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Stargate SG-1

Brad Wright     Developer219 Eps
Jonathan Glassner     Developer219 Eps
Michael Greenburg (1)     Executive Producer166 Eps
N. John Smith     Executive Producer1 Eps
Jonathan Glassner     Executive Producer (1997-2000)66 Eps
Brad Wright     Executive Producer (1997-2003, 2004-2007)197 Eps
Richard Dean Anderson     Executive Producer (1997-2005)174 Eps
Robert C. Cooper     Executive Producer (2002-2007)109 Eps
Joseph Mallozzi     Executive Producer (2005-2007)45 Eps
Paul Mullie     Executive Producer (2005-2007) 
N. John Smith     Co-Executive Producer23 Eps
Michael Greenburg (1)     Co-Executive Producer9 Eps
Joseph Mallozzi     Supervising Producer108 Eps
Paul Mullie     Supervising Producer108 Eps
Andy Mikita     Producer23 Eps
Damian Kindler     Producer22 Eps
Robert C. Cooper     Producer2 Eps
Brad Wright     Producer23 Eps
John G. Lenic     Producer2 Eps
Ron French     Producer 
Peter DeLuise     Co-Producer23 Eps
W. Michael Beard     Associate Producer2 Eps
Allison Volk     Associate Producer1 Eps
Richard Hudolin     Production Designer2 Eps
James Robbins     Production Designer1 Eps
Allan Lee     Editor2 Eps
Kye Meechan     Editor 
Paul Weber     Casting23 Eps
Mary Jo Slater     Casting219 Eps
Robin Nassif     Casting 
Ivy Isenberg     Casting 
Sean Cossey     Casting (Canadian Casting)1 Eps
Carol Kelsay     Casting (Canadian Casting)2 Eps
Stuart Aikins     Casting (Canadian Casting)1 Eps
John G. Lenic     Unit Production Manager1 Eps
Alexander Pappas     First Assistant Director2 Eps
Andy Mikita     First Assistant Director3 Eps
Gordon MacDonald (2)     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Peter Dashkewytch     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Bill Mizel     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Ryan Kosmynka     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
James Tichenor     Second Assistant Director 
Andy Mikita     Second Assistant Director 
Allan Lee     Second Assistant Director 
Kate Weiss     Second Assistant Director 
Gisela Schulte     Second Assistant Director 
Greg Rousseaux     Second Assistant Director 
Ted Rae     Second Assistant Director 
Michael Pohorly     Second Assistant Director 
Douglas Mitchell     Second Assistant Director 
Kathy Houghton     Second Assistant Director 
Matthew Blecha     Second Assistant Director2 Eps
Paul Birkett     Second Assistant Director 
Dean Devlin     Staff Writer 
Roland Emmerich     Staff Writer 
Jeff King     Staff Writer (1997-1998) 
Jonathan Glassner     Staff Writer (1997-2000)1 Eps
Robert C. Cooper     Staff Writer (1997-2007)1 Eps
Tor Alexander Valenza     Staff Writer (1998-2001) 
Heather E. Ash     Staff Writer (1999-2001) 
Joseph Mallozzi     Staff Writer (2000-2007) 
Paul Mullie     Staff Writer (2000-2007) 
Damian Kindler     Staff Writer (2002-2007)1 Eps
Martin Gero     Staff Writer (2005) 
Alan McCullough     Staff Writer (2005-2007) 
Dennis McCarthy (2)     Music 
Rachel Griffiths     Music 
Peter Bernstein     Music 
Richard Band     Music 
David Arnold     Music2 Eps
Mike Fields (1)     Music 
Daria Ellerman     Music 
Richard Benwick     Music 
James Alfred Menard     Music 
Neal Acree     Music1 Eps
Tim Truman     Music 
Kevin Kiner     Music 
Vladimir Horunzhy     Music 
Ken Harrison     Music 
