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Stargate SG-1: Off the Grid

When an SG team returns with a corn-like food stalk that has addictive, and mind altering effects, SG-1 is sent to investigate. They head to the planet where the corn-like food, known as kassa, is grown, but their investigation provokes an angry response from the Lucian Alliance that controls the food. While under fire from the alliance, and as they are attempting to dial home, the Stargate and DHD suddenly disappear, leaving SG-1 trapped.

After SG-1 is later rescued from the alliance by Earth’s newest ship, the Odyssey, SG-1 tries to find out who stole the gate. Gen. Landry decides to seek help from the Goa’uld Nerus. Nerus eventually breaks down, after some creative torture techniques by Gen. Landry, and tells them who stole the gate on the alliance’s planet and several other gates as well.

The answer shocks the team, and poses many additional impossible challenges to getting the gates back, but reinforces the need that they do, for the sake of Earth’s future existence.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 9x16
Production Number: 916
Airdate: Friday February 10th, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

UK (sky 1) Feb 14, 2006
Ireland Feb 14, 2006
Canada Feb 23, 2006
FR (M6) Jun 17, 2006
AT (ATV) Jul 03, 2006
DE (RTL 2) Jan 17, 2007
CZ (nova) Jun 05, 2007

Guest Stars
Cliff SimonCliff Simon
As Ba'al
Eric BrekerEric Breker
As Colonel Reynolds
Eric SteinbergEric Steinberg
As Netan
Gary Jones (1)Gary Jones (1)
As Sgt. Walter Harriman
Matthew GlaveMatthew Glave
As Colonel Emerson
Maury ChaykinMaury Chaykin
As Nerus

Co-Guest Stars
Ahmad SharmrouAhmad Sharmrou
As Worrel's Henchman
Martin ChristopherMartin Christopher
As Lt. Marks
Peter NewPeter New
As Farmer
Main Cast
Michael ShanksMichael Shanks
As Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda TappingAmanda Tapping
As Captain/Major/Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter
Ben BrowderBen Browder
As Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell
Beau BridgesBeau Bridges
As Major General Hank Landry
Episode Notes
Unlike most episodes of the series, this episode is based over the course of a single day.

This episode marks the first appearance of the Odyssey, a second BC-304 Daedalus class ship.

According to a screen in the briefing room of the Odyssey, the BC-304 series ships are in fact "Deep Space Carriers," rather than Battlecruisers like the Prometheus was.

This episode marks the first appearance of Colonel Paul Emmerson (Matthew Glave), the commander of the Odyssey.

Episode Quotes
Mitchell: Everyone's jonesin' for some space corn!

Walter: Sir, if you don't mind me asking...
General Landry: How did we plant the beacon on Nerus?
Walter: Yes, sir.
General Landry: It was a piece of cake.

Worrel: I no longer have any reason to keep you alive.
Daniel: No wait, I...I...I can think of a reason...
(Daniel is having difficulty concentrating)
Sam: We're more valuable alive.
Daniel: Yes! we're more valuable alive...Good one.

Worrel: In fact, if you tell me the location of the Stargate I'm prepared to release you.
Mitchell: Ooh, you are not! I can't...Can you believe he just said that?!

Walter: Shall I dial the coordinates he left, sir.
General Landry: No it’s probably a black hole or worse. If I’ve learned one thing in this command, it’s never trust a Goa’uld, particularly if his name is Nerus.
Walter: Yes, sir!

(Ba'al is pointing a staff weapon at Nerus)
Nerus: My old friend, you wound me deeply.
Ba'al: I’m capable of wounding you much more deeply.

Mitchell: We have got the best job in the world, don’t we?
Sam: I’m going to hit the shower.
Daniel: I’m going to find a doctor.
(Daniel and Sam leave)
Teal’c: We are indeed suitably employed.
(Teal'c also leaves)
Mitchell: (grins) Yeah, it was a good day…

Episode Goofs
When the SG-1 is on the planet held hostage and about to be shot they are sitting down, when they are beamed aboard the Odyssey they are all standing.

While held hostage on the planet, Carter is bleeding from her left cheek and lower lip. When they get beamed on to the Odyssey the blood is gone.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperBrad Wright  |  Jonathan Glassner
Executive ProducerBrad Wright  |  Robert C. Cooper  |  Joseph Mallozzi
CastingMary Jo Slater
OtherDavid Arnold (Theme)
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