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Stargate SG-1: Prototype

A strange lab is found by SG-1 that was possibly used by Anubis. This lab contains an advanced human in cryo stasis. When taking him back to the SGC, the team and the rest of Stargate Command have to decide what to do with him.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 9x9
Production Number: 909
Airdate: Friday September 16th, 2005

Alternate Airdates:

UK (sky 1) Dec 06, 2005
Ireland Dec 06, 2005
Canada Jan 05, 2006
FR (M6) Apr 15, 2006
AT (ATV) Jun 12, 2006
DE (RTL 2) Dec 13, 2006
CZ (nova) May 25, 2007

Guest Stars
Gary Jones (1)Gary Jones (1)
As Sgt. Walter Harriman
Lexa DoigLexa Doig
As Dr. Carolyn Lam
Robert PicardoRobert Picardo
As Richard Woolsey
Neil JacksonNeil Jackson
As Khalek

Co-Guest Stars
Ivan CermakIvan Cermak
As Major Altman
Main Cast
Michael ShanksMichael Shanks
As Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda TappingAmanda Tapping
As Captain/Major/Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter
Ben BrowderBen Browder
As Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell
Beau BridgesBeau Bridges
As Major General Hank Landry
Episode Notes
Carter and SG-5 try to travel to P3X584, but wind up 12 thousand light years off course, on a different planet.

Richard Woolsey confirms that the SGC is now under the direct supervision of the International Offworld Committee in order to recieve full funding, after having had their budget cut by 70% in "The Ties that Bind."

An earlier draft of the script for "Prototype" explained just what Anubis' purposes were for Khalek. He was the prototype of an army of warriors called the Mashur (from the Goa'uld word for "mutation," "mashur-nat"), which Anubis hoped to train to ascend and do battle with the Ancients on their own plane of existence, and destroy them -- something that was ultimately cut from the episode.

Episode Quotes
Colonel Mitchell: Nirrti…? She was the Goa'uld trying to create an advanced host…right? Ended up on a bunch of super freaks that turned on her…That was a cool file.

Carter: Oh…he's gonna be ok…the ascendometer say's Khalek's about 80% there.
Teal'c: Ascendometer?
Carter: Mitchell……thought of it…

Daniel: Wait! Wait!
Mitchell: What? I was looking for the light switch.
Daniel: New guy!
Mitchell: Hey, you touched that!
Daniel: I know how to read that!

Khalek: Thanks for the warning, Richard. Or do you prefer "Dick?"

Sam: We’re pretty sure the red patches indicate areas of the brain where synaptic activity is maximized. A normal human brain, you or I say, should show roughly five to ten percent coverage.
Mitchell: Me being five, you being ten.

Dr. Lam: The analysis that I did suggests that Khalek is significantly more evolved than we are, much more in line with the human form of the Ancients prior to ascension.
Mitchell: So he can have all kinds of super funky powers?

Daniel: How did the MALP get through to 584? I mean, initial MALP telemetry confirmed it was on the right planet.
Sam: My guess is the 584 security system filters incoming matter based on certain protocol. Organic versus nanomite, for instance.
Daniel: Wow, that seems like an awful lot of trouble to keep people out.
Sam: Which makes me curious as to what’s being hidden there.
Mitchell: Always want what you can’t have.

Sam: Well, I have a theory about that too. Instead of using an iris, like we do, the off world gate stores incoming data in its buffer system. Then if the correct code isn’t received, it dials a random address and empties the buffer into the new wormhole.
Mitchell: Interstellar call forwarding, that’s pretty cool.

Sam: We just ran a program that compares the energy signatures of the last thirty outbound trips to look for anomalies.
Walter: It’s kinda like a bump.
Daniel: A bump?
Sam: Actually more like a series of bumps. Exactly 8.5 seconds apart.
Daniel: Oh, well, that explains everything.

Sam: Huh, maybe it wasn’t our fault.
Daniel: I thought it was always our fault.

Sam: Sir!
General Landry: Colonel.
Sam: I need you to read this.
General Landry: Good morning to you too, Colonel.

Episode Goofs
When Khalek was being put back in his chair in the isolation room, Mitchell calls a security guard corporal, howerver, corporal is not an Air Force rank and the guards are clearly Air Force.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperBrad Wright  |  Jonathan Glassner
Executive ProducerBrad Wright  |  Robert C. Cooper  |  Joseph Mallozzi
CastingMary Jo Slater
OtherDavid Arnold (Theme)
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