Twin Destinies - Recap

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The crew briefs Young on the damage to Destiny, and the fact that they lack the spare parts to make repairs even if they knew what to do. The scientists insists they have no options, but Rush says that they’ll have to make do the best they can, and they have no other choice. Eli says that he and Ginn worked out a way to power the ninth chevron while Destiny recharges at a sun. Rush warns against it, insisting there are too many variables. When Scott points out that even if Destiny blows up, they’ll be gone, Rush says that he plans to stay and figures that others will as well. He asks if Young is going to continue his support for Destiny’s mission, and the colonel says that things have changed and the mission can’t continue if they can’t fly. When Young says that the crew’s safety is his first responsibility, Rush walks off in disgust.

On the bridge, Rush discovers that Young has ordered Greer to keep the scientist from approaching any critical areas. Rush goes to see Young, who has confirmed that Destiny is heading toward a star to recharge. When Rush arrives, Young tells him that Eli has used the communication stones to travel to Earth, switching bodies with Dr. Bill Lee. Rush continues to insist that Eli lacks the astrophysical knowledge to allow for problems. Telford disagrees, and Rush wants to address the crew and ask them to stay. Young agrees to let him address the crew in the Gateroom as soon as they come out of FTL, and Rush asks him to stand with him. The colonel agrees to lend his support.

Dr. Lee is in Eli’s body and admits that Eli has solved the power level algorithms that the scientists on Earth couldn’t. Destiny emerges from FTL and Eli switches back to his own body, and Scott and Brody take him to see Young.

Rush goes to the Gateroom as the crew prepares for departure. Young asks him for the minimum number and Rush says twelve, and is surprised to learn that Young is preparing to stay. As they go over Rush’s notes on his speech, Telford calls them to the bridge. When they arrive, Telford informs them that they’ve detected an object in orbit around the sun, and it’s transmitting a radio broadcast... from Rush. They confirm that it’s a live transmission, and it’s coming from Destiny’s shuttle… even though the shuttle is docked with Destiny. Rush contacts Future-Rush, who says that if they dial Earth then they’ll dial. Rush figures that he’s traveled from the future, and Future-Rush confirms the conversation that Rush just had with Young.

In the Gateroom, Scott and Chloe discuss going home, and Eli wonders if they’ll hang out together back on Earth. Chloe and the others assure him that he’ll be chosen for Stargate Command. Young calls to summon Scott and Greer to shuttle bay two as the new shuttle docks. An injured Future-Rush emerges, sees Telford, and tries to attack him, insisting that he’ll try to kill them all. Young calls Johansen to summon her to the infirmary/

In the infirmary, Future-Rush explains that there was an overload that caused his injuries, and he had to abandon ship in the shuttle. The ship passed through a solar flare as they locked the ninth chevron, sending the entire ship back through time. Future-Rush warns that it was a debilitating experience, but Rush figures that they won’t have to go through it since Future-Rush has come back to tell them what happened. Camille and Telford figure that they can learn from his mistakes, but Future-Rush warns that the entire attempt was flawed. With an hour remaining until they can engage the ninth chevron, Young asks Future-Rush to explain what happened.

Rush tells Young the minimum crew they need to pilot Destiny, and insists that they’ll get the ten volunteers. Rush makes his speech, speaking of their search for the intelligence behind the universe’s background radiation. Young says that he’ll be staying aboard, and asks for ten volunteers. First Greer, and then Volker, Johansen, and Chloe step forward. Scott goes with Chloe, and then James, Varro, and others. Eli hesitates for a few seconds and then joins the rest. Telford angrily speaks up, saying that they’ve completed their mission to investigate the ninth chevron address. He threatens to take them back by force, and Greer wishes him luck. Telford tells the remaining crew to prepare for evacuation, and in fifteen minutes he’ll go through first to warn SGC that they’re on their way.

Future-Rush tells the others that fifteen minutes later, they were all dead. Camille figures that they have a second chance and asks Future-Rush what went wrong. He explains that Eli’s program requires precise timing, and when they dialed the ninth chevron, they made the connection.

