Deliverance (2) - Recap

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Destiny fires back against the hundreds of Cluster drone ships, and the main weapon is useless against the individual drones while the command ship is out of range.

Chloe tells Scott that she sent a signal. Before she can provide more detail, Greer and his team arrive and Greer prepares to shoot, only to have Scott stop him. She informs them that she sent signal to the aliens who kidnapper her, the ones who are trying to capture Destiny.

On the bridge, the crew detect three of the alien ships arrive from hyperspace.

Greer insists that that Chloe has sold them out, but she tells him that she's still in control. Their only chance is for the aliens to come to their aid to prevent Destiny's destruction.

Half of the drones veers off to attack the alien ships, buying Destiny time. Scott calls the bridge to explain that Chloe summoned the aliens as a diversion so they can take out the command ship, and Rush admits they can't jump to FTL. Young orders him to secure Chloe in a holding cell and make sure she doesn't escape again. Telford tells Young that they may have to attack the command ship after all, and Eli suggests that they jam the signal controlling the drones.

Scott takes Chloe to her cell, and she insists that she did it for all of them. He closes the door and tells Greer to keep a full team on duty at all times.

Destiny is two minutes from the command ship but loses another shield generator. As they prep the main weapon, Eli and Rush complete their work and the drones go dead in space. Destiny enters range and they take out the command ship before it can reestablish communication with the drones. Now that they have time, the crew confirms that two of the alien ships are destroyed and the third one is dead in space and emitting high levels of radiation.

Scott goes to the infirmary to check on the injured, and Johansen tells him that they got through with no fatalities. Baras, the soldier guarding Chloe, had his arm broken in two places when she attacked him.

Brody informs Young that they can get the FTL back online, but five of the shield emitters are burned out. Without them, they can't safely jump to FTL. Young goes to find Rush in the control interface room, and the scientist warns that the "new" Chloe saved them... this time. When Rush expresses concern about his crewmate, Young admits surprise, and Rush insists that he cares for her, However, he admits that Chloe is beyond their control.

Telford contacts the Ursini aboard the seed ship and explains that they took control of Destiny because they figured the Earth crew would betray them. Rush says that it would have been the logical thing to do, but Telford warns that they have no choice but to fight. He then tells the others that the Ursini tried to contact their home colony and discovered that it had been destroyed by the Cluster, and they are the last of their time. Worse, their signal gave away their position, meaning more drones are on their way.

Brody and Volker are working on the shield emitters when Rush comes by to check on their status. They successfully test the emitters at 10%, but overload them at 50%. They sheepishly admit to Rush it might take longer than they thought.

Later, the crew gathers for a briefing. Rush warns that they can't negotiate with the Cluster, which is an automated machine designed to seek out alien technology and destroy it. They can't make a tandem jump with Ursini because the aliens can't extend their shields to protect Destiny, and the Ursini blew out their own FTL drive making the first tandem jump. Park suggests they jam the drones permanently, and Eli proposes that they bring a drone aboard via the shuttle and study it. Rush agrees, but admits he has no idea if the new command ship will be able to control the first command ship's drones. Young realizes they have no choice and tells them to suit up.

In the airlock, Park joins Scott and Greer and the trio departs in the shuttle. They find an appropriately-sized ship and approach it.

Camille brings food for Chloe, who say she understands why the guards are viewing her with caution.

Park goes to the rear hatch of the shuttle and directs Greer to maneuver the shuttle so the drone is brought onboard. They reinstate artificial gravity and it slams down onto the floor, but doesn't activate. As Scott prepares to head back, they detect movement. The remaining alien ship parks itself in front of the shuttle and sends a message: "No escape."

The aliens send further signals and explain that they'll destroy the shuttle if it moves, or if Destiny leaves. Rush figures that the aliens are bluffing, and want them to stay to help them destroy the next wave of Cluster drones. Young proposes that they call the aliens' bluff, but Rush says that they'll have to agree to send Chloe over so that the aliens can cure her in return for their help.

Johansen explains the situation to Chloe, warning that if Chloe isn't cured, Young will have to put her off of Destiny eventually. Chloe says that they wouldn't ask her to go back to the aliens if they knew what it was like, and Johansen apologizes for being unable to do more.

When Scott gets word of the plan, he disagrees. Young tells him that they're out of options, and Scott reluctantly gives in. The aliens agree to the proposal and Scott pilots the shuttle back toward Destiny. Telford warns Young that they may be giving the aliens exactly what they want, and that the Ursini aren't responding to hails. He suggests they do the same thing and power down to blend in with the other ships. Young warns that it won't work, and points out that the Ursini haven't been successful in dealing with the Cluster in the past.

