Incursion (1) - Recap

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Trapped in a locked room, Telford tells Young to let him out, warning that if he dies, Rush will dies as well. Camille, Scott, and Greer are outside, and Camille contacts Brody in the interface room and tells him to restore the oxygen. Young repeats his order to Brody and tells him to ignore Camille, despite the fact that Scott agrees with her. Brody follows Young's orders and they watch as Telford gasps for air.

On the Alliance's Icarus-like planet, Rush is working to establish the ninth chevron when he collapses.

Scott tries to open the door but Greer shoves him past. Telford collapses to the floor, dead, and Young checks his watch. Camille accuses him of murder. After a number of seconds have passed, Young tells Brody to vent the air back in. They open the door and Young administers CPR, reviving Telford. He immediately warns them that the Lucian Alliance is coming for Destiny.

Young mobilizes the crew, informing them that the Alliance is planning an attack. He locks down the Gateroom and the surrounding corridors and puts the soldiers on high alert. Young then informs O'Neill of what's going on, and the general sends the Hammond to the planet to recover Rush, with Colonel Sam Carter commanding. Next, Young tells Camille and the other civilians that they'll remain in their quarters if the incursion happens. After the meeting, Camille wonders to Young if they can trust Telford, and Young warns that they can't. As Young goes, Scott approaches him and asks why he wasn't informed of the plan. Young simply wonders if Scott needs an explanation before he'll follow orders, and warns that if he does, they'll have a problem.

Johansen checks out Telford and confirms that he's okay. Young then talks to Telford privately, and Telford thanks him for doing whatever it took to free him of the Alliance brainwashing. He remembers everything that he was forced to do, including cause the deaths of his friends, and Young tries to reassures him. Telford suggests that Young break the connection and send him back to his body, but the colonel still believes he's more useful where he is. He tells Telford to rest and get his strength back.

After Telford leaves, Young talks to Johansen and tells her to stay in sickbay to deal with the wounded. He explains that he plans to evacuate the air from the Gateroom once the Alliance comes through. Johansen wonders if there is any option, but Young doesn't believe that's the case. She tells him that she won't give him forgiveness for what he has planned.

On the Alliance planet, Kiva tortures Rush to confirm that Telford hasn't returned to his body, and then puts him back to work.

The Hammond emerges from FTL and confirms that the planet is emitting massive energy surges. Carter contacts O'Neill and explains that the surges will prevent them from beaming Rush up to the ship, so they'll have to launch a land assault. She sends out a flight of 302s, which open fire. Rush warns Kiva that dialing the ninth chevron will cause an energy overload and destroy the planet, and she tells him to begin anyway.

In the control room, Eli is going over the briefing video on the Alliance when Chloe comes in. She wonders what will happen and Eli informs her that Young will do whatever it takes to save them and stop the Alliance. As they watch the Gateroom on the monitor, the Stargate activates.

On the planet, Kiva sends her men through and orders them to take Rush with them. The planet starts to come apart due to the energy overload.

Young and the others watch as the first wave of Alliance soldiers come through the Stargate. When he sees Rush in Telford's body, he hesitates and then tells Scott to have his men take prisoners.

Ion sickbay, Rush finds himself back in his own body as the connection is severed by Gate travel. Johansen tells him what's going on.

As the planet's core goes critical, Carter orders the 302s back to the Hammond. Meanwhile, Kiva tells as many of people to get through the Stargate as possible. As the planet collapses around her, she enters the Stargate herself. In orbit, Carter orders the Hammond to depart before it's caught in the planet's destruction. She's forced to abandon two 302 fighters that haven't made it back in time.

On Destiny, Kiva watches as the men coming through behind her are blasted through by the planet's destruction... and realizes that almost a hundred of her people were killed in the blast.

Chloe wonders if they should retreat, but Eli insists on staying where they are.

Young updates Scott on the fact that Kiva has Rush and that the soldiers will have to capture her and her people the hard way.

Kiva turns to Telford, now back in his own body, and blames him for the death of her people. Telford uses a password to confirm who he is and insists that he's still on her side. Young calls them over the intercom and instructs them to surrender before he vents the air. Unimpressed, Kiva has her men open the doors with Gou'ald devices and a firefight begins. The Destiny soldiers are forced to retreat. In sickbay, Rush runs off and Johansen goes after him.

