Faith - Recap

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Johansen is unable to sleep.

Scott is trying to shave but nicks himself.

Camille is in the mess room trying to eat something unpalatable.

Rush, still recovering from his surgery, goes to the control center to continue his work with the ship's systems. He goes to work repairing the damaged shuttle and Young talks to him, warning that he needs to take it easy. He insists that he's ordered his people to make a special effort with the civilians, and he's prepared to do the same with Rush. Rush is skeptical.

The Destiny drops out of FTL but the Stargate doesn't dial. Rush reports that there's nothing there according to the sensors. However, they can see a sun visually. Rush insists it shouldn't be there according to the database. As Scott, Johansen, and Greer eat, Scott comments that Johansen looks ill. However, she insists that she's fine. Chloe walks by and studiously avoids Scott, who admits to the others it'll take some time to repair their relationship. They briefly discuss Young's orders to behave toward the civilians and Johansen leaves. Scott insists that she still looks sick.

Rush confirms that the G2 star, a yellow dwarf, interfered with the ship's drives and caused them drop out of FTL prematurely. Once they circle around the sun, they'll leave its gravity well and reenter FTL, but it will take a few weeks. However, there's more news: Rush has detected a planet that can sustain life within shuttle range.

As they send a shuttle, neither Rush nor Eli can find a glitch in the database. The star apparently appeared out of nowhere since the Ancients' seed ships initially came along the course. However, the star is new enough that the planet couldn't have formed into a solid mass since its creation.

Scott takes the shuttle down to what is seemingly a pastoral planet with pure water. Scott keeps asking Johansen how she's doing. They find a kiwi-like fruit and immediately takes a bite rather than wait for tests. Scott reports back that everything appears positive and Young orders him to load up the shuttle with as many samples and supplies as they can.

Scott goes to talk to Johansen, who admits that the planet reminds her of home. As they fly back, they do a quick sweep of the planet and spot a large tower, at least 2,000 feet high. Upon returning to Destiny, Rush analyzes the data and realizes that someone built the star and the planet since the seed ships passed. They have 30 days until they reenter FTL and Rush wants to explore as much of the planet as possible to learn about its builders. They can send a shuttle down now and pick it up when they pass back within shuttle range in 30 days. Eli worries that the creating aliens may not want anyone there, but Young and Rush insist it's worth the risk.

Camille goes to see Johansen and talks about the medicinal plants she's found, and then that Johansen is going on the team to explore the planet. Camille is unsure if she should go and wonders if they can trust Rush. Johansen refuses to answer.

Young gives final orders to Scott, who discovers that Chloe is going as well. Things are tense between them. Young talks with Johansen, who gives him a final briefing about her patients but hesitates before saying there's nothing else. The shuttle departs for the plane as Eli, Camille, Young, and the others watch from the observation deck.

Upon landing, Scott has everyone establish a base camp and tries to keep the civilians organized. Chloe approaches him and he assigns her to Johansen's team. A fight breaks out when one of the soldiers, Dunning, orders a civilian to dig a latrine. Greer orders both men to dig as part of the new spirit of cooperation.

Johansen and Chloe start gathering and logging plants. When Johansen briefly appears dizzy, Chloe asks her if she's okay and Johansen sits down for a moment and then insists that she's fine. Chloe figures that it's malnutrition, and Scott comes over to inform them that the ship has passed out of shuttle range.

Aboard the ship, Eli hesitantly approaches Camille. He offers her one fruit that he snuck from the supply and offers to share it with her. They talk about the planet and Eli is skeptical about who created it.

Scott is gathering water and discovers Dr. Caine relaxing. Caine thanks him for his efforts to mend fences and notes that Scott is one of the few that seem sincere. The doctor suggests that it's the hand of God that directed them to the planet, and that he's been skeptical about a Supreme Being until now.

Young talks to Brody and Park, who admit they're not having much luck repairing the shuttle. Rush asks for more power so they can bolster the shields and repair more sections of the ship.

Caine shares his theory about faith with some of the others.

On the ship, Eli and Camille worry that they've made a mistake. Eli thinks it was a mistake sending people to the planet, while Camille thinks the mistake was not going with them.