Joel Goldsmith     Music23 Eps
Rick Chadock     Music Editor1 Eps
Alex Wilkinson     Music Editor2 Eps
Marc S. Perlman     Music Editor 
Steven R. Smith     Music Editor 
Richard S. Kaufman     Music Supervisor2 Eps
Christina McQuarrie     Costume Designer3 Eps
Richard Kohlen     Hairstylist1 Eps
Julie McHaffie     Hairstylist2 Eps
Patrick O'Brien     Make-up 
Geoff Redknap     Make-up 
Christ Stanley (1)     Make-up 
Sean Sansom     Make-up 
Christopher Mark Pinhey     Make-up 
Ryan Nicholson     Make-up 
Jan Newman     Make-up2 Eps
Shauna Magrath     Make-up 
Ken Culver     Make-up 
Adam Behr     Make-up 
Nick Kuchera     Key Grip2 Eps
David Ferreira     Key Grip1 Eps
Keith Thompson     Camera Operator2 Eps
Steven A. Adelson     Camera Operator (B Camera Operator) 
Andy Wilson (2)     Camera Operator (B Camera Operator)1 Eps
Mark Davidson     Set Decorator3 Eps
Robert Davidson     Set Decorator3 Eps
Leanne Arnott     Location Manager2 Eps
Lorne Davidson     Location Manager1 Eps
Leonard Chan     Transportation Coordinator 
Ian "Moss" Urquhart     Transportation Coordinator2 Eps
Dan Sissons     Property Master2 Eps
Kenny L. Gibbs     Property Master1 Eps
Thom Wells     Construction Coordinator2 Eps
Scott Wellenbrink     Construction Coordinator1 Eps
William Skinner     Production Sound Mixer 
Candice Field     Script Supervisor2 Eps
Terry Murray     Script Supervisor1 Eps
Rhonda Legge     Production Coordinator 
Marion Gonneville     Production Coordinator2 Eps
Alex Levine     Script Coordinator1 Eps
Richard Long (2)     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Doug Oke     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Michael S. McLean (1)     Post Production Supervisor2 Eps
R. Michael Eliot     Post Production Supervisor (Post Production Consultant)3 Eps
Dean Giammarco     Re-Recording Mixer2 Eps
Paul A. Sharpe     Re-Recording Mixer3 Eps
Iain Pattison     Re-Recording Mixer1 Eps
Rick Chdock     On-Line Editor (Music Recording Supervisor)2 Eps
Annie Wilkinson (2)     Other 
Andrew D. Wilson     Other 
Tommy Wilson     Other 
Darek Wyszynski     Other 
Neil Atkins     Other 
Tom Giannazzo     Other 
George Sartiano     Other 
Kevin Willis     Other 
Jennifer Kidd     Other (Art Department Assistant)1 Eps
Michael Molson     Other (Assistant Set Decorator)1 Eps
John G. Lenic     Other (Assistant to the Co-Executive Producer)2 Eps
Tim Atkins     Other (Chief Lighting Technician)2 Eps
Kirby Jinnah     Other (Dialogue Editor) 
James Bamford     Other (Fight Coordinator) 
Barry Kootchin     Other (Head Painter)2 Eps
Carol Horn     Other (Legal Counsel)2 Eps
Nicole Forest     Other (Production Accountant)3 Eps
Victoria James     Other (Production Associate)2 Eps
Cameron Foodikoff     Other (Sound Assistant)1 Eps
Jacqueline Cristianini     Other (Sound Supervision)2 Eps
David Arnold     Other (Theme)219 Eps
Michelle Commens     Other (Visual Effects Coordinator)2 Eps
Nigel Hollick     Other (Visual Effects Coordinator)2 Eps
John Gajdecki     Other (Visual Effects Supervisor)2 Eps
Robert Habros     Other (Visual Effects Supervisor) 
Ted Rae     Other (Visual Effects Supervisor)2 Eps
Peter F. Woeste     Director of Photography3 Eps
Brad Rines     Story Editor 
Kevin Willis     Story Editor 
Charles Robichaud     Story Editor 
Stein Myhrstad     Story Editor 
James Ilecic     Story Editor 
