Malice - Recap

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On the bridge, Brody, Park, and Volker wonder if Young plans to forgive Rush. He insists that he wants to try and figure out why Rush did what he did. Rush and Eli come in and Young admits that so, far, everything that he's claimed is true. They have also confirmed the underlying structure signal, and Young says that he plans to cooperate. They have dropped out of FTL and there are three planets within range. Rush insists on helping, but Young tells him to get some rest. Surprised, Rush agrees and leaves. As the others prepare the landing parties, Eli asks Young how long Homeworld Security will take to question Ginn.

Rush goes to Ginn's quarters to see Amanda, who is using Ginn's body via the communication stones, and finds Ginn dead on the floor. He calls Johansen, who confirms that she's dead. James uses the communication stone to make contact with Earth. Meanwhile, Scott locks up all of the Lucian Alliance members except for Simeon, who escapes. Simeon gets a gun and shoots down several guards, then steals weapons and Alliance explosives from the armory.

The team gets word that Ginn's death has also killed Amanda on Earth. Rush leaves and goes berserk, and Eli asks Young for a gun.

Simeon goes to the Gateroom and takes Park and Volker hostage. He has Volker seal the doors before Rush can get in, and then tells him to dial. Rush briefs Young on what's happening. Meanwhile, Simeon has Volker tie Park up and then takes her with him through the Stargate. Brody gets the door open but too late: Simeon has already gone. Rush takes a kino remote and goes into the wormhole after him.

Scott and his men arrive in the Gateroom just as the Stargate shuts down. The lieutenant tells Volker to redial.

On the planet, Rush finds Park kneeling in front of the Stargate, and no sign of Simeon. Park tells Rush that Simeon put something on her back. Rush cautiously approaches her and discovers that it's an Alliance bomb.

Johansen gets Simeon's victims to sickbay and tries to keep them alive. One of them dies before Johansen can get to him.

Young gets to the Gateroom and Scott brings him up to date. The colonel says that they need Simeon alive, since Ginn revealed he knows about the Lucian Alliance's planned invasion of Earth. They open a wormhole, but Rush radios them to warn that there's a bomb. Up in the hills, Simeon braces to shoot at whoever comes through. Rush works to disarm the bomb, while Young sends a kino through to view the situation. Volker tells him that he can only remove the proximity sensor, and Rush already knows it. He needs a fine-tipped tool to disarm the bomb, and he doesn't have it. Park tells him to go, but Rush uses the wireframes of his glasses to improvise a tool and shut down the proximity sensor long enough to throw the bomb away so it can detonate safely.

As Young sends his men through, Rush goes after Simeon, taking a kino with him. When Scott and Greer go through, Scott spots Rush and follows him while Greer guards Park. The lieutenant soon loses Rush, and Simeon opens fire on both him and Rush, damaging the kino.

Young goes to see Varro, who explains that Ginn and Simeon were part of the same clan. There are no other members of the clan. Varro warns Young that he'd be better off letting Simeon escape rather than lose more men, but Young insists they'll capture him.

Rush moves through the hills and spots another proximity bomb. He gets away and it goes off. Greer hears the explosion and goes to investigate, while Scott finds Rush. Rush insists on going after Simeon and killing him, despite Scott's warning. Scott orders his people out in a search pattern, and tells Rush that once they're done with Simeon, Rush can do whatever he wants. He gets through to Rush, and determines they have four and a half hours to search before they have to turn back and get through the Stargate before Destiny jumps into FTL.

On the bridge, Brody asks Volker if he's okay. Volker wonders why Simeon let him live, and Brody figures that Simeon either spared him because he was unarmed, or because he knew how letting him live would torture him. Eli and Park return, and Eli has orders to stall the clock. Park insists that she's fine.

Johansen tells Young that three of the four remaining men will survive, but one died. Young tries to comfort her.

On the planet, Scott, Greer, and Rush continue their search, and Scott asks about the signal that Rush found in the database. He admits that it could be the most important thing in the universe. As he walks off, Greer vows that he'll never forgive him. Scott agrees, but figures that tracing the structure could give them the best chance of getting back to Earth.

