Common Descent - Recap

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Brody and the others check the filters and confirm their losing efficiency. Johansen approaches Young with reports of carbon monoxide Destiny emerges from FTL and they confirm there are two planets within range, and one of them has a working Stargate. As Eli tells Chloe and Camille the news, they spot six drone ships closing in on them. The drones open fire and Destiny returns fire and takes evasive maneuvers. They realize a command ship must be in the vicinity and confirm they can’t jump into FTL for another two hours. The command ship arrives and Young orders a retreat, but they can only maintain their lead by blowing out the engines.

Young goes to see Eli and Rush, who suggest that the drones may be tracking them via the drone they kept from their last encounter. The ship’s computers automatically cut power from the sublight for protective functions, and they have an hour until the command ship catches them. Rush warns that if they jump early they’ll damage Destiny.

The command ship finally comes within range and launches dozens of drones. Rush transfers all remaining power to the shields as they reach the safe jump time and safely enter FTL.

Later, Eli meets the others in the mess room and notes that they can’t survive another attack. On the bridge, Brody confirms that the ship has locked onto an approaching planet, and advises Young that they should stop so that they can get lime for the air filters. Rush agrees with Brody, warning that if they don’t stop then they’ll have trouble breathing. As they drop out of FTL, they confirm there are no drones in range. Scott takes a team through the Stargate to explore, and the hear someone in the nearby woods. A man and woman emerge and Scott orders them to surrender. He discovers that the newcomers, Jason and Ellie, speak English. They know Greer and Scott by name and explain that they’re their descendants.

Scott gets information from the couple and relays it to Young. The colonel explains to the others that Jason, Ellie, and their people are the 2,000-year-old descendants of the Destiny crew. They have old kino footage and saw Greer and Scott on that. Eli realizes that when the ship in the alternate timeline dialed out through a solar flare, the people that evacuated and apparently died actually went back two thousand years and jumped to the nearest Stargate. Eli is the only one who is impressed, and insists they need to talk to them. Young confirms there are no drones, but Rush warns that they can’t lose sight of their main objective.

Eli, Chloe, and Camille go through the Stargate. Jason and Ellie recognize them as well and take them to their settlement. As they go, they explain that the original Destiny crew settled another planet, Novus, and the settlement on this planet is an expedition. They lost contact with Novus and are unable to dial back, but their “Testament” said that one day Destiny might return. At the settlement, the children initially run off, but the settlement’s elders, led by Camille’s descendant Yaozu, greet them. They share tea and Eli is eager to see the Testament. However, Yaozu first offers a ritual greeting.

Later, Camille and the others return to the ship to report that there are several settlements on the planet, but Novus has millions of inhabitants and has advanced technology. The settlement has been on the planet for thirty years, and went there to find other inhabitable worlds because Novus was threatened with natural disasters. The descendants had split into two political factions. The expedition was formed by the Tenerans, who followed the Testament. The other group, the Futurans, blamed Eli for what happened and believed that Rush would one day come to rescue them. The Tenerans believe that the Stargate on Novus was damaged by an earthquake. Eli has obtained a copy of all of the video footage that their other selves made when they arrived. Rush isn’t interested in any of it and stalks off.

Scott and Greer have the Tenerans help load up supplies for Destiny. Meanwhile, Camille shows Yaozu and the others around the ship. She introduces them to Rush, who quickly leaves. Jason and Ellie withdraw in horror from him, and Yaozu explains that some among his people believe Rush is a demon, while the Futurans worship him as a god.

Eli loads the video clips for Johansen and Chloe, which has the other Eli talking about how they are preparing to break ground for their new settlement. Meanwhile, Camille brings their visitors back to the gateroom. Yaozu has one last request: for them to take the settlement people home. They can’t maintain the settlement without supplies from Novus.

The crew meets to discuss the request, and Eli and Camille insist that they need to help the Tenerans. Young notes that they can’t take that many people aboard, but Eli has calculated they can just manage it before the atmosphere becomes toxic. Rush objects, strenuously, and Camille notes that the scientists on Novus believed that an approaching black hole was causing the planet’s problems. Young sides with Rush and will only commit to stopping at Novus and helping them fix their Stargate.

Eli, Johansen, and Chloe watch footage of Johansen giving birth to her child and Young’s. They then skip forward to ten years, where the other Eli talks about how it has been fun finding ways to make it work, and wishes his mother could see what he’s done, and meet Eli’s grandson. Finally they watch footage of an elderly Young addressing the two political parties voting on the split, and talking about how what they built brought them all together. Young sees the footage but insists that it doesn’t sway his decision now. Eli insists that they’re all human beings and have a responsibility to the Tenerans, but Young says they simply don’t have the resources to do it.

Back on the planet, Camille tells the Tenerans about Young’s decision. As Eli tries to reassure them, a drone flies overhead and Scott tells them all to evacuate through the Stargate.

In space, more drones attack Destiny. They’re good to make jump to FTL, and Scott dials the ship and notifies them of the situation. Young agrees to let the Tenerans come to Destiny. Camille and Eli help the evacuation from the planet, while Greer and Scott open fire on the drone. Before they can bring it down, it opens fire on the Stargate, damaging it and cutting off the wormhole. On the ship, Brody informs Young that the Stargate on the planet is no longer operational. Rush says they have to go and Young gives the order to jump to FTL.

On the planet, Eli informs Camille and Scott that they’re stranded with the remaining Tenerans. Camille figures that the ship can come back for them, but Scott warns that Young won’t risk it since he doesn’t know if the drones are gone. Jason asks what the drones were, and explains that the attack took out their generators and the long-range transmitter. Eli admits that they may have led the drones there, and realizes that an active Stargate gives off a subspace signal that the drones can track. Jason and Ellie go off to warn the other settlements.

Rush reaches the same conclusion and briefs Young and the others. He concludes that they can use the Stargates again at some point, but warns that they can’t risk the ship on the chance the drones are no longer at the planet. Young agrees and then goes to the infirmary to inform Yaozu that they won’t be going back for the stranded Tenerans.

Eli checks the Stargate and tries to use its subspace transmitter to communicate with Destiny, with a lower-power signal. He admits that the drones could detect it, but it’s not likely. All he can do so far is turn it on and off, and Scott gets an idea.

On Destiny, Brody and Volker pick up the signal from the Stargate. When Young hears it, he realizes that it’s Morse code. They return and send a shuttle down to pick up the survivors.

A week later, Eli admits to his friends that things have been getting crowded, and the extra passengers have offset all the lime they took on-board. Chloe notes that some of the Tenerans want to stay, and they wonder if Young will agree. Both sides were preparing nuclear weapons when the Teneran group left to explore the planet. Eli believes that they will come to the right decision, but the others aren’t convinced.

Scott and Eli take a shuttle to the planet with Yaozu, Ellie, and Jason on-board. They don’t pick up any radio signals, the planet is shrouded in ash, and the surface temperature is freezing. They find an abandoned city and pick up no electromagnetic signals. Rush realizes that a super-volcano erupted, devastating the planet. They make several passes over the city but there are no signs of the millions of people who lived there.