Lost - Recap

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Riley is using a kino to record Rush's efforts to rescue their missing teammates, and explains for the record that since the Stargates they have access to are earlier models than the one on Earth, the next planet they arrive at will be out of Stargate range of the planet with Scott's stranded team. The power suddenly drains out of the systems, including the kino.

As James talks with Johansen about her sex life, she realizes that Young has Johansen checking on everyone. They're interrupted when the power systems go out. Young calls Rush, who explains that Destiny is apparently activating a power-saving mode. However, Brody notes that the reserves are 90% full, and suggests that they shouldn't try to interfere.

On the planet, Scott's team explores the tunnels in the hopes of finding food and water, and then use the Stargates to catch up. Eli warns that they have no idea which direction the Stargates lie in that they can contact, and no idea where Destiny is going. The tunnels continue to collapse due to the explosion, and Scott orders them to continue.

Young comes to see Rush, who is working to restore the systems. The scientist warns that until they drop out of FTL, he has no idea if they can rescue the others.

As Scott's team takes a break, Eli admits that he painted a bleaker picture then he intended about their ability to catch up to Destiny. He explains that the ship is on a set path, and they need to determine a chain of planets that will get them to the planets near Destiny. However, it's a 50-50 shot at best. Scott gets the others moving when another spider approaches them.

Rush and Brody notice something on the navigational charts, but Rush refuses to tell Young until he's certain. Meanwhile, Johansen tells Young that James is under stress because she endangered the team, but suggests that Young give her some encouragement. He wonders if James is over Scott, who she had a relationship with, and Johansen says it's not an issue. Johansen then starts to bring up her pregnancy and the fact that Young is the father, but Rush calls Young. Johansen delays and Young goes to see Rush. The scientist informs him that he's confirmed that they're at the edge of their current galaxy. Once they leave the galaxy, they'll be beyond the range of any Stargates... and any chance to rescue the stranded team.

Eli makes contact with the kino and discovers that it's at an exit, but they don’t know where the exit is. Chloe realizes that the decorations on the wall are guide maps, and determines what she believes is a nearby exit. A panicky Greer runs off to investigate before Scott can stop him, He finds an exit, but another tremor brings the ceiling down on top of him.

Johansen talks to Park and admits that she procrastinated and didn't tell Young the news. Park warns that Johansen is starting to show and Young will find out soon enough. Johansen worries about what he will or won't say, and says that something always seems to happen to interrupt them... just as the ship drops out of FTL.

Scott, Eli, and Chloe try to make contact with Greer, but get no response.

Rush warns Young that they have three hours to check out the nearby Stargates before the ship departs. He leaves with James and a team, while Johansen calls Young and asks for a meeting. He wonders if it's important and his radio malfunctions before he can get a response.

Scott realizes that the tunnel is collapsing and orders Eli and Chloe to leave. They're reluctant to go but he insists, and then calls Greer and apologizes for abandoning him before leaving with the others.

Greer wakes up amidst the rubble and remembers back to his childhood when he was locked in a closet by his abusive father. His radio is broken and he's unable to call Scott.

Scott, Eli, and Chloe find the exit and the kino. Eli and Chloe climb out while Scott hesitates at the thought of having lost Greer.

Greer tries to dig himself out while remembering how he would work in the yard while his father drank and watched, and then destroy his work and have him start again. Later, Greer would tell his mother Angela that they need to leave.

Scott's team gets to the Stargate and prepares to leave. Scott suggests that they wait for Young to make contact, but Eli warns that they can't risk losing contact before the ship passes out of range. Scott reluctantly agrees and Eli dials the first planet and sends the kino through. They're unable to get a clear picture on the other side due to fog, but confirm that it's a breathable planet.

As Greer gets to the surface and runs for the Stargate, he remembers how his father found him looking at his old war photos. Reginald then took him into the worst part of the city and ordered him out. Greer had no choice but to get out.

Scott's team arrives on the planet and wonders how long to wait. They discover they have little choice when they hear something large approaching them and Eli starts dialing. Meanwhile, Greer gets to the Stargate but discovers that the others are gone.

As Eli dials the wormhole, a large alien creature comes after them.

Back on the planet, Greer starts a campfire and remembers how he returned home to discover his house on fire. His mother was trapped inside and he managed to get her out. Greer then imagines Reginald there with him, advising him to have let him burn.

James and Rush's team check ten planets and James suggests that they split up. Rush agrees and James insists that they'll find them with a bit of luck. He admits that he doesn't believe in luck.

Greer remembers visiting his father was in the hospital with other soldiers who had suffered from contamination during the war. Reginald finally goes berserk and attacks his comrade until Greer pulls him off.

Young finally gets a chance to see Johansen, who immediately tells him that she's pregnant and that the child is his. Johansen tells him that she's keeping it, and wonders what he has to say on the subject. Young takes her hand as she starts to cry and assures her that they'll make it work, and they embrace.

Eli and the others are on a desert planet. They send the kino through to the next planet but discover that the atmosphere is toxic. They have no way to get it back and Scott volunteers to explore the next planet first and then radio back and tell them if it's safe.

Greer imagines his father telling him that he's been abandoned, and there's no one else he can count on but himself. In the past, the teenaged Greer visits his father and Angela explains that Reginald has an infection in the brain. He tells her that he enlisted because he didn't get the scholarship, and now he wants to use what he has to make a difference despite what Reginald said.

Scott goes through the Stargate and finds a forest planet covered in snow. He lets the others know it's safe and they come through. However, Eli confirms that the nearest planet is the one where Young stranded Rush, and they're heading in the wrong direction. Eli warns that they can't retrace their steps and suggests they should go to that planet and check out the computer that Rush booted up. There may be at least some information on the computer about the Stargate locations, and he can duplicate Rush's work and get a map. Chloe warns that they don’t want to be captured by the aliens, and Eli says they have to do it quickly and they don't have a choice. Scott considers the decision.

Greer wakes up when the Gate activates. He prepares to attack whoever comes through, but confirms that it's James and her team.

Scott, Eli, and Chloe go to the planet and explore the wrecked ship. With time running out, Eli activates the computers and Scott gives him 15 minutes.

James brings Greer back to Destiny, and Greer insists they only left him because they didn't think he was alive.

Eli is unable to decipher the computer in 15 minutes. As Scott orders him to leave, Chloe spots a map and is surprised to realize she can understand the systems. Eli realizes that he can chart a course back to Destiny using the information. However, he realizes that Destiny is leaving the galaxy and they only have a very short period of time.

Young and others wait for the clock to run out the last five minutes before they have to leave.

Eli and the others retrace their steps and get to the planet where Destiny is orbiting. Eli dials the Stargate but discovers that another Stargate is making contact, preventing them from establishing a wormhole.

Aboard Destiny, Rush and his team return. The ship jumps into FTL.

On the planet, Eli realizes that they have lost the coordinates and there's nothing more they can do.

As the Destiny travels through FTL, Riley carries on for Eli and asks for a minute or two with Greer to record it for posterity. Greer goes to his quarters, ignoring him. Once alone, Greer sits in silence.