Subversion - Recap

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Rush is trying to sleep in his quarters but is plagued by dreams of himself on Earth meeting some men at a warehouse near the ocean. He wakes up and goes to tell Young what he experienced. Young dismisses it as a dream, until Rush explains that he saw "his" reflection in the mirror, and that it was a reflection of David Telford.

Young calls in Scott and asks him about the similar experience he had when he "saw" Telford's memories of Young's wife Emily. Scott wonders if Young is simply imagining things because of Telford's involvement with Emily, and Young explains that Telford spent a year undercover within the Lucian Alliance. They attacked a planetary outpost eight months after Telford infiltrated them, and he knew what they had planned. However, he let 37 people die rather than risk blowing his cover. Young figures that the Lucian Alliance may have used stolen Gou'ald brainwashing equipment to turn Telford and make him a traitor.

As Young confers with Rush, Eli comes in on them and Young quickly sends him away before he can overhear anything. Rush suggests that he take the place of the next crewman using the communication stones to temporarily go back to Earth, and that then he can find out who Telford was involved with while using Telford's body. When Young objects, Rush explains that he saw the number 314 in Telford's memories, but doesn't know what it means. The scientist figures that if he's back on Earth in Telford's body, it will trigger more memories. Young warns that because they don't know far up the conspiracy extends within Stargate Command, he can't tell anyone what they're up to. Rush will be on his own without any protection.

When Camille learns that Rush is being bumped up on the communication stone roster, she goes to Young to get an explanation. He insists that it's a military matter and she'll just have to trust him.

Rush arrives on Earth in Telford's body and pretends to be the person he replaced. He leaves with an escort. Meanwhile, Telford quickly realizes that he's in Rush' body and insists on seeing Young. Scott takes Telford to get some military clothing, stalling so that Young can use another communication stone to go to Earth and meet with Lt. General Jack O'Neill. Young explains what he's done and admits that he doesn't trust Rush, who may be the mole and trying to frame Telford. He wants O'Neill to assign surveillance to Rush to follow him and see who he contacts.

The Destiny crew have a baby shower for Johansen, giving what gifts they can. Eli is taking photos for the occasion, and Volker and Brody talk to him privately and ask if he knows why Rush suddenly went to Earth. Eli admits that he doesn’t know. They watch as Telford arrives and pulls away Camille for a private meeting.

On Earth, Young suggests to O'Neill that Telford may be brainwashed. They both figure that they need to keep the number of people involved to a minimum. They're not sure if Rush is the traitor, or why he would make up a story about Telford, but they both agree he should be kept under surveillance.

Rush ditches his escort and goes to Telford's home. He searches the colonel's office and finds a safe deposit box key marked 314, and a bank statement.

Young returns to the ship and confronts Telford and Camille. He invites Telford to his office so he can provide an explanation.

Rush uses the key to get Telford's safe deposit box. Inside it is a cell phone, and he dials the only number listed. The person at the other end demands to know why he's calling. Rush pretends to be Telford and says that he has additional information and asks for a rendezvous.

Young shares a drink with Telford and they talk about how Young attacked Telford on Earth when he learned Telford was meeting Emily. Telford figures that Young is trying to get revenge, and points out that he was sleeping with Johansen. In response, Young accuses Telford of jealousy because he was supposed to get command of Destiny as a reward for his undercover operation. He then moves on to Telford letting 37 people die to maintain his cover. Telford refuses to answer and stalks off, and Young tells Scott to follow him.

The Alliance agents pick up Rush and take him to the same warehouse he saw in his dream. They are unaware that Daniel Jackson is covertly following them on O'Neill's orders. The Alliance agents are using a jamming device to avoid detection , and the general has an assault squad standing by. A woman arrives to talk to Rush, and asks who he really is. She points out that he didn't use the proper identification codes when he called. They stun him and then reveal a cloaked Gou'ald cargo ship nearby. They get into the cargo ship and depart before the soldiers can move in and stop them.

Chloe comes to see Johansen, who is crying in the mess room. Johansen admits that she doesn't have much hope for the baby having any kind of normal life, but Chloe promises that the entire crew will look after the baby and that there's always hope.

