just how long will it take?
Guest Stars: Gary Jones (1) as Sgt. Walter Harriman | Martin Christopher as Major Marks |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Shanks as Thor
Songs: Creedence Clearwater Revival -- Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Ended
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 27, 1997
Ended: March 13, 2007
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