Fallen (1) - Recap

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Jonas Quinn finds what he thinks to be the information needed to find the Lost City Of The Ancients. Letting General Hammond know this SG-1 head off to the planet in question which leads them to some ruins. While there they meet a group of travellers who have taken up refuge. This also leads to the discovery that Daniel Jackson is back in corporial form but with apparently no memories whatsoever.

After a bit of convincing from Jack and Sam, Daniel decides to return with them to Earth and try and find ou who he is. While Daniel is doing this an extensive search of the ruins but come up empty handed.

Slowly but surely Daniel is remembering parts of his life and joins SG-1 and Hammond in the briefing room. He finds that he is able to read the Ancient tablet and discovers that the planet they are searching is infact the wrong one. With Anubis still becoming more and more powerful SG-1 and the Tok'ra devise a plan to lure him to the planet with a fake tablet so that they can take out his new super weapon.
Teal'c heads off to the system lord Yu to forge an alliance so the full force of the combined system lords fleet will attack Anubis once his super weapon is destroyed.

This leads to Daniel and Jonas ringing to Anubis ship and managing to get the coordinates for the shield generator while O'Neill and Carter fly the F-302 in close to take out a ventalation port to destroy the weapon. Unfortunately a growingly senial Lord Yu orders the fleet to a different system so there is nobody to attack Anubis once the weapon is gone.

After this happens Jonas is captured and Daniel manages to climb into a vent but both are still on Anubis' ship as it goes into hyperspace.