Daniel returns to the Pentagon and briefs O'Neill and Young about what happened. They've identified the woman as Kiva, the daughter of an Alliance warlord. O'Neill thinks they should cut the communication stone signal and recover Rush, but Young warns that if they do, they'll leave Telford with the Alliance and lose any chance of getting more information. He wants to hold onto Telford so that they can interrogate him for more information. Daniel objects but O'Neill overrides him and agrees to let Young handle things his way.

Rush wakes up on the cargo ship and Kiva apologizes for his treatment. He tries to bluff, claiming he omitted the identification codes so they would abduct him and maintain his cover, but Kiva doesn't believe him. She asks him to provide her name, which Rush does, but Kiva still doesn't believe him.

Young returns to Destiny and confronts Telford, saying that they have enough information to identify him as a traitor. Telford insists that he's innocent, and claims that Young is setting him up because he told Emily that Young was having an affair. Young leaves without answering, and tells Greer that he'll soon have a chance to take a shot at Telford.

When Rush refuses to identify himself, Kiva orders her men to torture him. She insists that she's just doing what she can to protect her people, and that she could brainwash him. However, she doesn't know what will happen if she brainwashes Rush's mind in Telford's body. Rush continues to resist the torture for the time being.

Young returns to interrogate Telford, warning that Rush's story has checked out and Telford's residual memories from the communication stone confirm his guilt. Telford continues to insist that he's innocent, and Young shows him a photo of the soldiers who died at Icarus Base because of Telford's alleged betrayal. Telford snaps and attacks Young. Greer comes in to break them up and hits Telford, until Scott stops him. Young orders both of them out and then continues his interrogation of Telford.

Kiva's men continue to torture Rush, who she figures is either Young or Scott. When Rush wonders what he has to gain by telling her anything, she promises not to kill him. Rush finally tells her his name.

Telford demands that Young break the communication stone connection and return him to his own body, but Young refuses.

Kiva shows Rush a data readout on a planet they've discovered that has substantial naquadria deposits. He realizes that she plans to use the planet's energy to open the ninth chevron and dial Destiny.

Young continues to hammer at Telford, reminding him of the 37 people that he sacrificed to maintain his cover. He appeals to Telford, suggesting that he was brainwashed by the Lucian Alliance and that he has to confess before they can start to cure him. All they need him to do is tell them where Kiva is taking Rush. Telford refuses to talk.

Kiva's ship arrives at the planet and she takes Rush to the Stargate they've set up. She introduces Rush to one of the lead scientists, Olan, and tells them to work together to establish the wormhole to Destiny. Rush checks Olan's work and warns that it may take him years to get their project working.

Camille tries to get in to see Telford, but Scott and Greer stop her. When they tell her that it's a military matter, she warns them that it was that kind of attitude that sparked off the mutiny. Camille appeals to Scott, warning that they'll all have to live with Young's decision. Young comes out and Camille confronts him, but he ignores her and walks away.

Kiva demands a status report from Rush, who warns that it could take years to undo Olan's shoddy work. She immediately has her man strangle Olan in front of Rush. He admits that he was stalling, and she warns him that he won't get another chance.

Eli, Brody, and Volker watch from the control room as Young uses a communication stone to bring O'Neill to the ship. Young and O'Neill go to see Telford. Once he knows who O'Neill is, he asks for counsel and warns that Young is torturing him. Young points out that O'Neill okayed his operation and they ask again where Rush is. Telford finally smirks and tells them that he is a traitor, and that it's too late to stop the Alliance.

As Rush continues to work on the ninth chevron project, Kiva'a lieutenant Varro brings him food. The Alliance soldier asks Rush what it's like to be on an Ancients ship, saying he'll soon be there himself. Rush wonders what happens if he fails, and Varro insists that Kiva will keep her word. However, he admits that while Kiva won't kill Rush, she'll have Varro do it for her.

Telford boasts that he's no traitor, and that in fact he's trying to help the Alliance since Earth abandoned the races that they freed from Gou'ald domination. O'Neill tells Young to do whatever it takes and Young has the airman in the interface room break the connection, sending O'Neill back to Earth. As Young leaves, he finds Camille waiting for him outside. She wants him to cut Telford's connection so they get Rush back, and he realizes that Scott told her what's going on. He ignores her request and calls the control room. Young tells Brody to vent the air out of Telford's chamber. Shocked, Eli and Volker watch as Brody follows Young's order. Telford figures that Young is bluffing and won't endanger Rush. In response, Young tells him that he's willing to sacrifice Rush for the greater good.