Hope - Recap

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The Destiny crew mans shifts to man the communication stones until Earth reestablishes contact. As Chloe arrives to replace Volker, Volker staggers briefly but says that his leg fell asleep.

Rush keeps beating Eli at chess, and Eli worries that the bomb wasn’t defused in time. He insists that he’s worried about everyone, not just his mother.

Volker and Brody are arguing over the real name of the theme from <em>2001: A Space Odyssey</em>, when Volker hesitates briefly. They realize that someone has entered Chloe’s body via the communication stones. Young goes there and the person in Chloe’s body identifies herself as Ginn. Eli comes running when he hears what happened, and Ginn explains that she was on Earth in Amanda Perry’s body, answering question, and then she appeared in Chloe’s body. When she realizes that she’s in Chloe’s body, she wonders why she isn’t in her own body. Young explains to her that Simeon killed her while she was in Amanda’s body on Earth, and both women are dead.

Johansen is examining Ancient medical equipment in the infirmary when Volker comes to see her. He complains that he’s having trouble sleeping and then passes out.

Rush figures that Ginn was murdered and the communication device’s link wasn’t properly disconnected. Her consciousness is now floating around, and Chloe turned in because she dozed off while she was hooked up. Scott wonders where Chloe’s consciousness is to be found.

Johansen tests Volker and confirms that he’s been feeling sick for the last month. She determines that he has high blood pressure, and Volker admits that he ran out of pills shortly after they arrived on Destiny. He says that he’s been feeling fine and didn’t want to waste her time, but Johansen insists on using the Ancient devices to do some bloodwork.

Eli and Rush confirm that Chloe isn’t connected to anyone on Earth.

After she finishes the tests, Johansen tells Volker that his kidneys are shutting down. It’s too late to treat and they don’t have a dialysis machine, so the only remaining option is a kidney transplant.

Eli tells Ginn that Rush killed Simeon, and that he felt he had to do something as well. She kisses him but Eli backs away, pointing out that she’s in Chloe’s body. Ginn wonders if she can be returned to her own body, and Eli explains that they buried her corpse at the next planet they came to after she died. As they talk, Ginn starts choking and Eli calls for help. However, Ginn recovers after a few seconds. Johansen checks on her but can’t find anything wrong. Rush concludes that Ginn is reliving the last impressions on her mind when she was killed. Scott is concerned that Chloe could be harmed, and Rush and Eli agree to wait before disconnecting the stones. Afterward, Johansen tells Young about Volker’s condition and warns that their chances of finding a match are unlikely. He tells her to the testing first before they worry about the possibility of surgery.

After running the blood types, Johansen calls in Scott and Greer, two of the crew who have a blood-type match. Scott realizes that Johansen is nervous and assures her that she can handle it.

Eli checks on Ginn, who says that she feels different from the last time she used the stones. Eli promises that they’ll figure out what’s wrong and he won’t lose her again.

Rush comes to see Young and warns that the surgery is dangerous. The colonel suspects that he’s trying to get out of the surgery, and Rush says that he has the wrong blood-type. The scientist doesn’t want to risk another crew member to save Volker, but Young refuses to give up on Volker. They’re called to Ginn’s quarters, where Ginn is having another choking fit... and Chloe’s consciousness has resurfaced.

They take Chloe’s body to the infirmary and confirm that Ginn is back in control. She has no memory of what happened when Chloe briefly regained control, and they confirm that the connection wasn’t cut. Rush suggests that Chloe’s consciousness never left her own body, but is suppressed by Ginn’s. Rush and Eli want to maintain the connection, but Young says that he’ll break the connection the next time Ginn has an attack. As Scott and Eli escort Ginn back to her quarters, Chloe’s consciousness resurfaces and they explain what’s happening. The stones are still connected, and Ginn regains control. She says that she feels weak and Eli concludes that they’re losing the “signal.”

Johansen and the scientists go through the Ancients’ database and find everything they can concerning transplants.

Eli and Rush try to figure out a way to download Ginn’s consciousness into the ship’s computer banks. Johansen calls to tell Young that they have two matches: Greer and Morrison. When Morrison starts to worry, Greer immediately volunteers to provide his kidney. Johansen then prepares to take bone marrow stem cells from Greer to inject into Volker to reduce the chance of transplant rejection. He tells her to do it without anesthesia despite the pain. Volker thanks him and Greer says that he’d do the same for him. Johansen starts and Greer screams in fake agony as a joke.

As Scott comes to see Eli and Ginn, Chloe resurfaces again and warns that she’s feeling tired. She tells them to do what they have to, to save Ginn. Ginn returns and then Amanda Perry’s consciousness surfaces in Chloe’s body. When Rush gets word of what happens, he runs to embrace Amanda. They then report to Young that Perry and Ginn are both fading. Rush suggests that they use the neural interface chair to isolate the two intruding personalities and download them into the ship’s computers. He notes that Franklin’s consciousness was uploaded into the computers, and that Rush has seen him via the neural link until he broke the link. Young wonders if Rush is trying to find another excuse to use the chair, but Rush says it’s the best option that they have and the risk to Chloe is minimal. Scott insists that they consult with Chloe and let her make the decision.

Johansen prepares for surgery but then goes out for a break. Volker talks about how he loved spending time in his backyard on Earth.

Chloe tells Scott to let Rush perform the procedure despite the risks.

Young finds Johansen, who admits that she doesn’t believe she can successfully perform the surgery. He tells her that she can do it, and she is the only person who can do it.

Rush talks to Amanda and explains the procedure. She says that it’s been her dream to have a working body ever since her accident.

Johansen returns to the infirmary and discovers that Volker and Greer have left. Greer takes Volker to the hydroponics bay so he can enjoy the closest thing they have to a backyard. Johansen calls and confirms that they’re okay. They return to the infirmary and Johansen prepares for surgery.

Eli explains the procedure to Ginn, and assures her that they can’t turn her off. He says that it’s only temporary, and that it’s enough to be able to speak and hear her. Eli asks her if she feels the same, but she starts choking again before she can answer.

Johansen and the scientists begin the surgery, removing Greer’s kidney. Young calls to tell her that Ginn had another choking attack and they’re going to do the transfer. Johansen says that she can’t leave and goes back to work.

Rush and Eli initiate the procedure and a power overload in the mainframe occurs. Ginn starts choking and Rush is unable to stop the process or confirm that the transfer has occurred. The ship compensates for the power surge and Rush shuts down the chair.

The Ancient database crashes as Johansen starts to put Greer’s kidney into Volker. Amanda appears to Johansen via the neural link and talks her through the procedure, drawing on the information in the Ancient database.

Rush confirms that two transfers occurred, and one of them is active.

Johansen completes the operation.

Chloe wakes up and Scott is relieved to see that she’s fine.

Johansen reports to Young that Volker should recover. He congratulates her and is then summoned to the communication lab where Telford has finally made contact. Telford informs Young that they defused the bomb and Washington is safe.

Later, Amanda visits Rush on the bridge and thanks him for setting her free.

Brody and Park make sure that Volker is okay. Johansen checks on Greer, who insists that he’s fine.

Ginn finally appears to Eli and says that she knows her current condition is temporary, but that it’s enough as long as she can be with Eli.