Incursion (2) - Recap

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The Lucian Alliance invaders are barricaded in the Gateroom, and Kiva continues to have Johansen tend to Varro, Kiva's lieutenant. Young calls them on the radio and informs Kiva that he'll give her the requested medical supplies as a sign of good faith, but insists that they make the exchange personally. Kiva agrees to his request. Young takes Greer with him, armed and disguised as a civilian medic, and the colonel tells Scott to open fire on his command.

In the linking corridor, Kiva arrives to meet with them. She has taken the precaution of bringing Johansen with her. As Johansen checks the medical supplies to make sure they're valid, Young offers Greer in return for Johansen. Before Kiva can respond, the power flickers and both sides draw guns, including Greer. When Young tells Johansen to come with them, Kiva threatens to shoot her unless she stays. Johansen steps back with Kiva, who tells Young that if Greer or Young kill her, her men will immediately kill the hostages. Young has no choice but to back down and Kiva retreats to the Gateroom. Once she's there, she immediately shoots and kills one of the Destiny soldiers, Rivers. When Telford objects, insisting they need live hostages, Kiva ignores him and has Johansen radio Young and apprise him of the situation.

Eli takes a break from carrying Chloe and trying to find a way back to the inhabited part of the ship. She hopes that everyone is okay and wonder what Young will do with the captured Alliance soldiers. Eli just wants it all to be over, and then picks her up and continues onward.

In the control room, an angry Young demands answers from Rush, Park, Volker, and Brody. They don't have anything for him, and he tells them to find something out, quickly. When he informs them that Kiva killed Rivers, Rush notes that it could have been anyone, including Eli or Chloe, and that Young is to blame for not killing the invaders when he had the chance. Young lunges at the scientist and the others restrain him, and the colonel tells them to fix the ship.

Kiva assigns one of her soldiers, Koz, to help Johansen operate on the injured Varro. She then orders her men to haul Rivers' corpse away while Telford watches, helpless.

Camille and Young discuss the situation, and she suggests that he surrender the ship. Young insists that Kiva will kill anyone that can't help her, and that the number of Destiny crew that the Alliance commander will need is very small. Kiva radios them and demands to speak with Camille, and asks why Camille let Young set up the ambush. When Camille admits she spoke out against the plan but couldn't do anything to stop him, Kiva wonders why she should trust her. Kiva then agrees to the original prisoner exchange, four for four, as well as the agreed-upon transfer of food and water. Camille agrees, and then looks up as the power flickers again.

Rush and the others inform Young that the source of their problems is a nearby binary pulsar. It's giving off 46-minute bursts of increasingly strong ionized radiation, and the ship's shields are drawing all available power to protect the vessel. Kiva activating the Stargate forced them to drop out of FTL and they ended up near the pulsar. Their FTL has been compromised and they have no way to escape the pulsar before the shields give out and they all die after two more bursts.

Camille contacts Kiva by radio and tells her what's happening. Kiva insists on going ahead with the trade first, and then has Telford check on Varro. He goes to the makeshift operating room and updates Johansen on the situation, and Johansen realizes that Kiva won't help them deal with the shields. Telford insists that he can get Kiva to come around. Once he leaves, Johansen finishes the operation and all but collapses from the strain and the stress of her pregnancy. Koz notices, but she insists that she's fine and she's done the best she can for Varro. She then asks Kiva to tend to the other wounded, and the Alliance commander agrees.

Scott prepares to make the exchange and offers a flak jacket to Camille, who is going along. She refuses, saying that if she wears it, Kiva will take it as a sign of weakness. Young accompanies the party to the connecting corridor, and Camille insists on going in alone with the prisoners. Kiva is waiting and turns over three of the hostages. When Camille points out that she promised four, Kiva has her men turn over Rivers' corpse. The Alliance commander refuses to exchange Johansen, and tells Camille to deal with the problem of the pulsar before they have any further discussion. After she leaves, Camille updates Scott and Young, and they wonder where Eli and Chloe are.

Eli is having trouble carrying Chloe's weight and she tells him to take a break. As they sit, Chloe thanks him for being a good friend, but Eli passes off her comment with a joke. He goes to the next door and opens it, and discovers vacuum from a leak on the other side. He and Chloe are almost pulled out before he manages to seal the door.

