Resurgence (1) - Recap

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Rush arrives on the bridge and wonders where Eli. He tries to raise him on the radio but gets no response, He irritably corrects the mistakes of Park and Volker, and Brody reports the discovery of a remote energy signature. When Rush dismisses it as further incompetence, Brody invites him to confirm it.

Later, Rush informs Young that they’ve detected an energy signature, a day’s travel by FTL away. Eli comes in, and apologizes for oversleeping. Rush admits that they don’t know enough so they should find out more, Volker warns that it could be a sign of intelligent life, and notes what has happened in the past with alien encounters. Rush insists that it’s worth the risk, and could be of benefit to Destiny’s mission. Young agrees, and Rush has them bring up Chloe to make the calculations.

A day later, Rush goes to see Eli and finds him listening to music in his quarters. Eli claims he didn’t hear the radio because of the music, and casually goes to the observation deck with Rush as they emerge from FTL. They find themselves in the middle of a long-abandoned battlefield filled with the detritus of dozens of spaceships

On the bridge, Park confirms that the energy signature came from the radiation pockets of the various ships. One of them is similar to the ship that Young and Rush explored weeks earlier, apparently on the losing side. Volker runs a program to recreate the burst patterns that lead to the destruction and Rush suggests that they should explore now that they’re there.

Scott goes to see Chloe and tells her what’s happening. She refuses to respond at first, and then tells him to stop watching her disappear as the pathogen subsumes her at an accelerating rate. Chloe warns him that she can’t fight it much longer, and she’s going to become something dangerous. Scott says he won’t let it happen, but Chloe says there’s nothing he can do and they might as well make use of her new skills while they can. She notes that for all his protestations, Scott has been slowly pulling away, and can’t bring himself to touch her. Young hails Scott on the radio, and the lieutenant promises Chloe that they’ll talk more when he comes back.

Camille ushers Eli into her quarters for a chat, overriding his protestations. He insists that there’s nothing wrong, and that he’s adapting pretty well despite the fact that he’s the only one without training. Camille assures him that it’s just a friendly chat, and informs Eli that everyone is concerned that he’s been distracted recently. She wonders why he isn’t more bothered given recent events, and comments that his video memorial to Riley was moving. Eli talks about how Riley was important, and everything is important given their circumstances. She asks him about losing Ginn, and Eli just walks away.

Scott, Greer, and Brody don the three Ancient spacesuits, including the one that Brody has recently repaired, and go to the shuttle. They enter the graveyard of ships, and Greer figures that anything that could hurt them has been dead for years. They’re unaware that one of the ships has activated in their wake.

Scott informs the crew that they’ve found a ship that’s a likely target for explanation. After a few seconds of hesitation, Young authorizes them to go inside. Scott brings the shuttle close to a hull breach, and Greer leaps across with a cable. Brody then comes across while Scott stays with the shuttle. They start exploring and find a closed door. Greer manages to pry it open and they continue on.

Johansen brings the confined Varro some lunch, and notes that Young has locked him up after the situation with Simeon. Varro notes that he hasn’t seen her recently, and Johansen makes a half-hearted excuse. He realizes that the others didn’t have her child, and Johansen admits that she was misled. She figures that the ship messed with her mind, trying to protect her from the loss of her daughter. As Johansen starts to go, she sees something outside the porthole.

Greer is checking with Young when Johansen calls the colonel and says that she saw some movement outside the ship in the debris field. The ship finishes assembling Volker’s simulation and Eli checks it. It reveals that the smaller ships blasted apart the larger ones and survived. They went dormant after the battle, deliberately. Young orders Scott to get back, and tells him to get Greer and Brody back on board. As they head back, Scott spots one of the drone ships moving. Camille calls from the observation deck to confirm that more drones are active.

Young orders the crew not to open fire except on his signal, and tells Eli to transmit messages of peace.

Johansen tells Varro that she has to leave, and leaves him locked in despite his request to help.

Greer and Brody get back to the shuttle and Scott heads back to Destiny as the drones open fire. Young orders return fire, but the fields start to weakened under the stress of multiple blasts. Rush insists that they have to jump to FTL, abandoning the shuttle, but Young refuses to leave their comrades behind.

The shuttle docks with Destiny and Young orders the jump to FTL. However, the engines are off-line due to enemy fire and the shields are fading. With only a few minutes left until destruction, Destiny gets a reprieve when another Ancient seed ship drops out of FTL. Colonel Telford hails them, much to their surprise. He tells Young to follow him into the nearby star. They divert all remaining power to the shields and dive into the sun after Telford. The first wave of drones explode, while Destiny gathers more fuel to power itself. They come out the other side, but Volker warns that the drones will soon come around the sun after them.

The two ships dock and Telford comes aboard. He explains that that the aliens they encountered, the Ursini, weren’t hostile. When Telford was left behind, they tried to make contact. He finally used the neural stimulator in the aliens’ stasis pods to learn of their history. They came to trust each other and brought the seed ship back online, using the basic nutrients from the pods’ life support systems.

After Telford gets through briefing the crew, Eli goes to see Chloe and explains that the drones attacked the Ursini years ago. The Ursini boarded the seed ship for long-range reconnaissance, but their people never came from them. They drained the power from Destiny during their first encounter to survive. The Ursini can’t go home without compromising their homeworld’s location to the Ursini. Chloe insists that they can’t trust the Ursini, but Eli warns that they don’t have a choice.

Camille, Young, and Wray meet to discuss the situation. Young suggests they work with the Ursini, and Telford has confirmed that the drones are controlled by a command ship, one FTL jump away. They’ll dock with the seed ship and let it make the jump for them. Rush figures once they convince the Ursini to take them somewhere to regroup, they can make their own repairs, leave on their own, and double-cross the Ursini. Camille warns against it on a matter of principle, and Young warns that they still hold the key to dialing Earth.

Rush goes to the bridge and notes that Eli is screwing up the maintenance of the weapon pods. Once Eli adjusts the systems, Rush warns that he’ll eventually make a substantial mistake. When Eli condescending talks about being the boy genius, Rush notes that he couldn’t save Ginn, and that someone bigger and smarter took her away from Eli. The scientist says that Eli has potential, and he has to exploit what makes him better to succeed without letting himself being beaten down. Young arrives to tell them that Telford has sold the deal to the Ursini.

The crew prepares to make the jump, and the Ursini take them into FTL. They successfully transition, and Eli goes to give Chloe the news. She doesn’t respond, and Eli starts to realize something is wrong. Destiny drops out of FTL early, and they realize that the Ursini have taken them to the drone command ship. The Ursini disengage and launch their own attack, and Young has no choice but to give the order.

As Eli leaves for the bridge, Chloe grabs his arm and asks to help. When Corporal Baras, the guard, tries to stop them, Chloe knocks him out and walks away.

As the drones cut off Destiny from the command ship, Eli calls Young, who seals off Chloe’s section of the ship and sends Scott to find her. However, Chloe easily bypasses the controls and continues. Scott follows her trail, and runs into Eli. They realize that she’s broken containment.

The shields starts to weaken, and Young tries to contact the Ursini to say they need to retreat. Eli arrives on the bridge, but there’s no sign of Rush.

With the systems out, Varro gets out of his cell and comes to sickbay to help Johansen.

Scott finds Chloe in the interface room. When he tries to pull her away, she tells him that it’s too late.

As the shields go down, the Ursini refuse to respond. Rush warns that there’s nowhere to fall back to. The drones continue firing as Destiny begins to break apart.