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Awakenings - Recap

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The crew on the observation deck to watch as Destiny approaches the huge object that Volker and Brody have detected up ahead. They realize that they're on a collision course and Young tells the scientists to ready weapons. However, the ship begins to slow down and they realize that they're approaching a ship that is a near-mirror image of Destiny: another Ancients seed ship. Rush tells Young to stand down because the two ships will dock. Sure enough, the retros kick in and the two ships dock automatically.
As Young prepares to send a landing party across, he wonders how Rush knew about the docking procedure. Rush insists that it was just a hunch. The two ships start exchanging data as part of the automatic process, and Rush realizes that the other ship suffered damage, allowing them to catch up to it. They confirm that the countdown clock has stopped, but that the two ships will separate and depart in two hours. Rush wants to go over to the ship, but Young tells him to stay behind.

Telford talks to Camille and asks her what's going on. She brings him up to speed and Telford goes to see Young.

Scott, Greer, Brody, Volker, and Dunning go over to the seed ship, while Eli analyzes the data. Rush claims that he's going to the bathroom for a break.

Chloe comes to see Johansen about her leg wound, and asks if the medic doing okay after the death of her baby. Johansen casually insists that she's fine, much to Chloe's surprise. When Johansen asks Chloe about her leg wound, Chloe says that it's totally healed.

Rush goes to the hidden bridge and checks the bridge systems. He realizes that the information they've gathered from the other ship could allow them to return to Earth. "Gloria" appears to him and asks if he's going to tell the others, but Rush claims that they'll figure it out on their own eventually.

The away team finds the control room and Volker disobeys Young's orders to bring the ship's systems up before they run out of time.

Rush comes back to the monitor room and claims he was delayed going to the mess room. Meanwhile, Telford talks to Young and warns that Young is under too much strain since he's taken everything onto himself, and the cracks are beginning to show. Telford offers to help and Young agrees, and tells him what they know.

As Volker brings up the systems, power spreads throughout the ship... including a chamber where an organic pod is stored. Something starts emerging from it.

Varro asks Young to meet with them in the cargo hold that serves as their prison. He asks Young if he ever plans to release them, insisting that they're cooperating with Homeworld Command and their freedom is part of the deal. Young tells Varro that he has no idea when he plans to release them. When Varro wonders how they can earn Young's trust, Young warns him that he probably can't and leaves. As he goes, Simeon warns Varro that they shouldn't expect anything from Young.

Greer and Scott decide to start exploring the seed ship while the scientists work. Meanwhile, Eli notices some unusual power readings and calls Rush over to take a look.

Young realizes that Camille told the Lucian prisoners about the seed ship, and goes to confront her. She admits that she did, and warns Young that they need the intel from the Lucian prisoners so they can thwart a potential invasion of Earth by the Alliance. Young insists that Homeworld Command won't have to live with the consequences of whatever deal they make with the Lucian prisoners, and refuses to endanger the crew. Camille wonders if he's willing to take that chance with Earth's safety at risk, and then reminds him that they're holding a memorial service for Sgt. Riley. Young agrees to speak at the ceremony.

Eli and Rush call in Young and tell him that they've determined that the seed ship has built up enormous energy reserves, and they can use them to create a wormhole reaching all the way to Earth. Rush uses their discovery as an excuse to go to the seed ship and adjust the power relays. As Eli opens the umbilicus connector, he notices that they've lost the feed from the kino aboard the seed ship. Scott and Greer greet him and take him to a manufacturing bay that produces the "seed" Stargates that the ship drops off. Rush is unimpressed and tells them to take him to the bridge.

When Brody leaves to fix a relay, the alien from the pod enters the command center and confronts Volker. He tries to calm it down, but it collapses at his feet.

The soldiers bring Simeon to the sickbay for treatment, and he threatens Johansen. She responds by grabbing his fingers and threatening to break them until he backs down. She then examines Varro's injuries, and he offers her condolences on the death of her baby. Varro explains that he lost his wife when she stepped out of the rain to take shelter in a building, and it collapsed on her. Varro had trouble accepting her death until he came to accept that life means loss. Young calls Johansen to the airlock so she can examine the alien. Telford insists on going with her.

Once she's aboard, Johansen examines the alien, which wakes up when she touches it. They're unable to translate what it says, and Scott finally offers it some food. It accepts it but then spits it out. Rush suggests there may be other aliens aboard and Telford, Scott, and Greer begin a search, while Dunning guards Rush.

While Scott and Telford almost shoot each other, Greer finds a room with more of the alien pods. Rush figures that they are part of an exploratory team that was stranded on the ship.

Everyone prepares to go back to Earth via the Stargate, and Young orders the away team back to Destiny. Rush says that he has to stay and oversee the energy transfer from his end. Young reluctantly agrees but sends soldiers to guard him. However, the Stargate shuts down and Eli tells Young that someone has initiated a reversal in the energy systems.

Aboard the seed ship, an intruder stuns Dunning as Rush looks up.

When they're unable to contact Rush, Young tells Telford, Scott, and Greer to go the control room and find out what happened to Rush and Dunning. He orders Johansen to bring the alien back with them when she returns with the scientists. Eli and Park warn Young that they're running out of power, and they don't know of any way to separate the two ships.

The captive alien breaks away from Johansen and runs away before they can stop it. Meanwhile, Telford and the others get to the control room and find Rush and Dunning, unconscious. Young orders them back but Telford insists on staying and trying to stop the transfer. Young reluctantly agrees and Eli tries to instruct Telford on what to do. Scott and Greer leave with Rush and Dunning, and Eli warns Telford that they only have 15 minutes before Destiny[/]'s power levels are too low to make a FTL jump.

As Scott and Greer carry their unconscious comrades away, the doors close behind them. They realize that all routes back to the seed ship's bridge have been cut off, and get back to Destiny with Johansen and her team.

Eli tells Young that they can't stop the transfer or separate the ships without Rush's help. They call Rush, but Scott discovers that the scientist has woken up and slipped away when nobody was looking. Telford has only a minute left, but before he can stop the transfer, the two ships break apart, severing the connection. Rush has gone to the control bridge and taken control, saving Destiny. Gloria asks if he did it to save the crew, or to save his dream.

Young contacts Telford via the radio and tells him what happens. He apologizes, and Telford tells his friend to take care of the crew... and himself. Destiny jumps into hyperspace, and Telford discovers that the aliens are closing in on him.

Later, Johansen visits Varro and thanks him for helping save her life when she was shot. He demurs, but Johansen insists. As she goes, Varro watches her... and Simeon watches him.

The crew deals with things in their own way. Eli sits alone in his quarters. Young gets more alcohol from Brody's still. Greer and Camille put away Riley's personal belongings. Chloe contemplates her leg, which his fully healed without a scar. And Rush sits on the bridge, alone.