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Stargate Universe: Twin Destinies

In the wake of the Cluster attack, the crew must consider abandoning Destiny, and Eli comes up with a way to dial the ninth chevron. However, as they begin evacuation proceedings, a Rush from 12 hours in the future arrives to warn them that they're pursuing a fatal plan of action.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x12
Airdate: Monday March 14th, 2011

Director: Peter DeLuise
Writer: Brad Wright

Alternate Airdates:

UK (sky 1) Apr 18, 2011

Guest Stars
Mike DopudMike Dopud
As Varro
Patrick GilmorePatrick Gilmore
As Dale Volker
Peter KelamisPeter Kelamis
As Adam Brody
Jennifer SpenceJennifer Spence
As Lisa Park
Julia AndersonJulia Anderson
As 2nd Lt. Vanessa James (as Julia Benson)
Bill DowBill Dow
As Dr. Bill Lee
Lou Diamond PhillipsLou Diamond Phillips
As Colonel David Telford

Co-Guest Stars
Jeffrey Bowyer-ChapmanJeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
As Pvt. Darren Becker
Michael Karl RichardsMichael Karl Richards
As Major Peterson
Michael CoundMichael Cound
As Twinning Double
Dan PelchatDan Pelchat
As Twinning Double
Main Cast
Robert CarlyleRobert Carlyle
As Doctor Nicholas Rush
Louis FerreiraLouis Ferreira
As Colonel Everett Young
Brian J. SmithBrian J. Smith
As Lt. Matthew Scott
Elyse LevesqueElyse Levesque
As Chloe Armstrong
David BlueDavid Blue
As Eli Wallace
Alaina HuffmanAlaina Huffman
As Lt. Tamara Johansen
Jamil Walker SmithJamil Walker Smith
As Sr. Sergeant Ronald Greer
As Camille Wray


The crew briefs Young on the damage to Destiny, and the fact that they lack the spare parts to make repairs even if they knew what to do. The scientists insists they have no options, but Rush says that they’ll have to make do the best they can, and they have no other choice. Eli says that he and Ginn worked out a way to power the ninth chevron while Destiny recharges at a sun. Rush warns against it, insisting there are too many variables. When Scott points out that even if Destiny blows up, they’ll be gone, Rush says that he plans to stay and figures that others will as well. He asks if Young is going to continue his support for Destiny’s mission, and the colonel says that things have changed and the mission can’t continue if they can’t fly. When Young says that the crew’s safety is his first responsibility, Rush walks off in disgust...

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Episode Quotes
Adam Brody: We are down to one last everything. There's practically no redundancy.
Dale Volker: Practically no redundancy.
Adam Brody: Wasn't funny the first three times.
Dale Volker: I'm very tired.

Adam Brody: We've run the simulation a dozen times. It works.
Dr. Bill Lee: So the gamer came up with power flow algorithms.
Scott: Eli, yeah.
Dr. Bill Lee: I gotta say, you know, when we tried to solve this back on Earth, there were a lot of smart people in that room.
Adam Brody: Yeah, don't tell him I said this, but he's arguably the smartest person I've ever met. (Eli returns to his body) You all right?
Eli: I'm fine. I'm back.
Scott: What did they say?
Eli: The math works. So, we're on. Who was the smartest person you were just talking about?
Adam Brody: Einstein.
Eli: Einstein?
Adam Brody: Yeah, he was... pretty smart.
Eli: But don't ever tell him you said that?

Rush: The only reasonable explanation is that somehow I've come back through time.
Colonel David Telford: "Reasonable explanation"?

Young: And we're supposed to just take your word for this?
Future-Rush: Shortly after we dropped out of FTL, Colonel, you asked me for a number. I told you ten plus two.
Dale Volker: Twelve?
Rush: Yes, well calculated, Mr. Volker, but I think you're missing the point here.

Scott: All of a sudden I can't wait to see my kid.
Chloe: Wow. Actually I thought the hardest thing was going to be introducing you to my mom.
Scott: Okay, that makes me even more nervous than going through the dang Gate.

Eli: Like they're going to ask me.
Johansen: They'll ask you, Eli. You'll be right up there with the other SGC brainiacs, like Dr. Jackson and Colonel Carter and, uh... what's that guy's name who kept staring at your...?
2nd Lt. Vanessa James: Oof. McKay.
Johansen: Yeah. McKay.