As the fighting approaches their position, Chloe says that they have to go. She and Eli manage to stay ahead of the Alliance forces and enter an elevator, but Chloe is wounded. Elsewhere, Kiva's men capture Johansen but lose Rush when Brody seals a bulkhead and cuts him off from them. Kiva then contacts Young and tells him that she has no plans to surrender.

Carter contacts O'Neill and tells her what happened. O'Neill admits that Young hasn't made contact with him yet.

In the Gateroom, Kiva disables the camera. In the control room, Rush wonders why Young didn't cut the air and kill the invaders. Young refuses to answer, and Rush uses the computer to determine where Kiva's people are located. Scott arrives and informs them that twelve of their people are unaccounted for.

Eli tries to stabilize Chloe and activate the elevator again, but discovers that Rush has cut off the power. He warns Chloe that he's not sure where they are, and that they have no way back. All they can do now is figure out where the elevator has taken them.

Kiva offers Young an alliance in determining the ship's full potential. When he refuses, she suggests she can leave him and the others off on the next inhabitable planet they encounter. Young isn't interested and threatens to vent the air, but Kiva points out that if he was going to do that, he would have when she and her people first arrived. Camilla suggests that they negotiate and is surprised when Young readily agrees.

In the Gateroom, Kiva prepares to execute three of the hostages, including Johansen, as a demonstration to Young. Telford intervenes, warning that it will force Young's hand and that he can do better.

Camille wants to negotiate the exchange of prisoners with the four Alliance soldiers she captured. Young agrees, but warns that it probably won't succeed.

Telford checks the ship's plans and determines a route where they can cut through the wall, pass through a section open to space but protected by force fields, and get to the interface room. Kiva is leery of weakening her forces but Telford points out that once they take control of the ship, it won't matter. She agrees but only gives him six men to carry out his plan, and warns that if he fails, she'll proceed to shoot the hostages, including Johansen. Telford suggests that they keep Johansen since she's a medic. Camille then contacts them and offers an exchange of their four prisoners for four of the hostages. When Kiva wonders if Young will agree to the exchange, Camille assures her that the earth military defers to civilian control. Kiva agrees to consider Camille's offer. In the control room, Rush argues against the plan, warning that it will give Kiva reinforcements and that ultimately, they'll have to kill her and her people. Young is reluctant and Rush points out that he was willing to consider Rush an acceptable loss. As the two men yell at each other, Camille breaks up the argument. Young insists that no one will die if he can help it, and that they can count on Telford's help.

Eli and Chloe find a port and determine that they've moved down the length of the ship. When Chloe notices that the air is getting thin, Eli admits that he cut off much of the life support on Rush's orders, to conserve power. They have no choice but to keep moving and find fresh air. Chloe collapses from her wound and Eli carries her.

Kiva orders Johansen to tend to her injured lieutenant, Varro, and warns that if he doesn't make it, neither will Johansen.

Young uses a communication stone to meet with O'Neill on Earth. The general wonders if Young is up to the challenge, and warns that if he isn't, there are others who will be glad to take command. Young refuses to give up command of Destiny and O'Neill tells him to get back to the ship and make the tough decisions.

Telford takes his six men through the wall and into the section open to space. He checks a ship's control panel and confirms their coordinates.

In the control room, Rush realizes that the ship hasn't entered hyperspace since the wormhole shut down. Park confirms that Telford has entered his personal code in a control panel, and Young and Scott take soldiers to capture the Alliance men.

Eli and Chloe continue to move through the ship, moving cautiously from section to section. As Chloe goes into shock, Eli loans her his sweater.

Telford comes to the door to the next section, where Young has laid his ambush. When he pretends he can't open the door, an Alliance man takes over. However, a beam of light from the force field shines down on him, and reduces him to ash in a matter of seconds. Shocked, the other Alliance soldiers retreat and Telford realizes that he's lost his chance to lead them into the ambush. Power surges occur throughout the ship. Telford opens the door and asks Young what is going on, and the colonel confirms that he has no idea what caused the soldier's death. Young orders his people to stand down and loans Telford a radio so he can secretly signal him the next time he lures Alliance soldiers out.

Eli is finally forced to take a break and they wonder what's happening. Chloe is still losing blood, and Eli promises to take care of her and holds her hand.

Telford goes back to the Gateroom and warns Kiva that something is going on that Young has no control over. She isn't convinced, and contacts Young, asking for a sign of good faith. She has Johansen ask for medical supplies to tend to the wounded Alliance soldiers. Rush insists that they can't give in, but Camille believes they should cooperate. Young agrees with Rush and insists they have to do something now before time runs out.