Blockade - Recap

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Eli is watching the Teneran kino footage of his grandson dedicating a school in his name when Rush comes to get some equations. He suggests that Eli find something more important to do, noting that none of his descendants were there. Rush says that given how widely the Tenerans spread across the galaxy, the odds are good they’ll meet them again.

Destiny maneuvers around a gas giant to line up with a star for refueling, and Young warns the crew about possible turbulence. The ship swings clear of the star and approaches the red dwarf, and the crew realizes that there is a command ship and a fleet of drones dead ahead. Young orders a jump to FTL, but Volker warns that they need a few minutes until they can safely make the jump. There’s no way to get around the drones to refuel, since they maneuver to block Destiny. Rush says that they can refuel elsewhere and can’t fight the drones, and they make the jump just after the drones open fire.

Once they’re safely into FTL, the crew wonders how the drones found them. Rush points out that they weren’t using the Stargate and leaves. Eli follows him and Rush admits that the command ship could have figured out a way to track them. He warns that a command ship could be waiting at the next refueling star so they can’t go there, and they got lucky because Destiny’s delay in approaching the star gave them enough time to recover from FTL and make a safe jump once battle was engaged.

Back on the bridge, the crew prepares for arrival at the next star. They come out far enough from the star so they can recover FTL As they approach the star, they detect a command ship and drones blocking them, and realize that they’re facing a blockade. They quickly leave before the drones can reach them. Young calls a meeting and has Telford arrive via the communication stones. The power reserves are low enough that they only have one more chance. Eli suggests that they fly into a star that Destiny normally wouldn’t refuel at: a blue super-giant. Volker warns against it, saying that the temperatures would go beyond the ship’s life support margins. Rush explains that the crew will go to a nearby planet via the Stargate, and a skeleton crew will remain on board to override the core systems when they shut down automatically. Rush says that he and Eli are the most qualified people, and will remain on the ship wearing the protective EVA suits. They hope that the crew will be able to get back after refueling before the drones can lock onto the active Stargate. When Telford says that he’ll notify Homeland Command, Young informs him that they’re going ahead whether they like it or not.

Camille, Scott, and Chloe are among those removing plants from the hydroponic dome since they won’t survive the heat. With 20 minutes remaining, Young orders the crew to report to the Gateroom. On the bridge, the systems power down and Volker and Vanessa get out just in time as it locks down. As Young prepares to leave, Park asks him for permission to stay on board and wear the third suit, and get more of the plants safely stored before helping Eli and Rush. Young agrees as Destiny comes out of orbit. Rush says that they’ll need about seven hours to refuel, and Eli finds a single planet within range. The crew sends a kino through the Stargate and discovers what appears to be an abandoned city on the other side of the wormhole. They figure that it’s a Novus colony but there are no signs of life. Scott moves everyone through the Stargate. Before he leaves, Young congratulates Eli on his plan.

On the planet, Young suggests that they start searching the city for possible supplies. However, he worries that they don’t know why the colonists disappear. He sends out three teams while the rest stay at the Stargate, and orders Vanessa, Camille, and Varro to watch over the others.

Eli helps Park gather more hybrids from the hydroponic domes, and she talks about how she came there to remember what it was like when she was at home looking up at the stars. Rush calls and summons Eli to the control center, and Park says she’ll be along shortly.

Johansen and her team head for the hospital. Scott and Greer split up their teams and cover opposite sides of the street.

Eli arrives in the control center and Rush asks him to check the figures, and then pushes Eli into taking over as pilot.

As Park prepares to leave with the hybrids, an alarm goes off and the hydroponic dome door seals in front of her. She calls Eli, who discovers that they can’t open the door.

Greer finds some cans of food.

At the Stargate, Morrison finds a newspaper with a headline warning of an attack.

Young finds a vantage point and confirms that the inhabitants were wiped out by an attack. He tells Scott and Greer to continue searching since they have no idea when the enemy attack occurred.

At the Stargate, Morrison continues to read the newspaper and discovers that the attack was made by machines from outer space. He starts to panic and Vanessa tells him to remain calm and avoid panicking the others. She then talks to Varro, who is preparing a handheld rocket launcher.

As the two teams search, they hear a drone approaching and take cover. Scott asks for permission to fire but Young tells him not to give away their position.

Rush warns Park that the computers are refusing their commands to open the door. She puts on the rest of her suit, while Rush complains that now they’ve put Park at risk.

Johansen’s team meets Scott and shows him the drugs that they recovered. He sends them to the Stargate while he goes after the other teams.

Greer throws a can of food down the street to draw the drone away.

Destiny enters the star and Rush is busy trying to keep Destiny from overriding the approach. When Eli starts to go to the dome to help Park, Rush tells Park that Eli has to focus on flying the ship. He tells her that the suit will protect her inside the dome and enter a collection pool in the center of the compartment so the water will protect her. Rush promises her that it will keep her safe and signs off, and tells Eli that she’ll be fine.

As night falls, the drone continues to patrol the area, pinning down the two teams. More drones are heard in the distance, and Morrison starts to panic. Another drone arrives to join the first one, and they spot Scott’s position. Greer tells his team to run while he opens fire.

At the Stargate, Morrison grabs the portable dialing device and starts to dial out ot one of two planets within range. Camille warns him that neither planet is within range of Destiny, but Morrison starts to dial. Vanessa knocks him out and calls Scott. He warns that one of the drones is now heading for their position. The other drone opens fire on Scott’s location. Greer and Scott open fire on it while the others run. Young arrives, giving them the firepower they need to destroy it. As they go, Young picks up a duffel bag that he found.

As Destiny continues its course into the sun, Eli takes manual control. He speculates that the ship sealed off the dome because it knew that it couldn’t withstand the stress, and Rush admits that he already considered that possibility. However, he insists that Park should be fine and tells Eli to worry about what he can handle.

The second drone approaches the Stargate building and Vanessa calls Scott on the radio, hoping the signal will draw it to her. It approaches her, but Varro destroys it using the rocket launcher.

Park makes her way to the collection pond and immerses herself in the water. Meanwhile, Rush activates the collectors while Eli pilots the ship. When he starts to panic, Rush insists that he’s the only one who can do it.

The plants in the dome ignite and the water around Park boils. As Destiny refuels to maximum, the dome shatters and the atmosphere vents out into space. ON the bridge, Eli and Rush realize that the dome has been breached and Eli runs off to save her.

Camille reads the newspaper and confirms that volunteers drove the cars away from the city to attract the drones while they set up the Stargate. Young and his teams arrive and he gives her the duffle bag, which contains a fresh suit of clothing.

Eli gets to the dome door and has Rush open it. He pulls her out against the venting atmosphere and closes the door, and Park tells him that she’s blind.

As they come to the last ten minutes until they can safely dial, they hear something new and much larger arriving. Young has them dial the Stargate and then watches as a command ship drops out of the sky.

Back on Destiny, Rush tells Young that Johansen has a patient, explains that Eli didn’t make a single mistake with his calculations. He warns that the drones won’t fall for the same trick twice, but at least they have a full supply of fuel.