Rush: My friends. Oh yes, perhaps that is an overstatement. But we are at least shipmates, who have up until now shared great adversity. I know a lot of you, probably most of you, also share the hope of going home. It is a fact that the conditions inside the star bode very poorly for the sustained viability of a wormhole, and I owe it to you all to tell you that.
Colonel David Telford: Stop trying to scare people and get on with this.
Rush: The Ancients did not devote the efforts of an entire generation to build this ship on a whim. Neither was Destiny named on a whim. Over a million years ago, the Ancients discovered the complex structure buried deep within the background radiation. The fingerprints of an intelligence that existed very near the beginning of time itself. Destiny was launched in search of that intelligence. Who knows how close we are to finding it. How close we are to learning, in the Ancients' words, "the destiny of all things." I don't pretend to know when that's going to be, in which stars that will happen, or even how that will change our view of the universe. I only know that Destiny has come this far. And if we abandon her now, there'll be no coming back. All of that knowledge will be lost forever. I believe this journey is the reason I'm here. But I can't hope to do it alone. I ask you to come with me.

Colonel David Telford: All right, listen to me! You've already accomplished the damned mission. Our goal was to investigate the ninth chevron address, and you've done that. Now, I do not deny that there once was a mission, but if it was as important as Rush claims it to be, they sure as hell couldn't expect us to do it. There is no noble voyage to save the universe, or to meet God, or whatever it is that Rush has sold you on. There is only the day that this ship dies!
Young: David, we don't know that.
Colonel David Telford: I've got a good mind to take you all back by force.
Greer: Well, good luck with that.

Adam Brody: These are priority number one. We want as many as we can get our hands on. This one's burnt out, this one's good. Now, they're in every console, power relay, pretty much every piece of equipment aboard the ship. Open 'em up, pull 'em out, move on.
Greer: What do you call those things?
Adam Brody: I don't know... things that make it go.

Camille: Someone should report to Homeworld Command. Explain what's been going on.
Young: Well, you go ahead. When you're back, you can explain it to me.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorRobert C. Cooper  |  Brad Wright
Executive ProducerRobert C. Cooper  |  Brad Wright  |  Paul Mullie  |  Joseph Mallozzi  |  Carl Binder
Supervising ProducerLinda McGibney
ProducerJohn G. Lenic
Associate ProducerJennifer Johnson (2)
Production DesignerJames Robbins
EditorRick Martin (1)
CastingPaul Weber  |  Jennifer Page  |  Corinne Clark
First Assistant DirectorBill Mizel
Second Assistant DirectorRyan Kosmynka
MusicJoel Goldsmith
Music EditorRick Chadock
Music SupervisorAndrea von Foerster
Costume DesignerValerie Halverson
HairstylistForest Sala
Make-upRebecca Lee (3)
Key GripJohn Zulinski
Camera OperatorRyan Purcell  |  Grizz Salzl
Set DecoratorMark Davidson  |  Tedd Kuchera
Transportation CoordinatorDavid R. Anderson
Property MasterKenny L. Gibbs
Construction CoordinatorScott Wellenbrink
Script SupervisorAmanda Alexander-McLean
Production CoordinatorTanja Balic  |  David Magee
Script CoordinatorLawren Bancroft-Wilson
Assistant EditorRyan Malone
Post Production SupervisorKerry McDowall
Re-Recording MixerKelly Cole  |  Bill Mellow
Stunt CoordinatorJames Bamford
Art DirectorChris Beach
Creative ConsultantJohn Scalzi
Executive ConsultantRemi Aubuchon
Production ManagementJohn G. Lenic
Sound EditorBrian Campbell
Sound MixerPatrick Ramsay
Visual Effects CoordinatorSonia Gilmore  |  Stephen Bahr
Visual Effects SupervisorMark Savela
Production AccountantJulie Rieder
Extras CastingSandra-Ken Freeman
Casting AssociateJennifer Lurey
Special Effects CoordinatorWray J. Douglas  |  C. Scott Stofer
Sound DesignJames Fonnyadt
Legal AffairsHeenan Blaikie  |  Christine Bulbrook
Paint CoordinatorSteve Craine (1)
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