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SG-1 gets pulled back into Martin Lloyd’s world when he convinces the powers that be to let him talk to the team, as he is about to revive the Wormhole X-treme TV series as a big screen movie. He needs help with ideas from SG-1 to try to make the movie “real.” The team fights this, but Gen. Landry orders them to help, but says he will get them out of the meeting as soon as possible. However, when the General drags them out of the meeting, the gate activation breaks down, leaving them stranded with time to try to help Martin out with his project, to their dismay.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 10x6
Production Number: 1006
Airdate: Friday August 18th, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

UK (sky 1) Nov 22, 2006
Ireland Nov 22, 2006
Canada Dec 07, 2006
CZ (nova) Jun 19, 2007

Special Guest Stars
Richard Dean AndersonRichard Dean Anderson
As Major General Jack O'Neill

Guest Stars
Christian BocherChristian Bocher
As Raymond Gunn/Dr. Levant/Himself
Dan SheaDan Shea
As Sgt. Siler
Don S. DavisDon S. Davis
voiced General George Hammond
Gary Jones (1)Gary Jones (1)
As Sgt. Walter Harriman
Isaac HayesIsaac Hayes
voiced Voice Over
Jill TeedJill Teed
As Yolanda Reese/Stacy Monroe
Peter DeLuisePeter DeLuise
As Wormhole X-treme actor
Willie GarsonWillie Garson
As Martin Lloyd

Co-Guest Stars
Herbert DuncansonHerbert Duncanson
As Grell
Anwar HasanAnwar Hasan
As Young Teal'c
Barbara KottmeierBarbara Kottmeier
As Young Vala
Cory MonteithCory Monteith
As Young Mitchell
Jason ColemanJason Coleman
As Young Daniel
Julie Johnson (1)Julie Johnson (1)
As Young Carter

Brad WrightBrad Wright
As Starship Engineering Chief
Martin WoodMartin Wood
As Director
Michael ShanksMichael Shanks
voiced Thor/Rygel
Pierre BernardPierre Bernard
As Zombie #2
Main Cast
Richard Dean AndersonRichard Dean Anderson
As Colonel/Brigadier General Jack O'Neill
Michael ShanksMichael Shanks
As Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda TappingAmanda Tapping
As Captain/Major/Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter
Don S. DavisDon S. Davis
As Major General George S. Hammond
Ben BrowderBen Browder
As Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell
Beau BridgesBeau Bridges
As Major General Hank Landry
Claudia BlackClaudia Black
As Vala Mal Doran
Episode Notes
This is the 200th episode of the series.

This episode is a sequel of sorts to the 100th episode of the series, "Wormhole X-Treme!."

This is the first episode of the series to feature all five members of the original cast since the Season Eight finale "Moebius, Part 2."

Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn) is the only Stargate SG-1 cast member who does not appear in this episode.

This episode reveals that Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder) was born in 1970.

In this episode all the credits occur at the end of the episode, rather than both at the beginning and at the end of the episode; a first for Stargate SG-1.

This is the first time that all four original SG-1 members have gone on a mission through the Stargate together, since the Season Eight episode "It's Good To Be King."

Besides the five original cast members, Gary Jones (Sgt. Walter Harriman) is the only actor to appear in both this episode and the pilot, "Children of the Gods."

The series was not renewed by the Sci-Fi Channel three days after this episode initially aired.

This is the first time that Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neill) shares a scene with either Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter) or Christopher Judge (Teal'c) since the Season Eight finale "Moebius, Part 2."

This is the final episode of the series in which all five original cast members appear: Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge and Don S. Davis.

Episode Quotes
Young Teal'c: Yo, wonderbread! You got that address figured out?
Young Daniel: Chill T! I'm translating as fast as I can!

Jack: To be honest, I wouldn't mind one last jump through the old orifice.
Others: (weird looks)
Jack: What? We call it that sometimes, don't we?

Mitchell: Please tell me you have the gate working again.
Carter: We're running another diagnostic but right now we're stumped. The power is getting through to the capacitors, but for some reason the charge isn't holding. That's causing the control crystal to send feedback into the interface and reset the programming code at the base computer's dialing protocol.
Martin Lloyd: Wow! That was awesome! Say that again.
Carter: ... no!
Martin Lloyd: Oh... Errr, everybody take five, I got to get that down before I forget it. (to himself) The power getting to the flux capacitor, but the feedback is not feeding back into the feedback face. This is gold!

Episode Goofs
Martin Lloyd appears to be constantly receiving and sending cellphone calls from the SGC, which is miles under Cheyenne Mountain.

In episode 8x15 "Citizen Joe," we learn from Joe Spencer that the show Wormhole X-Treme was cancelled after only one episode], apparently due to bad ratings. However, in this episode Daniel Jackson says: "Who makes a movie out of a series that only lasted three episodes?" (assuming the number didn't change along with the timeline in "Moebius Part 2" ;-) )

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperBrad Wright  |  Jonathan Glassner
Executive ProducerBrad Wright  |  Robert C. Cooper  |  Joseph Mallozzi
CastingMary Jo Slater
OtherDavid Arnold (Theme)
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