Pathogen - Recap

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Eli is walking past the control interface room when he sees a puzzled Chloe. She explains that she apparently sleepwalked and has no idea how she got there. When Eli tries to make conversation, Chloe walks away. He goes to Scott, who admits that he's noticed Chloe's strange behavior as well, and she refused to talk about it. Young comes over and tells Eli to use the communication stones to get back to Earth because his mother is sick.

Rush is on the bridge, working without sleep to gain control of Destiny. He forces the ship out of FTL and Franklin appears to warn him that interfering with the countdown clock is dangerous, and one man wasn't intended to handle all the systems. Brody and Park call Rush to tell him that they dropped out of FTL and there are no Stargates in range.

Eli arrives in the body of Airman Tracy, and Dr. Brightman informs him that his mother has stopped taking her medications. They can treat her, but she's suffering from depression and there's no room for error. Eli goes in to see Mrs. Wallace, claiming to be a friend of Eli's, and Mrs. Wallace wonders why Eli isn't there.

Camille uses the stones to return to Earth in an airman's body and goes to see Sharon Walker.

On the ship, Scott and Chloe are sleeping together and he wonders where they are in their relationship. He admits that he's never been that good at relationships and doesn't want to mess this one up. Scott wonders why she's been so quiet but she embraces him.

Camille cooks a meal and Sharon pours herself a glass of wine. However, she insists that everything is fine now that Camille is there.

Lt. James and her squad release Varro and the other prisoners. Greer protests to Young, who says that they have no choice but they'll be forced to continue providing information about the Alliance in return for their continuing freedom. He tells Greer to provide each prisoner with an escort. Scott comes in to tell them that Chloe has disappeared.

James and Johansen are talking in the mess room when Simeon comes in and whispers something to Park that shocks her. Greer intervenes and tells Simeon not to mess with his people. He puts Simeon back in the cargo hold, and then asks everyone to form search parties to look for Chloe.

The ship goes back into FTL and Gloria warns that Rush is getting careless, and has already cost two people their lives.

Young comes to see Simeon, who apologizes and promises to hold up his end of the deal.

James finds Chloe in a dark cargo hold, prying at a storage case with a screwdriver.

On Earth, Sharon desperately looks for her keys. Camille notes that she's never misplaced anything, and Sharon snaps at her. She apologizes and then finds the keys in the door, and worries that someone might have broken in.

Eli returns to see his mother, who wonders why Eli isn't calling her. He reminds her that E.T. is her favorite movie, and showed it to Eli when he was a kid. Eli tries to explain about Stargates, and finally tells her that he's Eli, and he's on a ship far away. However, his conscious is occupying Tracy's body.

Johansen examines Chloe while Young checks the communication stones and makes sure no one has used them to take over Chloe. Johansen has Chloe stay overnight for observation.

Mrs. Wallace doesn't believe Eli's explanation and demands to know where her son is. Eli doesn't know when he's coming home, and she tells him not to call her "Mom." He talks about the day his father left, but she believes Eli told him that, and asks him to leave.

Scott checks Chloe's diary and finds alien writing. Rush confirms it belongs to the aliens from the crash site, and figures that they are manipulating Chloe on a genetic level. Young tells Scott to quarantine Chloe until they know what's going on, but Rush suggests they let her go free so they can observe what she does. Young agrees but tells them to never leave Chloe alone.

Eli call Camille to the hospital and asks what he should do since his mother doesn’t even know who he really is. She assures him that no one is giving up, and he has to make sure that his mother takes her medication.

Rush picks up Chloe from Scott for the shift change, and then takes her to a hallway in the ship where he's written equations. He gives her a piece of chalk and offers to let her work, and she finishes one of the equations.

Johansen visits Varro, who apologizes for Simeon's actions. She tells Varro that Young has released Simeon, and that Varro needs to make sure that Simeon tries harder.

Scott goes to the Gateroom and finds Rush and Chloe there. After Rush leave, Chloe admits that she solved the equation but doesn't know how.

Camille returns to Sharon's home and finds her drinking again. She tells Camille that she cooked, much to Camille's surprise.

Varro talks to Simeon and tells him to behave. Simeon says it won't matter what they discover that the Lucian prisoners have been feeding them fake information. Varro informs him that he and the others have been providing legitimate information to prove themselves, and tells Simeon to stay silent.

Rush brings the ship out of FTL again, and Brody and Park try to contact him. They tell Young what's been happening and that Rush must be responsible. He tells them to figure out how Rush did it, and Brody asks for Eli's help. Young insists that Eli is where he needs to be. Rush comes in and lies about sleeping in his quarters, but Young tells him that he had a men check and Rush wasn't there. Rush takes them to the hallway and explains that he comes there to think, and that Chloe was able to solve one of his problems while she was possessed. He suggests that Chloe has been causing the ship to drop out of FTL during her blackouts.

Greer goes to take Chloe captive.

Later, Simeon is walking near where Chloe is being kept. Greer confronts him and tells him to go back, and Simeon wonders how long he's going to keep pushing. When he accuses Greer of hiding behind his men and his weapon, Greer gives his weapon to his men and dismisses them. He then gets in Simeon's face, and Simeon just turns and walks away.

Scott comes to visit Chloe, worries that she's slipping away. He promises that they'll find out what's wrong with her and fix it.

Camille finds Sharon up in the middle of the night. Sharon explains that she can't handle Camille being there with a different face and voice. Camille admits that it's hard, and what keeps her sane is being with Sharon. They cry and hug.

Johansen watches Chloe on the monitors, and admits to Young that she can't detect any infection. The medic warns Young that quarantine isn't a long-term solution.

Eli goes to see his mother and admits that "Eli" is worried that he can't leave her there like this. She admits that she misses Eli and asks if she'll ever see him again. Afterward, he calls Camille and asks for someone else to talk to Mrs. Wallace. Camille has a better idea and makes a call to Stargate Command. She says they need Eli to be emotionally happy and orders them to make it happen.

Mrs. Wallace finds herself aboard Destiny via the communication stones. Young welcomes her on board and Eli is there to greet her. He takes her to the observation deck to see the nearby planet in all its glory. Eli promises to never stop trying to get back home to her, and assures her that they'll both be okay.

Later, Eli tells Scott and Young that his mother is doing better, and Young tells him that Camille is the one that made it happen. Rush calls to suggest that they can use the neural interface to cure Chloe. Since the chair is designed to kill non-humans who try to use it, Rush believes it will eliminate the pathogen and leave Chloe unharmed. He insists that he's made improvements to the control program, and will only need to expose Chloe for a few seconds. When Scott objects, Young offers to ask Chloe.

Chloe agrees and they bring her to the neural interface room. Rush runs the program. After a few seconds, she collapse and Rush releases her. Johansen confirms that her vitals are stables, and Rush admits he's not sure if it worked but they'll soon find out.

Eli comes to see Camille and thank her for her assistance. He thanks her for being there for him, and knowing what he and his mother are going through.

Scott takes Chloe back to her cabin and insists on staying with her.

On Earth, Sharon comes to see Mrs. Waller.

Rush comes to see Chloe alone, and tells her that she's not cured.

Life goes on aboard the ship. Greer watches Simeon. Camille sits in her cabin, alone. Varro passes by Johansen, who watches him. Eli, Chloe, and Scott talk in the mess room.

Rush tells Gloria that he needs the possessed Chloe's mathematical skills to solve his problems, and she'll play along because otherwise she'll be locked up. Gloria wonders if he can trust Chloe.

In the dark, Chloe looks up at the ceiling, her eyes a faint silver.