Eric Hill (1)     Story Editor 
Scott J. Ateah     Stunt Coordinator2 Eps
Dan Shea     Stunt Coordinator1 Eps
Chris Beach     Art Director1 Eps
Kerry Gammill     Art Director 
Barbara Wilson     Art Director 
Ricardo SpinacĂ©     Art Director 
Bridgit McGuire     Art Director2 Eps
Brentan Harron     Art Director 
David Clarke     Art Director (Assistant Art Director)1 Eps
Thom Wells     Art Director (Supervising Art Director)1 Eps
Dawn Knight     Post Production Coordinator2 Eps
Martin Wood     Creative Consultant22 Eps
George Horie     Production Manager1 Eps
Andy Mikita     Production Manager 
Ron French     Production Manager2 Eps
Jonathan Glassner     Executive Consultant ((2000-)) 
N. John Smith     Production Management 
Shawn Pierce     Sound Editor 
Jean Raymond     Sound Editor 
Adam Sharpe     Sound Editor 
Dario Disanto     Sound Editor 
Megan Goudsward     Sound Editor 
James Genn     Sound Editor 
Issac Strozberg     Sound Editor2 Eps
Michael Miller (3)     Sound Editor 
Steve Smith (7)     Sound Editor2 Eps
Bill Mellow     Sound Editor 
Dave Hibbert     Sound Editor 
Adam Boyd     Sound Editor 
Lisa Doyle (1)     Sound Editor 
Chris Glyn-Jones     Sound Editor 
Kris Fenske     Sound Editor 
James Fonnyadt     Sound Editor 
Kelly Frey     Sound Editor 
Adam Gejdos     Sound Editor 
Talvinder Gill     Sound Editor 
Jeff Hamon (1)     Sound Editor 
Philip Hunter (1)     Sound Mixer 
Kevin Konarzewski     Sound Mixer 
Devan Kraushar     Sound Mixer 
Kris Casavant     Sound Mixer 
Kelly Cole     Sound Mixer 
David Cyr     Sound Mixer2 Eps
Eric Hillman     Sound Mixer 
Brad Hillman     Sound Mixer 
Kevin Belen     Sound Mixer 
David M. Cyr     Sound Mixer 
Chris Duesterdiek     Sound Mixer 
Rory O'Neill     Sound Mixer 
Wayne Finucan     Sound Mixer 
Gord Hillier     Sound Mixer 
Ted Rae     Special Effects 
James Wallace     Special Effects 
Philip Edward Alexy     Special Effects 
Simon Ager     Special Effects 
Don Rutherford     Special Effects 
Matthew Jorgensen     Special Effects 
Steve Fink     Special Effects 
Wray J. Douglas     Special Effects 
Michael O'Brien     Special Effects 
Pierre-Paul Charbonneau     Special Effects 
Mike VĂ©zina     Special Effects (Special Effects Coordinator) 
Colin Matthews     Art Department 
Tiara Motem     Art Department 
Jim Ramsay     Art Department 
Francisco Rosa     Art Department 
Adrien Van Viersen     Art Department 
Ross Walshe     Art Department 
Terry Weaver     Art Department 
Ken Wells     Art Department 
David Paul Hewitt White     Art Department 
John B. Keys     Art Department 
G. Andrew Hussey     Art Department 
Salmon Harris     Art Department 
Douglas W. Beard     Art Department 
Dallas Bittner     Art Department 
Malcolm MacLean     Art Department 
Peter Bodnarus     Art Department 
Lubor Cencak     Art Department 
Steve Craine (1)     Art Department 
Richard Cummins (1)     Art Department 
Tim Dagley     Art Department 
Dean Goodine     Art Department 
Ken Rabhel     Art Department (Illustrator) 
Sina Oroomchi     Sound Recordist 
Steve Catlin     Third Assistant Director1 Eps
Graham Cairns     Third Assistant Director1 Eps
Jim Lacamel     Boom Operator 
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Ended
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 27, 1997
Ended: March 13, 2007
This guide is currently edited by:
Gus (Challenge)