Intervention (3) - Recap

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Johansen wakes up in a cabin on the mountains, her wound healed. Her baby, alive and well, is nearby. Dr. Caine, one of the crew that remained behind on the planet, comes in and explains that the aliens they found brought her to their planet, and her baby is safe.

Aboard Destiny, Eli runs to the airlock and opens the door to let Scott and Greer in. He opens the door, and then calls Rush and Brody to inform them that the soldiers didn't make it. However Scott contacts them on the radio and tells them that they took refuge on the underside of the ship to avoid exposure to the radiation.

Varro tells Dannic and his men that Kiva was shot and Johansen was injured. When Dannic says it was a mistake to trust Johansen, Young attacks him until Dannic's men pull him off. Varro separates them and says they need to use the Destiny crew to use the communication stones to bring medics from Earth, and there's nothing they can tell their superiors that will make a difference. Dannic agrees.

Eli gets Scott and Greet into the ship. Chloe walks up and explains that she's doing better. They examine her leg wound and discover that the bleeding has stopped. She wonder what they need to do now.

Camille and three civilians use the communication stones and a team of doctors take their place. Their leader is Dr. Brightman. Varro takes them to tend to the wounded.

Rush confirms that the countdown clock is working again, allowing them to make a FTL jump. Brody doesn't see why that's a problem, but Rush doesn't appear convinced.

Scott and Greer send Eli and Chloe to meet with Rush and Brody, while they scout the area.

Dr. Brightman warns Varro that his people will pull through, but there's no guarantee that Kiva, Johansen, or her baby will survive.

In the cabin, Johansen tends to her baby. Caine explains that the aliens provided them with cabins, allowing the crew to survive the winter. Johansen isn't convinced, and asks why the aliens brought her there and singled her out from among the wounded. Caine explains that the aliens knew that she was pregnant, and the baby would have died if they hadn't brought her there.

The Lucian technician, Ginn, informs Varro that the countdown clock has started again. Dr. Brightman calls to tell him that Kiva is dead.

Greer and Scott avoid the Lucian soldiers, and Scott goes to get some special equipment.

Chloe and Eli get to the control room. Rush informs them that they still have limited control over the power distribution systems. He's redirected energy away from the shields so that the two sides have a level playing field. Rush figures that Varro will have to deal.

Dannic and another Lucian soldier, Simeon, argue that they should kill all of the crew. Varro disagrees, noting the original plan didn't include Kiva being killed. He insists they can't go on a bloody rampage, and informs the others that Ginn has confirmed that there's a planet at extreme Stargate range. They'll send everyone through except for the doctors and Johansen. When the others wonder why, Varro says that she may prove useful. They're unaware that Scott and Greer are watching them via a hidden Kino, and know that they plan to search the ship for Rush and the others.

On the planet, Pete and Dana, two of the others who remained behind, come to see the baby. Caine takes her out to see something.

Telford wakes up and finds Simeon waiting for him. Telford claims that they were attacked by Destiny crewmen, and that he was shot in the front because he tried to turn around. Simeon assures him that the ship is under Lucian control, and they'll soon be taking care of Young and his men.

Varro tells Young about their plan, and Young warns that they have no idea if the planet can maintain life for an extended period. However, he has no choice and is forced to go through with the others. They arrive on a barren planet and Young starts to get them organized as a storm approaches.

Dannic's men find Rush and the others. The countdown clock suddenly stops and Ginn realizes that the radiation is affecting the engines again. Dannic starts to choke her for her failure, but Varro calls him off. Instead, Dannic tells his men to bring Rush to the Gateroom and kill the others. However, Greer and Scott arrive and take them out. Rush then calls Dannic and tells him that he's depleted the shields, and will continue to do so until the Lucian soldiers surrender. The scientist insists that he'll die rather than let Dannic control the ship. Dannic smashes the radio and tells his men to find them. When Varro tries to calm him down, Dannic holds him at gunpoint and takes command. He then orders Dannic and his supporters through the Stargate.

