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Air (3) - Recap

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A kino hovers near the Stargate as Scott and his six teammates arrive on the nearby desert planet. Dr. Palmer checks the chemical composition of the planet to see if they can find the lime that they need to clean the carbon dioxide scrubbers. Dr. Franklin makes sure they can dial back to the Destiny. Scott contacts Young who warns they have 12 hours to return to the ship before it departs on its pre-programmed course. Palmer suggests there best bet to find the lime is to locate a dried lakebed and they prepare to search for it.

Aboard the Destiny, Chloe insists that she's fine after the death of her father but Young points out that she isn't. He explains about the communication stones that Rush brought along, and that he plans to contact SGC. Chloe asks to tell her mother the news about her father's death.

On Earth at the Pentagon, Colonel Telford sits by one of the communication stones and waits for the Destiny crew to contact him. Young makes contact, his consciousness entering Telford's body and Chloe's entering the body of Dr. Mehta. He asks to meet with General O'Neill.

Telford wakes up in Young's body and suffers from the injuries that Young took during his passage through the Stargate.

Young and Chloe meet with O'Neill and Chloe goes to meet with her mother. Once she's gone, O'Neill asks Young how it's going. He warns that the survivors aren't qualified and they're low on supplies. O'Neill warns that no one is qualified but Young warns that soon everyone will need a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones on Earth.

As Scott's team treks through the desert, Greer advises Eli and Franklin to conserve their water. They find nothing but sand, but Rush insist that the solution is there somewhere. Scott finally suggests that they split up to cover more ground. He wants Eli, Franklin, Palmer, and Curtis go in one direction while Greer, Scott, and Rush go in another. The team disagrees and Eli worries that he's slowing everyone down. Scott tells him to suck it up and insists he can best help the mission by leading the second team.

Mrs. Armstrong runs to the car to greet her daughter only to discover she's occupying the body of Dr. Mehta. Mrs. Armstrong brings her inside and starts drinking and Chloe begs her to stop. Her mother admits that it's hard to believe and asks Chloe to promise that she's coming home. Chloe admits that she can't promise anything and finally tells her that Senator Armstrong is dead. Mrs. Armstrong breaks into tears and Chloe embraces her.

Johansen gives Dr. Mehta and Telford a tour of the ship and show them the Stargate. When they survivors note that there are four other Stargates within range but are locked out of the system, Telford tells them to try and dial them. He insists on continuing but Johansen warns that it's dangerous to keep administering painkillers.

Scott insists that they continue as fast as they can but Rush complains, noting that he can't keep up. When Rush taunts Scott, Greer kicks him down while Scott sees a flume moving in the distance. He dismisses it as a heat mirage and orders them to continue. Rush says that they need to return back after an hour and Scott agrees.

Behind them, the flume moves across their footprints, erasing them.

Johansen gives Young's body another painkiller but he collapses. She informs Mehta that she sedated Telford so that he wouldn't destroy Young's body, and insists she was within her rights as ranking medical officer. Johansen tells Mehta to do whatever she has to and goes to attend to her other patients.

Scott stops for a break and Rush runs another test for the necessary materials. Palmer turns up nothing and Franklin informs them that he's found a way to override the other four Stargate lockouts. Eli points out that Rush didn't want them to check the other planets, but Palmer and Franklin disagree. They figure Rush wants to stay with the ship and won't accept any other proposal.

Rush finally admits he can't continue and tells Scott and Greer to go on while he makes his way back to the Stargate. Scott tells Greer to take Rush back, but Greer figures that Scott is losing it. They're interrupted when Eli calls to tell Scott that the others are returning to the Stargate. Rush warns that 12 hours isn't enough time to determine if any planet is viable for sustaining life and the Destiny is their only hope. Scott tells Greer to take Rush and stop them while he continues as long as he can.

Mrs. Armstrong tells the SGC representative, Major Green, to do whatever they can to get Chloe and others back or she'll go public with everything she knows about the SGC program.

As Scott continues, he sees another sand flume. He approaches it and spills some water on the sand, and it moves up and absorbs it. For a brief second Scott sees a head appear in the sand and withdraws in fear, but then it disappears.

As Rush and Greer return to the Stargate, Rush points out that he gave his water to Scott and notes that Greer and Scott aren't qualified. He points out that if it wasn't for the Army, Greer would be in jail or worse. Rush insists that he worked his way up in the shipyards and has earned the right to demand the water. They struggle and Greer ends up drawing a gun and threatening Rush. When Rush reminds him that they need Rush to survive, Greer tells him to walk or die and strolls off across the dunes.

Franklin, Greer, and Palmer return to the Stargate and Franklin unlocks one of the addresses and sends a kino through. They confirm it has a breathable atmosphere and prepare to go through. Eli arrives and tries to warn them, but Curtis and Palmer step through. Franklin prepares to go after them but Greer shoots him on Rush's orders. He calls Scott but gets no answer.

Scott continues through the desert, following a flume, and hallucinates a priest walking with him. The priest tells him to keep going and Scott insists he doesn't need the priest's advice. The soldier insists he won't let anyone else down and the priest assures him that God has a plan for all of them.

With five hours left, Greer insists on going back to find Scott and Eli says he's going with him. The soldier tells him to dial the Stargate and send Franklin through for medical attention, and then gives Eli his gun. When Eli says he doesn't know how to fire it, Greer quickly shows him and tells him to be there when he returns.

Young wakes up aboard the Destiny in his own body. He goes to the Gate room as Rush returns with Franklin.

Scott hallucinates a cross in the desert ahead of him and remembers back to being in church and admitting to the priest that he failed everyone, including himself. He finally collapses in the sand.

Eli opens the Stargate and tries to contact Curtis and Palmer without success.

As Scott lies dying in the sand, he remembers telling the priest that his girlfriend isn't going to have the baby, and he's no longer sure he plans to serve God. Scott blames himself and the priest insists that it isn't true. The priest dissolves into a sand plume, which moves around Scott as he lies unconscious in the desert next to the dried lakebed. It finally forms a pile of sand next to him and forces water to the surface. Scott analyzes it and determines it contains the lime they need. He contacts the others by radio and tells him he's found what they need. He doesn't get a response and digs up what he can and puts it in his backpack.

Young sends a squad of soldiers through the Stargate to help Eli search for Scott.

Scott hauls his backpack full of lime across the desert, while Greer searches for him.

Young watches as the Destiny survivors suffer the last states of carbon dioxide poisoning as the air on the ship goes bad.

Greer finds Scott and gives him what water he can. When Scott insists he can't make it, Greer yells at him to help and taunts him into helping him move the bag.

With three minutes left, the Stargate opens and Eli orders the soldiers through. Using the kino, Eli spots Greer and Scott approaching with the lime. Rush tells Eli to stick his hand into the event horizon. The safety protocol prevents the Stargate from closing and the Destiny[ from departing just long enough for Scott and Greer to get through with the lime. The Destiny slips back into hyperspace.

Rush overseas the repair of the carbon dioxide scrubbers using the lime and the establishment of a breathable atmosphere.

Later, Chloe brings a bottle of water to Scott, who insists that he's fine. She passes on the thanks of the grateful survivors and he asks how she's doing. He tells her that his parents died in a car crash when he was 4 and the priest who raised him drank himself to death by the time Scott was 16. He admits there's some things that you never get over. Chloe takes his hand as he tells her that you have to go through as best you can.

As the Destiny continues through hyperspace, a shuttle detaches and flies away.