Light - Recap

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Greer records a video statement saying he wants to go out by flying into a sun in a blaze of glory.

Young assembles everyone to review the facts. They'll be flying into the sun within 24 hours but have determined that there are three marginally habitable planets in the system. He informs the others that they're going to hold a lottery for 15 people and will choose the other two himself. The two chosen will have the necessary skills to survive on the planet. When Spencer voices his dissent, Young tells them he'll be taking his name out along with anyone who protests. He then advises them to go back to their quarters until they're ready.

Eli looks for Chloe and finds her kissing Scott and then leaving with him. She goes to her quarters with him and they make love.

Camille talks to Young and tells him that he should pick all 17 persons and should include himself. When she warns that he may have to make the choices himself to select the right people, Young insists that they're all the wrong people and then asks who she had in mind. Camille suggest they come up with a short list and when she argues, he tells her to leave now or she's out of the lottery, and suggest he might regardless. She begs him not to.

Eli dreams back to when he was on Earth and his mother blamed him for deliberately missing a job interview. He wakes up and grabs a kino, and considers it thoughtfully.

Scott prepares to leave and figures that they'll both be selected. He's the only qualified pilot and Chloe is the daughter of a U.S. Senator and has been ordered to keep her alive. Chloe figures Young will make her own decision, and wonders if she should go. She notes that a senator's daughter won't help survive on an alien planet. However, Chloe is glad that Young is picking Scott, and figures that she still might have a chance in the lottery.

Eli shows Greer and the others the kino he's been recording crew statements with. Chloe and Scott arrive to be part of it. Scott points out the odds of anyone finding the kino are slim, but Eli insists they need some of themselves behind.

Chloe records a statement noting that her father's sacrifice was in vain given almost all of them are doomed.

Rush calls in Young and informs him that of the three planets, two won't support them and the third is out of range for now. Young suggests using the shuttle to push them off course for the sun but Rush explains he's already run the calculations and it won't work. Rush tells Young not to select him as one of the two chosen: he believes coming to the Destiny is his own destiny, and he doesn't want to leave. Rush asks Young to remove his name from the lottery entirely. As Young leaves, Rush asks who he's going to chosen. Young tells him he's selected Scott and Johansen. When Rush wonders about Greer, Young admits he's hoping Greer is selected in the lottery and Rush suggests that the colonel fix the lottery, noting some will think he did anyway.

Camille records a statement saying that anyone who finds it should tell Sharon that she loves her.

Young begins the lottery, explaining that he and Rush have excluded themselves, and Scott and Johansen are the two chosen survivors. On the shuttle, Scott has a gun ready in case of trouble. Among those chosen are Becker, Park, Brody, Riley, Camille, and Vanessa. Each departs one at a time for the shuttle. Spencer objects, saying they can fit more people in. When he ignores Young, Greer clubs his down and promises the same for anyone else.

Riley deploys the kino to follow and record them as they depart and Scott prepares for departure. Everyone else goes to the observation deck where Rush is already waiting, and watches as the shuttle leaves. Scott promises to think of them and Greer offers the same. As the shuttle departs, Eli turns the kino back toward the Destiny, giving them their first view of the ship's exterior. Rush thanks Eli for the privilege. As everyone leaves to be alone to prepare, Rush apologizes to Eli for bringing him along, but Eli says he's glad he came. Eli realizes from Rush's demeanor that they don't have long until the end. Rush explains what will happen as the ship is destroyed. The best he can do to reassure Chloe is tell her it'll be quick. Eli and Chloe turn back to the observation window and she rests her head on his shoulder.

As the Destiny draws closer to the sun, Young makes one last call to Earth. Afterward, he congratulates Greer on insulting Telford and admits he had it coming. Greer apologizes but Young tells him that he's a good man and shakes his hand.

Young records a statement to his wife Emily, but can't think of anything further to say.

Spencer wakes up in the Gate Room and goes to find the others. They are playing cards and praying.

Rush listens to music on his iPhone and reads.

Eli and Chloe hold hands on the Observation Deck.

In his quarters, Young removes his wedding ring, crying.

Greer strips naked and prepares to leave the world the same way he came in.

Aboard the shuttle, Riley hesitantly points out it's his birthday. Meanwhile, Brody and Scott check out the third planet and determine that it will support human life... barely.

The Destiny travels through the sun's outer shell and Rush finally realizes that they're alive much longer than they should be. He goes to the control room and discovers that they still have power. He goes to the Observation Deck and tells Eli and Chloe that he was wrong on his calculations and the ship's shields are holding. Outside, the Destiny extrudes solar absorbers and repowers itself. Inside, the crew realizes that they will survive. Young goes to the control room where Eli and Rush confirm that they're fully inside the sun. The ship flew them there to recharge itself. However, as it emerges on the other side of the sun, they realize that they must contact the shuttle and get it back before they go to hyperdrive.

Scott puts the shuttle into a high orbit above the third planet. Johansen wonders if the ones who stayed behind weren't the lucky ones, given the minimal conditions on the planet. Young contacts them and tells them to get back aboard the Destiny. However, the ship continues to accelerate and Scott can't find any way to accelerate. Eli and Rush are unable to find a way to slow Destiny down. However, Rush comes up with an idea and orders Scott to perform a slingshot maneuver around the planet to gain the necessary velocity. Eli performs the calculations and then goes to the Observation Deck to watch with Chloe. Scott uses the maneuver rockets to match speeds and enters the docking bay. On the Observation Deck, Chloe embraces Eli briefly but then runs to be with Scott.

Later, the crew celebrates their successful reunion. Rush comes in but points out they're right back where they started from. Young tries to congratulate him for his willingness to sacrifice himself, until he realizes that Rush may very well have known the ship would survive. Rush leaves and Young tries to work out if he did know or not. The others suggest that he let it go, but Young admits they have a lot of work left.