Scott worries about Chloe, and Greer assures him that Eli would die before letting Chloe come to harm. He tells Scott to focus on the problem at hand, and have faith in Young to handle the situation. When Scott wonders how Greer can be so confident, Greer tells him to learn to have confidence in his superior officer.

When Varro wakes up, he thanks Johansen for helping him and notes that it must be hard to aid the enemy. Johansen insists that she would have helped him regardless, but doesn't want his thanks.

As Eli and Chloe recover, Chloe tells him that she realizes that she doesn't have any good friends on Earth, and that being with him has taught her what a real friend is like. When Eli brushes off her comment, Chloe insists that it's not a runner-up prize to be her friend. He tries to explain and Chloe assures him that she knows what he's feeling. There's an awkward silence, and Eli looks around and spots a nearby control panel and goes to work.

The next burst occurs on time, and Rush suggests that they only shield the inhabited topside of the ship. The power they save will buy them enough time to repair the FTL drive. The only problem is that they have to spacewalk to get to the shield array and make the adjustment. The closest exit point to the array is the hull breech in the section that Kiva controls. Camille explains the situation to Kiva via radio, and the Alliance commander agrees to give them access only if they transfer ship control to her.

Telford goes to a damaged section and claims he's making a safety inspection, and then uses the hidden radio to contact Young and tell him what's going on. He tells Young to surrender, but to claim that Rush and Brody panicked and ran off. The two scientists will go to an auxiliary control room, and Telford will rig the Gateroom systems at his end so that they can take control of the ship back. Telford figures that Kiva will put all of the prisoners in one compartment. Once Rush regains control, he can vent atmosphere in the other chambers and eliminate the Alliance invaders.

Young agrees to the plan and informs Kiva that he and his people are surrendering. He merely asks that she guarantee there'll be no retribution against anyone afterward, and Kiva agrees. As they prepare to surrender, Eli contacts them via the control panel. With time running out, Rush and Brody quickly respond and leave. Young then surrenders to Kiva.

As Johansen checks on Varro's wound, he suggests that she get used to the idea that they'll be working together, and that they call for a personal truce. The power flickers again with the next radiation burst. Scott and Greer don EVA suits and Kiva gives them access to the hull breach, dropping the force field sealing it off. Meanwhile, Telford slips away and sabotages a power relay. He then goes to the Gateroom and sends the Alliance soldier monitoring the systems to investigate the damaged relay. Telford then begins the transfer of ship control back to Rush and Brody. However, Kiva realizes something is going on and comes to investigate. She draws her gun at the same time as Telford and they both shoot.

Rush realizes that the transfer of control has stopped. He warns Scott and Greer, who are struggling with the shield array. They manage to free the manual control and transfer energy to the topside shield emitters.

Calvos, Kiva's other lieutenant, finds Telford and Kiva, both shot and unconscious. He assumes that Young has other soldiers at large, and beats Young demanding answers. Taking command, Calvos takes Young away and ignores Scott's pleas to drop the force field so they can come back inside. When Young protests, Calvos has his men beat him the colonel. With time running out until the next burst, Rush tells Scott and Greer to go to Eli's location, where they can use the closest airlock. With time running out and no other options, the two soldiers run for the airlock.

Rush notifies Eli of what's happening. Eli apologizes to Chloe for leaving her, kisses her on the cheek, and tells her to remember his feelings for her no matter what happens. When Chloe wonders what he means, Eli runs off to save his friends.

Calvos separates the civilians and the soldiers, and prepares to shoot Young and the other soldiers. Varro hears about the situation over the radio and Calvos informs him that he's going to eliminate the danger from the military. Johansen objects, and warns that she won't operate on Kiva unless her people's safety is assured. The wounded human soldiers try to fight back, and one of them fires off a few shots as Varro struggles with him. Varro and his men kill Young's people, but realize that Johansen has been shot in the stomach.

With time running out, Rush and Brody realize that Scott and Greer won't make it to the airlock in time.

As Eli tries to get to the airlock, Chloe passes out from her wound.

Calvos prepares to shoot Young and the soldiers. He forces the others to kneel, but Young remaining defiantly standing. The colonel looks up as the lights flicker as another burst sweeps across the ship.