Water - Recap

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Greer and Riley are watching the water tanks when Young comes by and notes that the water levels are inexplicably dropping. He tells them not to let anyone in, including Spencer. Eli suggests that the water evaporated when they passed through the sun but Rush points out that it's a closed system. He warns that they have a serious problem and refuses to dial Earth now that the power reserves are full. Rush explains that the system is at 40% and when Young accuses him of lying, Eli explains he made the determination. Young tells Rush to bring Brody in on it.

Brody and Franklin discuss the loss of 40,000 liters of water and wonder if the military officers are hoarding it. They notice that Eli is watching them on the kino. Young figures they're harmless and tells Eli to keep it up so he knows whom to trust. As Young leaves, they're unaware that the dust creatures from the desert planet are aboard the Destiny.

The ship emerges from hyperspace and Greer briefly senses the dust creature. He runs into Young, who suggests that whatever he felt was brought on when they dropped out of FTL. The two men go to the Gate Room where Eli and Rush inform them there's only one planet within range. It has subzero temperatures and a toxic atmosphere, but it's the only planet within range. Young says that they'll need to use the spacesuits they found and need half a ton of ice, and calls for Scott. Scott is in his quarters with Chloe and has his radio off. Vanessa comes to pass on Young's message and he hastily leaves.

Park informs Young that they only have two suits ready and they're not in great shape. He tells Scott that the two of them will go and overrides Scott's objections. Park provides them with a plasma cutter. Young puts Johansen in command and Riley dials the Stargate coordinates. They have 11 hours until the ship goes back into warp and enough air for eight hours. The two men arrive on the planet and begin taking ice samples. Scott calls back to warn Johansen that the ice contains toxic chemicals and Rush suggests they look further afield. Scott warns that the further away they are, the harder it will be to bring down the ice. Eli asks for two minutes to come up with an idea. A tremor shakes the area as Eli returns to the Gate Room with an anti-grav platform that he's discovered, attached to a chain. Young and Scott head out after telling Johansen to keep the gate open. Young tells her that if he doesn't make it back, she'll do fine.

Johansen determines that the water level has dropped again and checks in with Gorman and Greer. They haven't noticed anything and she tells them to start searching the ship.

The Stargate shuts down and Rush immediately arrives to tell them to redial. He informs Eli that a Stargate will only stay open for 38 minutes, something Eli wasn't aware of. They check in with Young and Scott, who are out of site of the Stargate and coming up negative with their tests.

Johansen is walking the halls when she spots the dune creatures. She approaches them and they briefly shape themselves in the pattern of her face before fleeing. Greer calls to tell her that he's having a problem with Spencer. She goes to Spencer's quarters and Greer reveals that Spencer has been hoarding supplies. Greer grabs him and Johansen pulls him off and orders the men to lock Spencer up until Young gets back to deal with him. Greer asks her what she found and she admits she isn't sure and needs to talk to Rush.

Young and Scott finally find pure ice in a frozen waterfall and let Rush know.

Greer searches Chloe's quarters with her permission, but Franklin objects and notes that it's absurd to think any of them have stolen 40,000 liters. He insists that they have rights but Greer ignores his argument and tells him that his quarters are next.

Scott and Young load up the AG platform but realize they're going to have to start shooting the ice free, using their limited supply of bullets.

Johansen describes the dune creatures and wonders if there are thousands of them. Rush notices they match Scott's description and they figure the creatures came back through the Stargate and started reproducing. She thinks they were trying to communicate and Rush notes Scott thought the same thing. She orders everyone to return to their quarters but doesn't tell them why. She asks for Rush's advice and he notes that she's in charge. He tells her to always consider the greater good.

Greer orders Gorman back and the corporal comes across the dune creatures. He tries to shoot them without effect and they swarm over him, stinging him unconscious.

Young and Scott send the first shipment of ice through the Stargate. Rush reopens the Stargate going the other way to establish communications and tells Young what happened. Eli insists they're in danger and Gorman is in critical condition, but Rush says he's overreacting and says that they can handle it, and they need the ice. Young agrees and goes for one last run to get more ice. Rush then tells Eli he needs to know when to shut up and tells him to stop acting like a child. However, he asks that Eli help him. Greer comes up with an improvised flame-thrower but Rush suggests that they take a more peaceful approach. Eli suggests that the bugs are drinking the water. For the moment, Johansen tells the soldiers to patrol but not to engage.

As Young and Scott continues to cut out the ice, Greer leads his men on patrol while Eli uses the kino to locate the dune creatures and determine that they can turn invisible and pass through the hatch unseen when the crew takes water out. Greer spots the creatures and fires a burst of flame, driving them ahead. Eli realizes they need an airlock and Rush points out they don't have one in the inhabitable sections of the ship, but Johansen has an idea.

The ice collapses under Scott, dumping him into a crevasse. Scott is trapped halfway down the crevasse but unharmed. Young lowers a line and helps pull him up. The attempt fails and another tremor shakes the region. Young calls Destiny and explains the situation, and Johansen explains they confined everyone to quarters so they haven't repaired the third suit. Johansen tells Young not to worry about the bug situation and Eli points out that everyone is lying.

Greer reports that he's herding the dune creatures away by moving after them.

Scott and Young are unable to come up with a way to get Scott free. Another tremor shakes the region and Scott realizes he's losing suit pressure.

Vanessa goes to see Chloe and tells her about Scott. She thought Chloe would want to know, and Chloe thanks her.

Young briefs Rush and Eli on the situation, and Rush warns that he needs to consider the time. The colonel refuses to abandon Scott. Chloe arrives and says that they shouldn't abandon Scott. Rush tells Scott that Young may be dooming himself, and Scott agrees. Young snaps at Rush and tells him to keep the Stargate open until they both return.

Greer herds the dune creatures into a storage chamber and Rush closes the ventilators. The creatures move around, trying to find a way out.

Young continues trying to get Scott out without success. Scott tells him to go before it's too late. Young refuses to lose someone else. When Scott points out it's the third time he's put his life at risk Young insists he's there to save Scott, not to get himself killed.

Greer warns the others that the dune creatures are getting pissed off. They start to get through and Greer uses the flame-thrower. Johansen goes to help him.

Young tries to talk to Scott over the radio but can't raise him. With time running out, the colonel notices the sled and gets an idea. However, another tremor shakes the area, widening the crevasse. Young desperately grabs the rope to keep Scott from falling in, and Scott wakes up. He pulls himself up and clear of the crevasse.

Johansen tells Greer that they'll let the creatures out, let them go into barrels containing water, and trap them inside. She insists on doing it herself and tells Greer to get out of sight. When he wonders if she trusts him, Johansen admits that she doesn't. Greer accepts that and backs off. Johansen tells Eli to ensure she has a clear path to the Gate Room, and to cut off the compartment if her plan fails.

Young takes the injured Scott and the last shipment of ice back toward the Stargate.

Eli opens the door and the dune creatures enter the barrel. Johansen seals them in and heads for the Gate Room. They open a wormhole just as Young arrives at the Stargate on the planet. Rush explains what's happening and tells him to stay still. The creatures break free of the barrel and hover over Scott. He wakes up to see them form a face above him. They fly away and Rush shuts down the Stargate so that Young can open a wormhole from his side. Johansen confirms that Scott is okay while Chloe watches them.

Later, Young goes to see Spencer and tells him if he steps out of line again, he'll deal with him personally. Spencer acknowledges the statement and walks away. Greer doesn't believe him.

Everyone has concerns for Young and want his attention. He ignores them and uses the kino to file a report noting that Gorman died despite Johansen's best efforts, and they'll hold appropriate services the next day.