Alliances - Recap

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On Destiny, Telford is on Earth and reestablishes contact with Rush and Young. They explain how he was the only one who survived the destruction of the ship in his timeline, and everyone else died in the unstable wormhole. Young informs him that his counterpart from the new timeline was killed in an accident aboard the other Destiny. Telford adapts to it and tells them they’ll have to explain it to Senator Michaels, the head of the off-world spending committee. He warns that Michaels really wants to know about Rush’s signal, which they have labeled a signal from God.

Young tells Camille that Michaels is coming aboard via the communication stones to determine if it’s worth the cost to build another Icarus Base and create a Stargate capable of reaching Destiny. Camille offers to switch with Michaels so she can check with her people on Earth, and Young says that they need a male host to switch with the scientist Michaels is bringing to confirm Rush’s findings. Camille suggests Greer, the only one who hasn’t taken advantage of the communication stones to visit Earth. Young reluctantly agrees and ends up ordering Greer to do it.

In the communications room, he complains to Camille, who figures he’s trying to be the perfect soldier. They end up on Earth where a soldier demands authentication codes from them. Telford arrives and explains that they are at a heightened alert because the Lucian Alliance is planning an attack on Homeworld Command.

Eli and the scientists discuss the scientist that Michaels is bringing along. Rush knows the man, Andrew Covel, and explains that they briefly worked together before they were recruited into the SGC. Young summons Rush to meet their guests, and Rush warns the others that Covel is the type of man who likes to keep secret.

Young and Scott give Michaels and an awestruck Covel a tour of the ship. Michaels first confirms that they’re no longer dialing the Stargate when inside of a sun. Rush arrives and overhears them talking as Young says that his first responsibility is to get his people home. Michaels notes that they have no idea what really happened, and wonders if either Rush is telling the truth. Young says that he supported Rush in keeping Destiny manned. Rush steps in and Michaels says that she wants to see Chloe, since she’s known her since she’s a little girl. The scientist offers to take her to the bridge where Chloe is working.

On Earth, Telford’s people scan the comm lab for naquadria radiation, and Telford explains to Camille and Greer that the Lucian Alliance has planted naquadria bombs in some of their offworld bases. After the technician finishes, Greer insists on staying rather than going to see anyone. Telford ignores his request and dismisses him.

On the bridge, Chloe and Michaels embrace while Covel looks around the bridge. The senator asks to talk to Chloe in private. Once they’re gone, Covel admits that he’s impressed with Rush and congratulates him on his achievements.

Camille goes after Greer, who doesn’t want to talk to her at first. He complains that her approach toward the Lucian prisoners on Destiny has endangered everyone, but she insists that she did the right thing. An alarm goes off and Greer realizes there’s an incoming attack. He grabs Camille and drags her into an office over her objections. Something strikes the building and the roof comes down.

On the ship, Michaels assures Chloe that her mother is holding up. She then apologizes for not getting Chloe home, and admits that Chloe and Eli are different because they never intended to serve on a Stargate mission to a distant planet, much less a distant galaxy. Michaels explains that Chloe’s father had plans for his daughter, and now they’re gone.

Outside Homeworld Command, Telford tries to find out what’s going on from his men and organizes the evacuation.

Inside, Camille wakes up and finds Greer, who is partially buried and suffering from a twisted knee. Parts of the hallway outside come down and Camille uses some packing tape to wrap Greer’s knee so he can walk out

Rush plays Covel the recording of the structure signal, and the visiting scientist says that he can perceive the signal, but he doesn’t know what it means. It will take over five years to confirm the information, and he has to make a judgment call. Rush points out that Covel turned down Icarus because he didn’t see the potential, and Covel admits that now they have evidence of an intelligence present at the beginning of time. He warns Rush that politicians will either use it to justify their religious agenda, or bury it. Rush figures that Covel is refusing to choose a side because he doesn’t know what will happen.

In the hallway, Camille and Greer find a buried soldier, Airman Evans. They free him and confirm he’s okay, and hear an open radio channel nearby. Camille explores and finds a dead soldier, and takes his gun on Greer’s advice. Evans wonders why they need a gun and Greer says for emergencies. They call Telford on the radio, and he tells them that a cloaked Alliance cargo ship crashed into the building near the comm lab. Telford figures that there must be a bomb on board the cargo ship and tells them that they have to get out before it goes off.

Johansen is casually chatting with Varro in the infirmary as Young and Scott escort Michaels in. The senator asks to talk to Johansen in private, and suggests that the medic is under a lot of pressure. Johansen points out that they’re not going to get doctors to volunteer, knowing they’ll never go home.

Greer, Camille, and Evans come to a collapsed hallway. They call Telford, who warns that they can’t get a bomb disposal unit into the building in time. When Camille realize the bomb could go off and kill thousands, she suggests that they go to the bomb and try to disarm it. Telford objects, but Camille points out that they’ll die as well if they don’t defuse the bomb.

