Aftermath - Recap

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Rush wakes up from a nightmare of his torture at the hands of Kiva's people. He goes to the monitor room where Dr. Park is complaining that the system has shut down. Rush restores it with a couple of pushed buttons, much to her surprise. He then leaves, claiming he's going for a walk. However, he goes to an empty stretch of corridor and opens a concealed panel. Inside is Destiny's main bridge. Rush powers up the systems... and his dead wife Gloria appears. She realizes that he's not going to tell the others that he's deciphered the master codes to the ship.

Ginn talks to Camille about her belief in godlike powers, and that the legends say Destiny could bestow such power. Camille admits she's trying to understand Ginn's perspective, and the woman explains that the Lucian Alliance burned crops and controlled planets, and forced children to fight or die. Ginn was forced to join the Alliance Guard because they threatened her family. She complains that they don't have enough food, and Camille admits that the rest of them don't either. When Ginn asks what the crew will do with their prisoners, Camille says that it hasn't been decided and Young will play a big part in the decision. Ginn asks for a chance to prove that some of them can cooperate.

Telford is locked in the cargo hold with the Alliance prisoners. Varro asks him what the crew has planned, and Telford warns that Young has changed.

In the mess room, the crew eats from their diminishing food stores and debates the merits of keeping the prisoners alive. Riley insists that they should respect the prisoners' rights.

Camille meets with Young and tells him that Johansen isn't ready to go back on duty after the recent loss of her baby. Young reluctantly agrees and asks how far she's gotten with the prisoners. She admits it would go easier if the Alliance prisoners knew they were safe, and Young wonders who is willing to starve to keep them alive. He points out that the Alliance was willing to abandon them on a planet, and doesn't believe their claim that they were just following orders. When she wonders if he's just going to dump them on the next viable planet, Young admits that they'll be lucky if they find one.

Gloria points out that Rush is in over his head, and he admits that the ship needs a full crew. He's keep in the ship on auto-pilot rather than risk another unexpected jump, and tries to figure out why the ship stops at some planets and not others. Gloria suggests that the stops are merely rest breaks, but Rush believes it's significant. One upcoming planet is locked entirely out of the system, but he believes it's rich in plant life and they need to stop there to resupply. Gloria suggests it's dangerous, and Rush realizes she's only there to question his actions. She avoids the question and Rush brings the ship out of hyperspace.

Rush returns to the others and tells them that the planet is viable. When they wonder why the ship has data about a planet with no Stargate, Rush confirms that there is a Stargate but it's nonfunctional. They're within shuttle range, and Rush suggests that he's been feeding the ship data. They have seven hours until Destiny leaves again, and an hour to make the trip. However, if they get the Stargate working, they can significantly reduce the time. Young assembles a team but Rush lies and says that he has work to do on the ship.

Young goes to see Johansen, who is preparing to go with the landing party. They have an awkward conversation and she insists that she's fine.

As Scott takes the shuttle out with the landing party, Rush works on the bridge. Dr. Franklin takes Gloria's place and warns him that he's missing things and it's too much for one person. He points out the atmospheric super-rotation and Rush hastily checks the scanners as Franklin says that his calculations about shuttle integrity didn't taken into account a million years of aging. Rush calls Scott and warns him about the super-rotation, and Gloria reappears to take Franklin's place.

Scott brings the shuttle down through the turbulence and reports that everything's fine. However, an engine goes out and they go down. The shuttle grazes a mountain and Scott makes a dead stick landing in a nearby field. In the aftermath, they determine that Riley's legs are trapped beneath wreckage and he's badly injured. Everyone else is okay.

Young calls Rush to the bridge and gets Scott's report. The colonel is surprised to learn that Rush warned them. As Rush arrives, Scott warns that they can't fly back. Rush tells Scott to find the Stargate and activate it, so that they can establish a wormhole to the ship when it drops out within range. James takes Eli, Volker, and Greer to look for the Stargate while Scott, Park, Dunning, and a marine stay with Johansen and Riley.

