Dominion - Recap

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Vala is on a distant plan scamming a smuggler out of his cargo shop in a gambling scheme. He figures out she’s cheating but before he and his men can do anything, Adria arrives and uses her powers to drive them away. She demands to know why Vala is on her own and Vala explains that she left SG-1. She relates how she had a dream directing them to the location of Merlin’s treasures, but when SGC sent two teams there, they were ambushed by Adria’s soldiers. When Vala told them about a second dream, they didn’t believe her, suspecting that Adria was planting the dreams. Worse, the IOA ordered Vala to be put under arrest. She escaped with a Sodan cloaking device and ended up on the planet.

Adria knows she didn’t plant the dreams and figures the coordinates are left over from when Athena interrogated Vala. She demands to know the coordinates and they go by Stargate to beat SG-1 there, as they are taking a ship to avoid an ambush. However, much to both their surprise, Vala and Adria are ambushed by SG-1 and other teams. However, Baal’s Jaffa teleport in, grab Adria, and leave.

Vala is furious until Daniel and Sam show her a tape… that she made herself, explaining her cunning plan to use a memory-altering device to give herself a false set of memories so that Adria couldn’t detect the truth with her telepathy.

Baal boasts to an imprisoned Adria that he plans to take control of her Ori forces. On Earth, Agent Flemming reveals that one of his infiltrators knows of Baal’s location as he’s calling a meeting of all of his clones. SG-1 goes to the planet only to find the Jaffa dead of symbiote poisoning, along with the clones. One Jaffa survives due to taking tritonin treatments, and he tells them where they can find Baal’s ship.

SG-1 leaves in the Odyssey and cloak themselves, then beam aboard Baal’s ship and locate Adria. They kill Baal and stun Adria, then take her back with them and leave. However, they soon discover that Baal has placed himself, his symbiotic form, in Adria’s body and now controls her. Baal suggests they let him go ahead with his plan to use Adria’s body to order the Ori to leave, and to cover his bets hints that the Ori may or may not be dead but if he dies, that knowledge dies with him. Instead, SG-1 contact the Tok’ra to have them removes the symbiote and replace it with one of their own, suppressing Adria’s personality.

They go ahead with the surgery, although Vala is clearly uncomfortable with the fate of her daughter no matter how much she denies it. The Tok’ra succeed in removing the Baal symbiote but it poisons Adria in the process. She revives and seals off the sickbay with Vala inside and Daniel trapped in the hallway outside. Mitchell and Teal’c try to bust through the doors while Adria telekinetically releases coolant fluid to distract Daniel. Vala tries to appeal to Adria’s human side without success, and Adria reveals that she plans to ascend. Vala tries to shoot her but Adria telekinetically holds her at bay before collapsing from the poison. She disappears in a flash of light just as the others arrive.

Back on Earth, the team realize that they probably killed a Baal clone and the real one is still out there. Vala assures them that they’ve managed to deliver a major blow to both of their enemies, no matter how grim it may look.