Covel comes to see Eli and praises him for his work. He then asks Eli, Brody, and Volker what they think about everything, including Rush’s discovery.

Greer refuses to rest, prompting Camille to accuse him of pretending to be invincible. He tells her to stop talking, and complains that people like her talk and nothing gets down. Camille accuses him of hiding his own problems, while Evans hears something and finally gets them to stop arguing. They realize it’s the Geiger counter of the technician who was sweeping the building early and search. Camille finds his severed arm and Greer tries to comfort her. Evans checks the Geiger counter readings and they realize that they’ve already been exposed to lethal levels of radiation.

Young asks Michaels and Covel for their verdict, and Michaels says that it will take at least six months until they can do a dial-out. Covel says that they don’t think Destiny or the crew will survive that long. Brody calls to say they’re dropping out of FTL, and Young explains that the communication stone link will be interrupted for a few seconds.

In the Homeland Command building, Evans starts to panic. When Camille says there’s no chance for them, he says that she’s no scientist. She insists that it’s too late, and then she finds herself back in her own body. Michaels and Covel are in their bodies, and Covel gets a quick look at the Geiger counter. On Destiny, Camille explains what little she can to Young before the link reestablishes itself. Once she’s in her own body, Evans grabs her and holds a letter opener to her throat. Greer draws on the airman, and Evans tells him to drop the gun or he’ll kill Camille.

Young has a technician disconnect the stones, but Michaels and Vogel stay in their current bodies. Shutting down the machine itself does nothing.

Evans says they need to find another way out, and Greer tries to calm him down. Camille tells Greer to shoot Evans, accusing him of being an Alliance spy putting on an act. She grabs Evans’ hand, distracting him long enough for Greer to kill him. Once she’s safe, Camille explains that Evans knew she wasn’t a scientist despite the fact she never told him that. They figure that Evans knew about them from the files that Telford gave the Alliance, and they confirm that Evans has an Alliance clan tattoo. Camille figures that Evans piloted the cargo ship onto the roof but miscalculated. They continue on and find the cargo ship.

Rush confirms that the stones work in pairs, and they have to send the shutdown command at both ends. The radiation is affecting the command protocols, and Covel offers to figure out a way to alter them. Varro volunteers to tell them how to defuse the bomb.

Greer and Camille board the cargo ship and find the bomb. However, they’re unable to call out because of interference from the radiation. They have no choice but to defuse the bomb on their own.

Varro explains the procedure for defusing the bomb, and says that they’ll have to trust him. He insists that he didn’t know about the attack, and Johansen vouches for him. Young is unimpressed. Eli suggests that they tell Camille and Greer how to defuse the bomb in the few seconds after a FTL jump, but Brody warns that dropping out so soon can damage the engines. Varro says that the 10 to 12 seconds should be enough time.

Camille decides to try defusing the bomb. She reaches into the holographic shell covering it and finds the bomb mechanism inside, but admits she doesn’t know what to do next.

Chloe finds Michaels and explains what they’re going to do, and admits they have no choice but to take Varro’s word. Michaels complains that she didn’t listen to the other council members who said she should have stayed on Earth. Chloe says that she believes in the mission and that Michaels’ is wrong, and that Senator Armstrong died so that they could continue on.

Camille gives up and suddenly finds herself back on Destiny in her own body, as does Greer. Varro tries to describe the procedure as quickly as possible, and they return to their bodies on Earth before he can finish. They start working on the bomb, but realize that neither one of them caught the last step.

Rush calls Young and the others to the communications lab and explains that he has found a way to break the link. He points out that Covel altered an algorithm to stop him. Covel admits that he did it, knowing that their bodies are as good as dead. He figures that a healthy person might survive if the other person in the link dies, and blames Camille and Greer for putting their bodies at risk. Michaels tells Young to have Varro brief them on how to defuse the bombs. Covel refuses to go, but Young says he doesn’t have a choice.

Camille insists that they stop defusing the bomb, rather than set it off early and endanger the people outside. Greer finally gives in, admitting there’s nothing they can do. They both sit down and Camille apologizes for not getting along with Greer. She admits that she likes to talk, and Greer invites her to start talking. Camille starts to speak and then admits she can’t think of anything to say, and they both laugh.

Once Varro shows her what to do, Michaels tells Young that she’s ready to go back. She asks Young to tell Chloe that she’s proud of her. Rush cuts the signal and Michaels and Vogel find themselves back in their bodies. Michaels defuses the bomb.

Later, Camille joins Greer on Destiny’s observation deck. They haven’t heard anything via the communication stones yet. Greer asks about her significant other, Sharon, and Camille wishes she could talk to her one more time. In response, Greer says that he wants to talk to his mother, and things haven’t been good between them since he joined the military. There are things he wanted to say that he never has, and Camille assures him that his mother knows.