Brody tells Young that they can't stop the clock, and that Destiny will travel four hours before jumping out of FTL. It will still be within range of the Stargate.

Scott's party spots local animals and approaches.

In quarantine, Chloe is working on equations when Destiny jumps to FTL.

As Scott and the others continue their search, Rush breaks into tears. Scott sends Greer aside and then offers Rush water. He offers his condolences, and says that he understands that Rush couldn't trust Young. Scott figures that they'll have to work together, regardless of orders, and will have to figure out what's right. Rush admits that revenge won't bring Amanda back., but warns that Simeon can use the kino remote he stole to get back to the Lucian Alliance via the Stargate.

Greer finds tracks, but before they can follow, Simeon opens fire on them. They take cover and Scott calls James. She says that they'll be there in five minutes.

Chloe calls Eli and offers her condolences. He says he can't talk, and then tells Volker to stay out of the navigation interface. Chloe tries to get his attention, but Eli says he has other things to deal with. Brody suggests they drop out, and Eli tells him to do it. They have eight hours until the next jump. Brody tells Young and warns that it's their last window. Meanwhile, Park approaches Eli, who tells her to leave him alone.

On the planet, Rush examines the kino remote he took with him, stands up, and then tells Scott that James and her men are moving into a trap. They head back, but a bomb planted on the ridge goes off. They survive the blast, and Scott calls the other soldiers to get them to the Stargate. Rush explains that he presented himself as a target but Simeon didn't take the shot, so he figured it was a trap. However, Scott realizes that he was up to something with the kino, and Rush reluctantly admits that he can use the kino remote to pinpoint the location of Simeon's remote. They continue their search.

Eli prepares to go to the planet to track down Simeon, insisting there's nothing he can do to stop the clock. When he snaps at Young, the colonel reminds him that other people on the ship have lost loved ones, and they need him on the bridge. He also tells Eli that he's no killer, and killing Simeon would change him. Eli reluctantly agrees to go back to work.

Scott, Rush, and Greer catch up to Simeon, and Greer shoots him in the leg. Simeon manages to get over the ridge, but Rush angrily insists that Greer should have killed him. He yells that Simeon will never tell them what they need to know. Simeon shoots and wounds Greer in the shoulder, and Rush goes after the Alliance soldier. Scott has no choice but to get Greer back to the Stargate, and radios Rush. He warns the scientist that they are out of time, and they need him to get home. Rush listens but keeps going.

Young brings Chloe to the bridge to help decipher the Ancient algorithms. She explains that the pathogen infection is augmenting her brain, and she's slowly getting control of it. Brody and Eli are skeptical, and warn that she could inject a subroutine into the ship's programming to summon the aliens. Young tells them to check Chloe's actions and she goes to work.

Simeon removes the bullet from his leg and then calls Rush on the radio. He's realized that Rush card for the woman using Ginn's body, and says that he can understand revenge because of all the people he's lost. Simeon boasts that he let Rush live so he could live with the pain, but he won't do it again and will be glad to put Rush out of his misery. Rush keeps coming.

Chloe goes into a trance and starts reprogramming the computers at high speed. Eli stops her, and Chloe reluctantly admits that she doesn’t know what she did. As they take Chloe back to her quarters, Brody tells Eli to look at the computers.

Rush spots Simeon limping across the plain.

Scott and Greer get back to the Stargate, and James warns that they only have two hours left.

Rush shoots repeatedly at Simeon, missing because of the range. Simeon returns fire and Rush takes cover, as the Alliance soldier walks toward him. Rush uses a remote to set off an explosion that he planted, and Simeon turns to see a herd of the native animals stampeding toward him. They run him down and keep going. Once the animals have passed, Rush walks out to the injured Simeon. Simeon says that he has information, but Rush shoots him once in the head and walks away.

Rush finally makes his way back to the Stargate... and finds the soldiers waiting for him. Scott explains that Eli figured out how to track the kino remote, and they could tell Rush was coming back. Rush claims that he knew Eli would figure out how to stall the clock, but Scott says he didn't. Chloe calculated a new course so the ship could come back. Scott says that he hopes Rush was right that Simeon wouldn't have said anything. As they go, Scott asks Rush if he feels any better, but Rush doesn't respond.