Destiny enters the star to recharge and Eli begins his dialing program. Unaware that they’ve jumped into the past after passing through a solar flare, Telford goes through first, but the wormhole destabilizes and Eli tries to reconfigure the power levels on the fly. They manage to restabilize the wormhole and Young orders everyone through. The Destiny crew panics, trampling some of their number in their rush for the Stargate. When it’s clear Rush and Eli can’t maintain control, Young orders the volunteers through as well. Rush tells Eli to go through while he does what he can to maintain the wormhole, and Destiny starts to explode. Eli goes through and Rush tells Young and Greer to go ahead. Once he leaves, the wormhole shuts down.

The ship’s automated processes keep it intact for the moment, and Future-Rush uses the communication stones to switch into Telford’s body on Earth. He discovers that Telford is the only one who survived, and the others were killed in the destabilized wormhole. Onboard Destiny, Telford in Rush’s body realizes that none of the others survived.

Varro asks Scott why they haven’t left, and Young calls to tell him to stop the evacuation. Future-Rush and Rush both agree that Young made the right call, but Telford wants to use the stones to confirm that his future self is on Earth and Future-Rush is telling the truth. However, Young says that they have never used the communication stones inside a star, and now isn’t a good time to experiment.

On the bridge, everyone waits as they approach the object in orbit around the star: the Future-Destiny. Eli blames himself for the deaths of the others, while Chloe figures there at risk because they tried to save her. Brody notes that the damage on the Future-Destiny is confined to the engineering sections and gets an idea. He runs to the bridge, while Rush determines that Future-Destiny is falling into the star. Brody tells them that they can get spare parts, but Destiny is accelerating away and they’re too close to send a shuttle. Future-Rush suggests they program a short FTL jump and then connect their Stargate to the future-Stargate, and they start putting together a list of pieces to salvage. Future-Rush wants to go, and Telford agrees that he should go.

Brody briefs the crew on what to look for and where to find it. They make the FTL hop and dial the Stargate, and Eli sends the kino through. He confirms that it’s getting hot but is still survivable. The crew goes through and starts gathering parts, while Rush and Future-Rush determine that they have 40 minutes until Future-Destiny’s shields collapse. On Destiny, Camille goes to use the communication stones and tell Homeworld Command what is going on. Eli figures that SGC thinks that they’re all dead, and they would be right if not a freak of physics.

The scavenging parties gather everything they can, while Future-Destiny begins to collapse under the stress. At the 20-minute mark, Telford orders everyone back with what they’ve gathered. The two Rushes spot a vital piece of equipment that they need to double the power for the weapon arrays, and Young okays their recovery attempt. Rush goes to get some tools while Future-Rush starts the removal. Telford arrives and asks Future-Rush what really happened. Future-Rush insists that he tried to save everyone, but Telford doesn’t believe him. When he demands answers, Future-Rush shoves him back into the power couplings, inadvertently electrocuting him.

In the Gateroom, Rush gets the necessary tools and heads back, and Scott goes with him. Aboard Destiny, Camille says that at Homeworld Command, the Future-Telford wants to switch with his other self and find out for himself what’s going on.

Future-Rush stares in horror at Telford’s corpse and runs away.

Young calls Scott for a status report, and Scott and Rush find Telford’s body. Rush goes after his future self, and Young orders Scott to return to Destiny before the shields fail.

Rush realizes that his counterpart is going to the information download room and goes there. Future-Rush says that it was an accident and Rush says that he knows, but warns that the others won’t believe it. When Rush asks what really happened, Future-Rush insists that he’s telling the truth. Future-Rush prepares to sit in the chair and download the Ancients’ knowledge, and asks Rush to help him. Rush initiates the download procedure and then runs for the Gateroom.

As Future-Destiny drops into the star, Rush gets to the Gateroom as Scott maintains the wormhole. They get through just in time as the ship is destroyed with Future-Rush. They ask where the other Rush is, and Rush lies and says he never found his counterpart. Young notes that Rush must be pleased that they can fix the ship and go on with the mission, but Rush doesn’t appear happy.