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Stargate SG-1: The Fifth Man

O' Neill stays behind on a planet with Lt. Tyler, a new addition to the team, as the others escape back to Earth. They ask to immediately return to the planet with, reinforcements to rescue O’Neill and Tyler, when Gen. Hammond informs them that there has never been a Lt. Tyler on their team, and that in fact, he does not even know a Lt. Tyler. Gen. Hammond denies the return, and forces SG-1 to be looked over in the infirmary.

Col. Frank Simmons appears and begins his own investigation; only his motives appear to be more sinister.

So, just who is it that O' Neill is helping, and can SG-1 on Earth convince the SGC to save O’Neill and the other entity before the Goa’uld capture or kill them?

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x4
Production Number: 504
Airdate: Friday July 20th, 2001

Alternate Airdates:

Canada Sep 22, 2001
UK (sky 1) Oct 03, 2001
Ireland Oct 03, 2001
FR (M6) Apr 12, 2002
DE (RTL 2) May 08, 2002
Australia May 09, 2002
CZ (nova) May 23, 2003

Guest Stars
Dion JohnstoneDion Johnstone
As Lieutenant Tyler
Gary Jones (1)Gary Jones (1)
As Sgt. Walter Harriman
John de LancieJohn de Lancie
As Colonel Frank Simmons
Teryl RotheryTeryl Rothery
As Dr. Janet Fraiser

Co-Guest Stars
Brad KellyBrad Kelly
As Jaffa #1
Karen van BlankensteinKaren van Blankenstein
As Nurse
Shawn StewartShawn Stewart
As Jaffa #2
Dario DelacioDario Delacio
As Jaffa #3
Main Cast
Richard Dean AndersonRichard Dean Anderson
As Colonel/Brigadier General Jack O'Neill
Michael ShanksMichael Shanks
As Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda TappingAmanda Tapping
As Captain/Major/Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter
Don S. DavisDon S. Davis
As Major General George S. Hammond
Episode Notes
Syndication air date: October 6, 2002.

SG-1 was on P7S-441.

Takes place no more then a month after 9/11.

This episode is the second guest-starring John de Lancie, the famous Q from 3 of the "Star Trek" series.

The recording of SG-1, General Hammond and Dr. Fraiser in the briefing room is, in fact, a clip from "Entity"

This episode reveals that Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) was born in Chicago but raised in Minnesota.

Episode Quotes
Jack: Daniel, stay with... What is your name anyway?
Tyler: Kaeael.
Jack: ...? Ok, Daniel, you stay with K... Tyler.

Jack: Do you know what the Goa'uld really want from us? Minnesota, that's what! For fishing mostly. I'll take you some time.
Tyler: Fishing?
Jack: Oh yeah, ask Teal'c - he can't get enough!

Sam: Daniel, where's Tyler?
Daniel: I don't know - I was too busy being unconscious after he shot me with that zat you gave him.

Jack: Well, I wasn't gonna let you die, Lieutenant. It's, like, a ton of paperwork.
Tyler: Paperwork?
Jack: It's a joke. My way of deflecting the tension from my own obvious heroism. You'll get used to it.
Tyler: Oh, right. I understand.
Jack: ...Right.

Episode Goofs
When O'Neill rigs a grenade with a trip-wire as a trap, he's breaking the rules of armed combat. (Not that it matters when fighting Jaffa, but on Earth it's illegal.)

Simmons must not have gotten much out of his interviews with SG-1 since the lens cap was on his camera the whole time.

When SG-1 returned from P7S-441, General Hammond's skill badges were in the wrong order. The Command pilot wings were on the bottom and the Space and Missile badge was on top. But in every other episode the Pilot wings are on top and the Space & Missile badge is on the bottom.

Right after the scene where Lt. Tyler shoots Daniel with the zat gun, they show the briefing room in the SGC, if you look closely, you can see the studio lights on the ceiling in the gate room.

The footage of the Death Glider's weapons powering up was (once again) from the original movie.

Episode References
"Col. O'Neill: Do you know what the Goa'uld really want from us? Minnesota, that's what! For fishing mostly. I'll take you some time."

Richard Dean Anderson is originally from Minnesota.

"Tyler, Texas, USA"
This text appears in the equipment Tyler and O'Neill are carrying. Tyler's name and home state came from the equipment package. (Spoiler for the movie "The Usual Suspects" ahead) Similarly, some fictional characters in The Usual Suspects are named from items found in an office.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperBrad Wright  |  Jonathan Glassner
Executive ProducerMichael Greenburg (1)  |  Brad Wright  |  Richard Dean Anderson
Supervising ProducerPaul Mullie  |  Joseph Mallozzi
CastingMary Jo Slater
OtherDavid Arnold (Theme)
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