Gauntlet - Recap

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Johansen is checking Park’s eyes as Greer watches over her. As Young comes in, Johansen confirms that there’s been no improvement. As Young leaves, Camilla catches up to him and advises him to get some sleep. He agrees, but Rush calls him to the control interface room. Eli and Young explain that they’ve discovered a way to track the drones’ locations. However, a comparison to Destiny’s planned course shows that there are drones at every Stargate between them and the edge of the galaxy.

Rush and Young communicate with Telford on Earth and report what they’ve discovered. They explain that they can’t go off the path because the odds of finding viable planets are astronomical. Young explains that they only have a month’s worth of food and need a supply line, but the only planet with enough power to dial the ninth chevron isn’t volunteering to help. Telford reluctantly admits that they’re on their own.

Chloe goes to see Johansen, who says that they’re in good shape for the moment. She asks Johansen if Park’s condition is permanent, and says that it isn’t her fault. Johansen says it doesn’t make a difference and that sometimes they have to play the hand that they’re dealt. Chloe says that there is hope for both Park and Johansen, but Johansen describes all the conditions of ALS and that there is no cure and they all have to play the hand they’re dealt.

Rush tells the other scientists what Telford told them, and points out that they only have to take out one or two command ships. He plans to choose a target and drop out of FTL, and then destroy it as quickly as possible. Brody points out that it will only work once, maybe twice, and Rush says he has a way to minimize their damage. After working things out, they go to Young and explain that they plan to match the shield frequencies to the drone fire, minimizing damage. They can override Destiny’s control of the shields and use the drone they captured to determine the precise frequency range. However, setting for one frequency will leave them vulnerable to any others. Rush insists that they’re not wrong.

The crew prepares to bring Destiny out of FTL while Rush and Eli set the shields to the proper frequency range. Chloe calculates the emergence point and they come out of FTL on a direct collision course with the command ship. They scrape past it as it launches drones, but the enemy fire is useless against them. They try to close on the command ship, which takes evasive action and sends the drones on kamikaze runs against Destiny. With time running out, they manage to destroy the command ship, rendering the drones dormant. Away teams quickly go to the nearby planet and get what supplies they can, and then depart before more command ships can arrive.

Later, Eli approaches Young with a new idea: they bypass the current galaxy by circling around it in a single FTL continuous jump. However, it will take three years and they only have a month’s rations. To avoid that problem, Eli proposes that they use the stasis pods that they discovered. As Eli shows Young the pods, Rush says that the jump will require all the power that they have, and if Eli’s calculations are off by even a tenth of a percent, they’ll drift for thousands of years. Eli insists that he’s double-checked the numbers, but they have to do it soon before they lose too much power. Rush thinks it’s too risky, but Young tells them to start prepping the pods.

Young tells Camille about the plan and neither one of them are thrilled with it. She suggests that everyone get one last visit to Earth to say their goodbyes. Young agrees but says that they have to do it quickly before they run out of power.

Rush is working calculations on the hallway walls, trying to find an alternative solution, when Chloe comes to visit. She tells him that she’s confirmed that Eli’s numbers should work, but Rush notes that the ship is on a pre-set path for a minute. By skipping it, they could bypass valuable clues. Chloe admits that it’s possible, but if they don’t follow Eli’s plan, the ship will be destroyed and the quest will end.

The first group enters the pods. Varro tells Johansen that he’ll see her soon before entering his pods.

On Earth, Eli goes to see his mother Maryann. He tells her that they have smart people working on the problem, but it will still be at least three years until he sees her again. Eli blames himself for making the wrong choices. However, Maryann says that if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have seen all the amazing sights that he has encountered. He worries that he’s abandoned her, but Maryann says that he’s living his life, and she’s fine now that she knows what he’s doing and where he is. Maryann asks if he’s happy despite it all, and Eli says that he is.

Brody discovers something and calls Volker on the bridge to have him run a diagnostic.

Young goes to his quarters to try and get some rest, but Volker comes to see him and explains that they’ve discovered that one corridor of pods has taken damage and they can’t bring them on line. They won’t have enough for everyone. Young meets with the others, who explain that they are short eight pods and they don’t have the materials necessary to fix them. They need palladium hydride, found in ores on planets with substantial meteorite damage. They have found a planet near a Stargate with the substance, but a command ship has taken up position in the system. They don’t have enough power to keep eight people alive, and doing so even briefly would take away the power necessary to keep the pods going. Rush tells Young that he has to pick eight people to kill themselves.