Camille informs Young that the IOA wants him to keep the prisoners on-board. A fight breaks out in the cargo hold and Young runs in to investigate. He grabs a soldier and starts choking him. Telford breaks cover ands tops him.

Eli and the others search for the Stargate, but there's no sign of it at the indicated coordinates.

Johansen and the others try to move Riley without success, and she warns Scott that the pressure of the wreckage is the only thing keeping him alive.

Eli confirms that Destiny has jumped. Greer calls them over to show them the Stargate... buried beneath rubble.

Back on the bridge, Gloria warns Rush that he needs to sleep before he makes more mistakes. When he suggests she might help, she says that she can't. He figures either he's insane or that she and Franklin are ship manifestation. Franklin is more helpful with technical matters, so he wants his help in figuring out why the ship stops for certain periods. Gloria admits she can't help and Franklin doesn't appear. There are no Stargates in the ship's range, and Rush can't stall the ship without some explanation. Also, the ship's drives have to run for at least four hours each time or they'll wear out. They'll only have one shot before the ship is out of range. When Gloria suggests that Rush tell the truth to Young, Rush warns that Young is unstable and not fit to lead the mission.

As Greer and the others dig, Scott comes over and warns them that Riley is in critical condition. All they can do is get the Stargate uncovered.

At the shuttle, Johansen sits with Riley, who asks if she's ever tended to someone she knows is going to die. She admits that she has. Riley admits that he isn't spiritual, but his mother is. His father put up with it and always went to church. Johansen reassures him that she won't leave, and he asks what she believes in. She admits she doesn't know, and then tells him about how she went back to the alien-created planet, and they have her baby. Park is in the next cabin and listens, crying.

Varro comes to see Young and apologize for his people. Young tells him that all of the prisoners will be dropped off on the planet. Varro leaves without a word, while Camille glares at Young.

Scott uses explosives to blast the Stargate free despite the risks. They succeed.

Telford uses the communication stones to contact Stargate Command. He informs Young that he and Camille have put together a short list of Lucian prisoners to keep onboard. When Young wonders what happens if he refuses, Telford warns that he'll assume command, and is confident that the soldiers will follow his orders.

The ship drops out of hyperdrive and Brody informs Telford and Young that there are no planets nearby to account for their emergence. They go to the Gateroom to try and dial the Stargate, and Rush arrives, claiming he was in engineering.

As the stranded crew dig the Stargate out, it starts to activate. Eli confirms that they have a connection and dials Destiny. Scott goes through to the ship and tells Young that Riley won't be making it.

Young goes to the planet and enters the shuttle. He reassures Riley that none of it is his fault, and Riley asks him to make sure that the others don't stay on his behalf. He admits that nothing Young can say to his family could ever be enough.

Telford and Camille give the list to Varro.

On the planet, Johansen admits she doesn't know how long Riley can last. Inside the shuttle, Young tries to reassure Riley, and the soldiers asks for the colonel's gun. The colonel goes to get Johansen, but Riley begs him to finish him off. Young finally smothers him to death. Once it's done, Young goes outside and tells the others that Riley is dead.

Later, Eli watches a recording of Riley talking about being alone. Meanwhile, Greer offers a toast to Riley with the other soldiers. Chloe tries to comfort a crying Scott. Johansen is alone in her cabin. Young is alone in his, crying and drinking. Varro and his few remaining people, including Ginn and Simeon, wait silently for their future aboard the ship.

Rush goes back to the bridge and tells Gloria that there was nothing that could be done for Riley, and stalling the ship wouldn’t have helped him. He insists all of it is his fault, and he was trying to save everyone's lives. Rush informs Gloria that the database confirms that the ship was named Destiny for a reason. As he relaxes, the ship's sensors detect something.

As the ship emerges from hyperspace, Rush calls everyone to the observation deck. They gather and he explains that something huge is ahead, and they're rapidly approaching it.