The Hunt - Recap

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The team takes an expedition to a new planet and check out the woods. Greer and Scott decides to hunt a few of the resident deer-like creatures and prepare to open fire. However, their target flees and Scott sends a kino to investigate. A different creature charges out of the woods, attacks the kino, and then charges the others. Scott yells at Greer to shoot, but he freezes instead.

Scott and the others return to the ship and show the footage to Young. The lieutenant reports that the creature took two of the expedition members, Johansen and Reynolds. Young goes to lead the recovery team and puts Scott in charge on the ship, overriding his objections.

Eli explores the cargo hold and Brody catches him at it. However, they have to go on Rush’s assigned route. Eli complains that Rush is taking a more cautious approach, but shuts up when the meet up with Rush. He opens the door on one of the last rooms in the section, and they find stasis pods inside.

As Young prepares to leave, Vanessa warns that the creature may have already killed their missing teammates. Scott refuses to believe it, but Vanessa warns that they should prepare for the worst. Young sends them along so he can talk alone with Greer. He asks why Greer didn’t take the shot, and Greer admits that he doesn’t know why. The colonel warns that if there is a problem, Greer needs to find out what it is and fix it.

Eli, Brody, and Rush examine the stasis pods, and Rush says to abandon them for now. When Eli protests, Rush says he wants to take a more cautious approach.

Young and his team lose the trail, and Greer insists that they have to keep moving forward. The colonel agrees and they search for tracks. He then asks Greer what his problem is, and tells him not to let guilt detect his actions. Young wonders if Greer needs more time to recuperate, but he insists that he’s fine. They continue forward.

On the ship, Varro approaches Scott and offers his assistance in the hunt for Johansen and Reynolds. Scott doesn’t want to accept, but Varro insists that he and his people have the experience and can find the creature faster. He points out that Scott will want to know he did everything in his power to save their missing crew.

In the infirmary, an injured Park is talking to Chloe when a concerned Volker arrives. A mildly injured Morrison keeps complaining, while Volker tries to focus on Park and her cracked rib. He finally snaps at Morrison, and Chloe goes to help him while Park takes Volker’s hand and thanks him for coming. Chloe notices the entire exchange.

Johansen and Reynolds wake up inside the creature’s lair, a cave halfway up the side of a mountain. They have lost their guns and one of the radios, and the other one is badly damaged. Reynolds’ leg is broken and he figures the creature wants them alive. However, Johansen finds a pile of bones and realizes that the creature is saving them so it can feed later.

Varro, his aide Tasia, and the other Lucian soldiers arrive on the planet. Greer complains but Young says that they need them. Varro figures the creature wanted its captives alive so it would have fresh meat, and they have to find Johansen and Reynolds before the creatures make a meal of them. Tasia finds partial tracks and they head off.

Eli complains to Brody about Rush’s newfound cautiousness, and Brody notes that he recently had his consciousness trapped in a simulation. Disgusted, Eli goes back to the stasis pods and Brody trails along.

Johansen goes outside and confirms that the creature is guarding the cave mouth.

Chloe approaches Volker and suggests that he might tell Park his feelings. Volker insists that his feelings toward his fellow scientist are purely platonic, and Chloe drops it.

Eli and Brody check the pods, and Eli complains that they should have a more democratic arrangement among the scientists.

On the bridge, Rush detects activity on the stasis pod the others are examining.

As Brody enters one of the pods, it activates and traps him inside. Eli tries to get him out, but gas fills the stasis pod, freezing Brody.

On the planet, night falls and Varro talks how he and his brother learned hunting from their father. Greer insists that it’s nothing but a monster. Tasia discovers that the tracks stop, and the creature leaps out and attacks first her and then the others. Greer chases after it, firing wildly, and Varro stops him. The Lucian soldier warns that the creature is trying to draw them off and pick them off one at a time, and that it lead them into a trap. They go back and tend to the injured. Vanessa asks Greer why he froze earlier, and notes that he isn’t prone to panic. She wonders what happened to him, and Greer explains that he briefly died after his kidney was removed. Vanessa insists that it was just the sedatives, but Greer admits that he doesn’t want to go back to the darkness now that he’s seen it.

Varro tends to the injured Young and warns that in his condition, he’s a liability. The Lucian soldier promises that he will get Johansen back, and Young tells him to bring her back safe. The colonel then heads back to the Stargate with the others too wounded to continue the hunt.