Greer briefs Park on the news, and she tells him not to volunteer himself. He admits that he might but he wouldn’t ask seven others, and neither would Young. Park gets and idea and has him take her to Young. She suggests that they use one of the shuttles as a decoy, a short FTL from the planet. They’ll have it emit a signal simulating a Stargate wormhole, and the crew will dial in when the command ship goes to investigate the shuttle. Eli further suggests that they program it to self-destruct on cue, taking out the command ship. Young agrees and thanks Park for her contribution.

Destiny emerges from FTL and releases the shuttle. Morrison, Scott, and Greer prepare to go to the planet with a kino sled and gather as much of the ore as possible. Once Destiny is clear, the crew activates the signal and the command ship enters hyperspace to follow it and investigate. Scott takes his people to the planet while Rush remote-navigates the shuttle to avoid enemy fire. He pilots it toward the command ship and Eli initiates the engine overload. The command ship is destroyed and Young recalls the away team. They return with a full load of ore and Brody confirms that it’s good.

As Scott prepares to go to Earth, he admits to Camille that his son Matt doesn’t know him as a father. He believes that Alicia isn’t a good parent, and Homeworld Command has offered to step in and make sure Mark is raised properly if Scott gives the word. Camille tells him that Sharon was at a conference in Brussels and she didn’t have time to see her significant other. She called Sharon to tell her that she had to move on, and all Sharon could do was cry.

The next group, including Vanessa and Barnes, go into stasis.

Chloe returns to Earth to say goodbye to her mother.

Park looks at a lake in the rain, using the eyes of her borrowed body.

Matt watches as Alicia leaves with Mark, but can’t bring himself to talk to his son.

The next group, including Volker, Brody, and Park, go into stasis.

Only eight people are left: Rush, Young, Scott, Chloe, Camille, Johansen, Eli, and Greer. They have one last meal together and Scott asks Young to give a toast. He says that they have become a family, even Rush, and says that they are the bravest, most compassionate people he has ever served with.

Chloe, Scott, Greer, Camille, and Johansen enter the pods. Scott and Chloe share a kiss, and Greer tells Yong that he’s fine. Camille tells Young that he’ll finally get some sleep. Young then goes to Earth to make his final report to Telford. Telford asks if he’s going to go see Emily, but Young admits that his marriage was broken a long time ago because of what he did. Before Young goes, Telford assures him that they’re not giving up on Destiny and that they’ll be there when they come out of stasis.

When Young returns to Destiny, Eli and Rush tell him that they missed something critical. One of the pods was more damaged then the others, and when they ran final checks it died. As Eli goes to check the systems, Rush talks privately to Young.

Later, Young goes to see Eli and tells him that Rush has worked out that if two of them go into the pods, one person will have enough life support for two weeks. That person can make repairs without using up the power necessary for the jump. Young says that Rush has volunteered, but neither he nor Eli think that’s a good idea. The colonel figures that it will be him, but Eli points out that he can’t fix the pod. Young agrees, but Young says that he can’t trust Rush. Eli says they have one other choice and volunteers to do it. At least he has a chance, even a better one than Rush. Eli finally admits that he’s smarter than Rush, and he won’t take no for an answer.

Rush comes to see Eli and says he isn’t surprised that Young overrode him. Eli wonders if Rush volunteered knowing that Young wouldn’t trust him, and Rush says that it doesn’t matter now. He failed to anticipate that Eli would volunteer, and says that they need him on the other side. Rush admits that Eli has tremendous potential and hates to see him throw it away, but Eli insists that he’ll be there and there’s no point in having potential if he doesn’t step up when it’s needed.

Rush enters his pod and goes into stasis. Young asks Eli if he’s sure, and Eli says he’s never been more sure of anything in his life. They embrace and Young says that he’s a good man and he’ll see him on the other side. The colonel then enters the last stasis pod.

As systems power down across the ship, Eli goes to the observation deck and watches in awe as Destiny continues on its mission.