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Stargate SG-1: Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth

SG-1 seeks the Ark of Truth, an ancient artifact that can serve as the ultimate weapon against the Priors now that the Ori are gone. They must travel to the Ori galaxy to find it. Meanwhile, the IOA has its own plan for defeating the Priors: one that may get the team killed.

Episode Info

Episode number: 10x0
Airdate: Tuesday March 11th, 2008
Special Runtime: 90 Minutes

Alternate Airdates:

Canada Mar 11, 2008
Ireland Mar 26, 2008
UK (sky 1) Mar 26, 2008

  • Currently 9.4/10
9.4/10 (11 Votes cast)
Starring Roles
Ben Browder
As Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell
Amanda Tapping
As Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge
As Teal'c
Claudia Black
As Vala Mal Doran
Beau Bridges
As General Henry "Hank" Landry
Michael Shanks
As Daniel Jackson

Guest Stars
Morena Baccarin
As Adria
Tim Guinee
As Tomin
Julian Sands
As Doci
Sarah Strange
As Morgan le Fay
Gary Jones (1)
As Chief Master Sgt. Walter Harriman
Martin Christopher
As Major Marks
Eric Breker
As Colonel Reynolds
Matthew Walker (1)
As Merlin
Currie Graham
As Marrick
Michael Beach
As Colonel Ellis
Chris Gauthier
As Hertis (as Christopher Gauthier)

Co-Guest Stars
Alisen Down
As Alteran Woman
Jason Calder
As Ori Warrior
Greg Anderson
As Prior #1
Doug Abrahams
As Prior #2
Morris Chapdelaine
As Prior #3
Nicholas Podbrey
As Prior #4
Gabrielle Rose (1)
As Alteran Woman #2
Fabrice Grover
As Amelius
Spencer Maybee
As Captain Binder
Simon Bradbury
As Alteran Man
Ian Wallace
As Prior #5
Main Cast
Michael Shanks
As Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping
As Captain/Major/Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter
Ben Browder
As Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell
Beau Bridges
As Major General Hank Landry
Claudia Black
As Vala Mal Doran


SG-1 seeks the Ark of Truth, an ancient artifact that can serve as the ultimate weapon against the Priors now that the Ori are gone. They must travel to the Ori galaxy to find it. Meanwhile, the IOA has its own plan for defeating the Priors: one that may get the team killed...

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Episode Quotes
Vala: Look at my hands, all right, they are raw and bleeding... I have broken every nail, we have been out here in the scorching heat for days... I haven't showered...
Daniel: None of us have.
Vala: That is painfully obvious!

Daniel: (reading an artifact) It says "safely kept is the 'something' of old."
Vala: What's the "something," Daniel?
Daniel: Well, if I knew for sure I wouldn't have said the "something." Why am I answering her?
Vala: Stop your yammering and open it.

Vala: We've dug how many holes in the ground? Help me out, Muscles.
Teal'c: Many.

Prior #1: Tell me, what is this artifact you have found?
Mitchell: Hang on a second, shouldn't you know that already? Your logic.

Prior #1: Foolhardy are those who do not follow the path.
Mitchell: Anyone want to bet what he's going to say next?
Prior #1: Kill them.
Mitchell: Could've made money on that one.

Mitchell: Pre-flight.
Marks: We're ready to go, sir.
Mitchell: Weapons to maximum.
Marks: Sir?
Mitchell: It's a joke, Marks: make it go.

Marrick: Why was I not notified that you had someone on board with new intel about Ori army activity?
Mitchell: Well, I'm sure I called for you there was no answer. (to Sam) Oh wait, I may not have pressed the comm button all the way down. Wow, I must have looked stupid standing there talking to myself.

Mitchell: My grandma said "You want honey? Follow the bees."
Marks: Sounds like a good way of getting stung to me.

Adria: Somehow you and your simple human friends managed to destroy quite a large group of very powerful Ascended beings.
Vala: Well, we're a very determined bunch. I always say you never know what you can do until you try.

Prior #2: You demonstrate great courage facing me in person, General.
Landry: Courage is only required when facing that which you fear.
Prior #2: The flames of ignorance burn without pain. Beware the power or it will consume you before you know.

Prior #2: I was wrong. You are not courageous, General. You are without reason. your planet will burn in all the depths of darkness.
Landry: Oh, we'll see about that. There is one thing I do know for sure. If we're going to Hell, then you're coming with us. You go ahead and burst into flames if you like.

Daniel: Oh God.
Doci: Your Gods cannot save you now, Daniel Jackson.
Daniel: Actually, that's just a statement of general dissatisfaction.

Vala: I mean, my mother used to say to me, "Vala, happiness isn't something you can buy." Or in my case, steal.

Colonel Ellis: What could possibly save us at this point?
Landry: I was hoping SG-1 might show up at some point.

Daniel: Which seven symbols?
Vala: Well, you don't expect me to remember.
Daniel: With the fate of two galaxies hanging in the balance, yes, I expect you to remember the essential clue given to you by an Ascended being!

Vala: You know, I'm starting to think that irony is very overrated.

Mitchell: It's kinda weird not having a big bad guy to fight anymore.
Sam: Yeah, that's what we felt when we defeated the Goa'uld. And the Replicators. The first time.
Mitchell: Well, Jackson and Vala took care of that.
Vala: That whole Ori thing was not our fault!
Daniel: Just take the blame. You get used to it.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperBrad Wright  |  Jonathan Glassner
Executive ProducerBrad Wright  |  Robert C. Cooper  |  Joseph Mallozzi
CastingMary Jo Slater
OtherDavid Arnold (Theme)
Warning: Stargate SG-1 season 10 episode 0 guide may contain spoilers
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