Rush figures that they are in the perfect position. Young and the others are out of range of the pulsar and they can barricade themselves in the shielded Hydroponics lab. They realize that Johansen and the doctors are still on board, and Scott and Greer go to get them. Scott tells Rush to give them 15 minutes and then seal the Hydroponics door.

On the planet, the crew find a series of caves. As they prepare to head out, Varro and his supporters come through the Stargate. Young is ready to abandon them, but Varro insists that he saved Young and the others from Dannic and Simeon.

On the ship, Greer and Scott get to sickbay and find Camille back in her body. They take out her guard and realize that while Johansen has pulled through, the baby is dead.

Caine shows Johansen an aurora on the horizon and says that it just appeared. He then thanks her, knowing that Young would have taken the rest of them back if she hadn't gone back. Caine then tells her that she made her choice, but the baby can stay. He promises to take care of the baby, but tells her that she has to go back.

As Camille tends to Johansen, Greer and Scott hear Dannic's men approaching. They open fire and try to hold them off.

Brody seals off the Hydroponic doors and explains that the plants will give them enough oxygen to survive. Eli objects, saying the next pulsar blast will be deadly to anyone outside of the room. but Rush says they can't take the chance for waiting for the others to get there. Scott calls Rush on the radio and warns that they've been cut off. They're unaware that Dannic is listening over the radio as Scott tells them to seal the door. Brody begins welding the door shut.

Johansen runs to the cabin and confirms that her baby is alive and well. Caine warns that the aliens can send her back whenever they want, and there's nothing they can do about it. However, he assures Johansen that she'll know her baby will always be taken care of.

The Lucian and Destiny survivors take shelter in a cave and wait for the storm. A nearby lightning strike hits near James, injuring her.

Dannic's men find the sealed door to the hydroponics lab, and Dannic prepares to blast it open. Telford warns that any explosion large enough to destroy the door will kill Rush. Ginn warns that the next pulsar blast is in five minutes. Rush tells them to surrender, but Dannic figures that he's bluffing. Telford insists that Rush is a coward and wouldn't sacrifice himself. When Dannic points out to Rush that his own people will die, Rush tells him that it's a necessary sacrifice. Dannic refuses to surrender. Eli watches on a hidden Kino and realizes that Dannic doesn't plan to surrender, but Rush says to wait. When Telford challenges Dannic, Dannic knocks him to the ground.

In the hydroponics lab, Brody wonders what will happen to Scott and the others. Rush says that he's sorry.

Dannic tells his people that they can't let Destiny go when it's in their grasp, but Telford insists that he's crazy. He prepares to shoot Telford... and Ginn shoots him from behind. She says that Dannic was crazy, and then contacts Rush and offers their surrender.

Caine tells Johansen that he thinks the aliens can still get them back home, but Johansen wonders why they haven't already. He warns her that no one on the ship will believe her, because what they've seen is different. Caine explains that Johansen will have to decide if the situation is a blessing or a curse. He then tells her goodbye, and she finds herself back in her body, on Destiny. Camille tells her that she's been on the ship the entire time, and that they lost the baby.

Scott and Greer reactivate the Stargate and bring back Young and the others. He offers them his congratulations, and Scott admits that it was Rush who saved the day. They wonder what to do with the Lucian soldiers, and he tells Scott to put them with the others. Scott then prepares to tell him about Johansen and the baby.

Young goes to see Johansen.

Ginn and Varro are brought together, while Eli watches on the monitors.

Rush goes to his cabin and tries to sleep. He gets up.

In Scott's cabin, Chloe looks at the bullet wounds in her leg, now fully healed.

Young drinks alone.

Destiny emerges early from FTL, at the destination it was heading for before the Lucian Alliance intercepted them. Brody and Volker confirm where they're at.

Johansen gets up against Camille's advice and walks out to clear her head. She goes to the messroom and looks out the window... and sees the aurora from the aliens' planet.