While Scott gets the camp set up, James explores the newly recovered sections of the ship, while Rush tries to rest as best he can despite his injuries.

Scott comes across Chloe, bathing in a pond, but doesn't approach her.

As the crew on the planet relaxes, the ones left on the ship play cards and are clearly bored. As time passes, Scott and Chloe grow closer, while Johansen hikes and explores the planet. However, Chloe finds her one day, sick in the nearby field. Johansen finally explains that she's 15 weeks pregnant. She doesn't want anyone else to know, but Chloe warns that they'll figure it out eventually. She asks about the father but Johansen doesn't answer.

The search parties find a robot-like construct and Young orders the scientist to check it out. Rush says he'll get to it eventually but he has dozens of other things to deal with. Young reluctantly tells them to seal it away for now.

On the planet, Chloe admits to Scott that she's in no hurry to go back to Destiny, and wonders if Caine is right and God created the planet for them. Before they can discuss it further, they notice a beam of light emerging from the top of the tower and shooting into the sky. Scott reports the new phenomena to Young and Rush. Rush can only speculate that the shuttle's initial impact may not have triggered what appears to be some kind of alert system, but more recent activities have. Scott wonders if the alert could summon the aliens back to the planet.

The next day, Scott informs everyone that they'll be leaving as soon as Destiny comes within range. Aboard the ship, Park and Brody disagree as to whether the damaged shuttle is ready to go. In the mess room, Rush. James, and Camille discuss the new food supplies they'll be getting. Camille notices that Rush appears to be concerned, and he admits he's disappointed that they'll leave the system without learning who created it or why.

Scott notices Johansen returning to the camp and starts to approach her. Chloe informs him that Johansen and a lot of others plan to stay, and they have a right to choose. Scott confronts Johansen, who says she's not going because it's safer there. The others overhear and Caine suggests that if the aliens are that advanced, they'll help them get home. However, even if the aliens don't come back, Johansen and the others would rather stay. When Scott continues to argue, Johansen finally tells him and the others that she's pregnant, and she can't stand the thought of raising a child on the ship.

Scott informs Young that 11 people want to remain behind, including Johansen, Caine, Chloe... and Scott. Young briefs Rush and Camille, and insists that he'll bring them back. Camille disagrees, but Rush agrees with the colonel, explaining that they can't afford the losses. The scientist is eager to send soldiers to bring back the dissidents at gunpoint, but Young disagrees with that. When Camille insists that they all have a right to choose, Young says that not all of them do.

On the planet, Johansen asks Scott if he told Young about her pregnancy. He assures her he left it up to her, and has realized that Young is the father. Scott assures her that she'll be okay and that he won't let anything happen to her. The two of them embrace.

Young decides to let the eleven crew members stay behind, but insists on giving them the damaged shuttle in case of emergencies. Rush objects but Young overrides him. Brody warns that the shuttle may not handle an atmospheric entry and they figure now is the time to test it. Young takes the shuttle down and safely gets it through the atmosphere. He then approaches the crew and confirms that no one has changed their mind. Young explains that he's leaving the damaged shuttle behind, but only if the military personnel return with him. If they refuse, he'll have them all taken back, by force if necessary. Caine insists the aliens are their best chance of getting home, but Young tells them to decide. When Scott chooses to stay, Young tells him that he has an obligation to the people on Destiny who don't have a choice. He informs Johansen that the crew needs her as well. Johansen pauses for a moment and then joins the others returning to the ship.

When the shuttle returns to the ship, everyone disembarks.

As Destiny reenters FTL, Camille watches from the observation deck. Young visits Rush, who is carving chess pieces from the planet's wood, and sardonically notes that he didn't get a chance to speak with someone up to his level of intelligence. As he leaves, Young notes that he plays chess. Scott catches up to him and offers to explain his reasons for wanting to stay behind. Young offers to discuss it with him over a dinner of the new food. As they go, Scott wonders if they were all meant to stay on the planet. Young doesn't pretend to have the answer.

The crew enjoys the food from the planet. The military sit with the military. The civilians sit with the civilians.

In her quarters, Johansen sits in her quarters and considers the life within her.