Rush calls Eli and asks where Brody can be found. Eli lies and says that they’re running late on their assigned tasks because they’re grabbing something to eat. He promises to be there soon, while Rush smiles.

The next morning, Varro and Tasia stop and decide to set a trap for when the creature ambushes them again.

Johansen starts a fire and confirms they have six hours left until Destiny jumps to FTL. She goes to work on the radio to let their comrades know that they’re not dead.

Volker brings food for the sleeping Park, who wakes up and wonders why he’s watching her. Rush comes in and Park gives him some calculations that she’s been working on. When Volker objects, Park explains that she’s the one who asked for the work to keep from going stir crazy. As Rush goes, he tells Volker to take his time with his visit.

As Varro and Tasia set their traps, Greer objects, figuring that the creature is making good its escape. Varro figures the creature will attack them to protect its lair, and Greer warns that if he’s wrong, Varro won’t get back to the ship. He warns Varro that he can forget whatever he has planned between him and Johansen. Tasia reports that the creature is closing in, and the two men brace for its attack. The creature comes charging in and sets off a booby trap, blowing itself up. However, more of the creatures start howling and yank Tasia and the remaining soldier into the woods, and Varro and Greer realize that they are dealing with multiple attackers.

Greer and Varro follow the creatures’ tracks, and realize that they’re babies heading back to their lair. Varro insists that he’ll see it through, but warns that even the two of them together may be able to handle the creatures.

In the cave, Reynolds asks Johansen to kill him rather than be eaten. She tells him to snap out of it and makes sure that he understands, and then gets the radio working.

As they continue through the woods, Varro comments that he knew a fearless soldier, and he got himself killed because he didn’t let fear keep him alive. Johansen makes contact with them and directs them to the cave.

Volker arrives on the bridge for his duties, and Rush notes that Volker clearly enjoys Park’s company. Rush doesn’t believe his denial, and says that nothing could happen between them anyway because Volker isn’t the romantic type. He describes Volker as the good friend type with a shoulder to cry on, and they all have predestined roles.

Eli brings Chloe to the stasis pod room and asks her to use her residual alien knowledge to try and get Brody out. He wants to solve the problem without Rush’s help.

Varro and Greer find the cave, and Varro volunteers to scout out the area on his own. Greer refuses and Varro says that he’s having second thoughts and they don’t have time. However, Greer insists on going, and gives Varro a pack of explosives to create a diversion.

One of the creatures enters the cave and Johansen and Reynolds arm themselves with crude spears. The creature seems intrigued by Johansen’s fire, but is distracted when an explosion echoes in the distance.

The smaller creatures close in on Varro, while Greer runs up to the cave. Johansen tells him not to shoot, and explains that it recognizes the fire as a sign of intelligence. It attacked them because they thought the expedition posed a threat to its family. Greer says that he realized that, and set the explosives to draw it off. He tells Johansen to get Reynolds out, and then points his gun at the creature. Greer then says that it should be smart enough to know he can kill it... and smart enough to know he chooses not to. He lowers his gun, and the creature doesn’t attack. It backs away and Greer leaves with the others.

On Destiny, Rush frees Brody using a bridge control. He comes out of stasis, much to Eli’s relief. When Volker notices that Rush is doing something, the head scientist explains that he did a diagnostic of the pods and learned some useful information.

Varro catches up to the others and says that he didn’t kill the creatures, but chose to lose them in the forest. As they head back to the Stargate, Greer spots one of the deer creatures.

Destiny goes into FTL. Johansen comes to see Varro and congratulates him on the fact he’s now free. Greer put in a good word for him with Young, but Varro is sure that Greer would deny it if asked. Johansen apologizes for the loss of his people, and assures Varro that he’s not alone. He starts to kiss her, but Young knocks on the door. They let him in, and he asks Varro to lend his expertise in the mess. Once Varro leaves, Young asks Johansen if she’s okay. The colonel then asks Johansen if she’s okay, and she says she’s good. After an awkward pause, Young leaves Johansen alone.

On the bridge, Rush tell Eli and Brody that they’ve completed the diagnostics and they can examine the stasis pods. They both insist that they should take more time, unaware that Rush is smiling with satisfaction.

Volker brings flowers to Park in the infirmary, but sees her with Greer. He quietly leaves before they can notice him.

In the mess, the crew enjoys barbecued deer creature.