Eli, Volker, and Brody enter the shuttle when it arrives and prepare to carry it out and hook it up to the ship's diagnostic equipment. they hesitate to touch it, and Greer finally taps it. When it doesn't respond, they lift it up and place it on an anti-gravity sled to move it out of the shuttle.

Camille comments to Rush she's surprised he's agreed to the plan, given that it gives the aliens access to the information that Chloe has gathered. He claims that the aliens won't be able to track them once Chloe is restored to normal, and Camille admits she's surprised that he's putting the ship and mission at risk for one life. Rush tells her that she doesn't know him and walks away.

Young, Greer, and the soldiers escort Chloe to the shuttle. Scott meets them there and says that he'll take her over. The colonel wishes her luck and goes.

The scientists examine the drone and go to work. Eli tries to open it and succeeds, and everyone flinches back.

Scott flies Chloe to the alien ship, and an outside hatch opens. He takes the shuttle inside, lands, and escorts Chloe to the rear hatch. He admits that he let her transformation get to him, and she assures him that it isn't his fault. Chloe assures him that some of the time she spent on Destiny has been amazing, and it's thanks to him. As they say love each other, the aliens arrive. and Chloe goes to them.

Rush checks on Eli's team, and Eli explains that they've cracked the basic machine code. They've been unable to isolate the specific subroutines. Rush tells Volker and Brody to supervise the shield emitters, insisting that they're his best people. When they leave, flattered, Eli notes that Rush was nice, and the scientist admits he just complimented them to get them out of the way so he and Eli could do the real work.

Scott waits aboard the shuttle and tries to send a message to Young. He explains the situation and hopes that she'll be okay.

The aliens operate on Chloe, removing the pathogen from her body.

The second Cluster command ship emerges from FTL and releases its drones. The original drones don't respond and Eli gets an idea. Rush warns Young that they can only jam the signal for a few seconds before the drones adapt. Young puts James in charge of power distribution for the first time, and has Telford direct his fire at the drones targeting the shield emitters.

The hatch on the shuttle opens and Scott finds Chloe outside, suspended in a column of light. He grabs her and takes her into the shuttle, and departs the alien ship. The drone ships are between him and Destiny, and he contacts Young with an update. Scott prepares to open fire on the drones, but Young tells him to keep clear and let the drones focus on Destiny. The lieutenant says that he has shields and opens fire on the drones. Destiny is taking more hits on the exposed areas, and Young tells Rush to put their plan into action. Eli cracks the software and suggests that they feed Destiny's ID tag to the first drones and imprint it on the second drones. However, they'll have to power their drone up so they can upload the new ID tag to the first-wave drones. They explain the plan to Young, who sends Greer and a team to guard the drone in case it opens fire within the ship. Park confirms that the alien ship has jumped to hyperspace, meaning the drones attacking it are now focusing on Destiny. When Rush says he needs five minutes, Young warns him that they don't have that much time.

As Scott picks off the drones, he warns Destiny that there are more on the way. Young tells him to break off and the lieutenant reluctantly does so.

The soldiers arrive to guard the drone.

The seed ship activates and heads for the command ship, and the drones veer off to attack it. Telford warns that they don't have the firepower to destroy it. The Ursini send a message apologizing for betraying Destiny and they're making a suicide run. The crew watches as the seed ship is destroyed, and Young calls to tell Rush the Ursini have bought them a few precious minutes. Rush activates the drone and Eli uploads the program. Outside, the first-wave drones activate and attack the second-wave drones. Scott is able to bring the shuttle aboard. Volker and Brody complete repairs and the shields cover the whole ship at 5% power. They have never jumped before at less than 10% . Eli warns that if there are any weak spots, the ship will be ripped apart. Rush agrees, but warns that they have no choice because their drones are outnumbered by the newcomers. Young orders them to make the jump, and Destiny enters hyperspace. The ship threatens to shake apart, but manages to hold together. Eli quickly shuts down the drone.

Later, Young checks with Johansen, who has confirmed that Chloe is okay. The colonel puts her under observation and welcomes her back, and Scott promises to come see her later. Rush arrives at Chloe's invitation and she thanks him for sending her to the aliens to be cured. Chloe warns him that the aliens will never give up, and then shows him some of the calculations she was working on since she came back. She is still able to perform the work, and worries that she's not back to normal. Rush speculates that she retained some of the knowledge she gained, and insists that everyone on board is useful. When he notes that everything seems to have been destined to lead to her transformation, ensuring their survivor, Rush is forced to admit that he's gone through some changes. Rush tells her to get some rest. As she lies back, Rush contemplates the equations.